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5 Best Travel Mobile Apps in Canada: To Plan Your Next Trip

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07 Sep 2022

You will surely have some of the mobile applications on your mobile apps that you use often as they offer some amazing features and functionalities that you are in love with or you don't have any other alternative that can help you to ditch the current one. As we can not help you find the alternative for every other mobile application, we have mentioned some of the most useful travel mobile applications in Canada that can be your "The Mobile app" for your travel plans.

Whether you are "Home is everything" or "Travel the world around as YOLO" these mobile apps will come in handy whenever you think about traveling around Canada. These travel apps are stuffed with some amazing features and functionalities that will make you thank the app development company in Canada even though you use it once in a while or use it the most ever since you have installed it. 

Top Travel Apps to Use in Canada

1) Airbnb

You might have heard about Airbnb. If not, you are missing out on one of the most amazing travel app development solutions. Airbnb is a one stop destination to find vacation rentals and unique stay experiences all around the world. Whether you need a beach house or just a room where you can sleep in for the next few hours to the next few days, you can get it on Airbnb with various pocket-friendly options. 

Along with that Airbnb also offers a list of genuine ratings that can work like a charm when it comes to the trust factor. Some amazing features of Airbnb that take the whole traveling plan to another level are:

  • I'm flexible

When travelers like us want to go somewhere but are not sure where and when this mobile app feature can be the matchmaking ginny for us. It will offer matching destinations that can fit well with your budget and dates.

  • Last Minute Accommodation

This feature helps travelers that make last-minute plans and finds all the accommodation places fully booked or overcharged. This feature allows the users to book their accommodation at the last minute or even for the same day.

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2) LoungeBuddy

To all the introverts out there, LoungeBuddy can be a blessing for you. If you don't want to bother the lounge staff, whether they will let you in or not. LoungeBuddy will help you figure out which lounge you can access just by entering basic details such as credit card, airline status, and so on. This mobile app will help you ditch dirty seats, expensive Wi-Fi, and various other things. One of the best things about this mobile app development is that it offers details about the free airport lounge you can access even without the lounge membership. You can access them through a day pass and have a relaxed stay at the lounge without worrying about anything.

LoungeBuddy mobile application is more like a huge database collection that allows users to browse through the Airport lounge details located all around the world. Along with that, users can even pre-book their lounges and after surfing through the necessary accessibility details such as complimentary amenities, cancellation policies, directions, lounge reviews and other important notices.

3) HostelWorld

Do you like to roam around the world and connect with new faces; then HostelWorld can be the perfect mobile app to have on your device. HostelWorld allows users to connect with other travelers staying in the same hostel or city as you. You can connect with each other through hostel chat, city chat and even send direct messages to connect with them. Along with that, you can even book your accommodation at budget-friendly prices.

This mobile application is one of the best ways to plan your solo trip on a budget and socialize with others rather than wandering around alone in the city. One of the amazing features of this mobile app is Roamies. This feature allows the users to explore anyplace new, with a ready-made crew. It offers you the local guides and sociable hostels to explore the most talked-about places and the lesser-known local spots around the city along with offering flexibility to do your own thing as well. Isn't it amazing to plan your solo travel with added new friends that can make your trip more memorable?

4) Skyscanner

Love traveling but does not want to spend much on flights? Skyscanner can be your secret key to booking your flights at the best fare by comparing flights from over 1,000 providers without paying a single cent extra. Skyscanner mobile application offers a list of cheapest, fastest or greenest flights that you can book even at the last minute as well. Along with that, you can even plan an entire trip through this mobile app.

The Skyscanner mobile app allows users to book their hostel stay and rent a car to roam around the world at their own convenience. All you have to do is enter your trip dates and you will get all the details including a list of cheap flights, a list of hostels to stay and a list of car rental service providers to choose from.

5) Tripit

So you have done all your booking flights, hostel, rental car and everything else. But what next? How will you stay updated with your planned trip such as where you can be at what time and what you are going to do next? It's a headache to manage all those things right? No, it's not. All you have to do is send your trip confirmation mail to [email protected] and they will keep you updated with everything.

The Tripit mobile application will help you get a single view of all your trips along with sending an important notification about your trip. This mobile application will also help you schedule showing you where to be and when. While on your trip, they will help you find your way around offering navigators, airport maps, and nearby places to explore along with sharing the safety score of nearby places. You can even sync your calendar with your trip and share it with others to keep them informed about your trip planning.

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All these Travel mobile applications rule around the world, all because of their unique offering and top-class mobile app development. Even if you have an amazing mobile app, you can fail to reach your potential audience if you hire app developers with no or less development experience. 

Always hire dedicated app developers from a reputed on-demand app development company in Canada as they can deliver outstanding results that truly reflect your project requirements whether it could be on-demand app development or any other. 

07Sep 2022


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