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Node.js is a Javascript-based language; it is event-driven and is based on a non-blocking I/O model. These characteristics make it an ideal language for creating web applications that require real-time distribution, high scalability and high performance. This technology allows managing asynchronous connections with the client and creating connections in real-time, which translates into the development of applications such as chats.

Where Can Node.js Be Used?

Node.js proved to be a tool with a lot of adaptabilities, and, therefore, its use can be implemented in different situations, with different objectives, such as:

Simulated objects and prototypes: because of its very popular language in the web universe, Node.js is interesting in creating prototypes of APIs and simulated objects (mocks), testing the possibility of different scenarios;
Scalable environments: since it is capable of handling a large number of connections at the same time, Node is perfect in environments that have multiple concurrent connections.

Applications that have NoSQL: a NoSQL database is built with JavaScript Object Notation, and, therefore, the relationship with Node.js is fluid. In this way, objects can be migrated to the client-side, without requiring any type of treatment, since there is no conversion of the data model.

Node.js Features

These are the main features of Node.js:

Built With V8

Node.js is built with V8, which is the runtime for Javascript used by Google Chrome. V8 has been developed with C ++, and it is free software, meaning that everyone can contribute to improving its development and that therefore, it is constantly being reviewed and improved by a huge community. This is a great advantage for Node.js, as v8 is a tremendously powerful and efficient tool.

Javascript On Server/Backend

JavaScript has always been known to be the web programming language that acts on the client-side (Frontend); it has never been able to interact on the server-side (Backend). Other languages ??have always been commissioned for this task, such as PHP, Python or Ruby.

But all this has changed with Node.js. Now JavaScript can act on both sides, both for the client and for the server, thus being able to take care of everything by itself.

Asynchronous Event-Driven Model

We are very used to the fact that when a change is made to the page, we have to reload the page to view it. Node.js works in real-time, and therefore, every time an event occurs, it will be modified immediately so that the client, even being on the page, sees the change.

This is indeed one of the main features and one of the reasons Node.js is used so much today. It could be considered as the programming of the future, a more efficient, robust and interactive programming.

Non-Blocking I/O

JavaScript has always had the problem of being sequential, but things have changed with Node.js. The operations that the environment must perform can be done in multi-task mode. This will greatly improve the processing speed.

Works With NoSQL Database

Node.js works with MongoDB, which is not your typical table-based database. It is a documentary database. At first, it is a bit difficult to imagine a database that does not use tables, rows, columns and that kind of thing; but with the time you get used to it.

Includes NPM

Npm is a package manager that comes bundled with the Node.js installation and comes with a multitude of useful tools. In fact, it is the largest package manager out there, so just imagine its potential.

What Can You Use NodeJS For?

We can really do any type of project or web application with node.js in a very similar way to what we could do with PHP, but Node.js stands out in:


With Node.js, you could also create a great forum and far above the ones we are used to today.

Imagine a forum where new posts are updated in real-time. You are in a popular thread reading a topic that interests you, and you are reading the latest post from the forum, and suddenly, a new contribution from a user is loaded in real-time. Wouldn't it be great?

Social Networks

We live in a world dominated by Social Networks. Every day there are more people who use them. You never know if you can create the next successful Social Network, either worldwide or in your niche and it is a very good idea to create it with Node.js. A Social Network must work in real-time, and in that aspect, Node.js is king.


Due to the asynchronous and event-driven nature of node.js, it is ideal for developing chats. If you think about it, these are the characteristics that a chat needs to be functional.

Both the server and the client will always be communicated in real-time with each other and without any need to update the page.


These are some examples of the things you could do, especially the most interesting given the power of Node.js. But by proxy, you can do whatever you want.

Hyperlink InfoSystem Is A Leading Company In Node.js Development

Based in Canada, Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading I.T solutions provider that specializes in Node.js development. Our team is made of experienced developers who have undertaken hundreds of Node.js projects. We combine our creativity, experience and attention to detail to make your project a success. We follow the best methods in developing, delivering, and sustaining complex Node.js solutions. The whole team is at your disposal to advise you and guide you as best as possible towards achieving a solution adapted to your needs.

Our web apps are developed for heterogeneous systems and are very useful solutions when it comes to reducing costs in a project since their development is oriented to the web, which avoids updates directly in the application stores but can be done directly in the server where it is hosted. Contact us at Hyperlink InfoSystem for your excellent web solutions development.

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We sign NDA for all our projects.

Process We Follow

1. Requirement Gathering

We analyze the requirements with the clients to understand the functionalities to combined into the app. This process allows us to form a development plan and transform the client's thoughts into an efficient and functional app.

2. UI/UX Design

Our developers use efficient UI trends to design apps that are not only pleasant to the eye but also intuitiveness and flexible. Our applications do not only complete the needs of our clients but also are simple and convenient to the end-users.

3. Prototype

We develop a preliminary visualization of what the mobile app would look like. This helps to generate an idea of the appearance and feel of the app, and we examine the users' reactions to the UI and UX designs.


4. Development

Our team of experts in Native, Hybrid, and Cross-Platform app development, using languages such as Swift, Kotlin, PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin, and more to produce high-quality mobile apps for the various operating systems.

5. Quality Assurance

We have a team of developers who carefully test every app to ensure that they provide an excellent user experience and meet the requirements of our clients. Apps developed by our development team are bug-free because they perform through a series of experiments before deployment.

6. Deployment

We follow the best practices when deploying our apps on different app stores, where they can be easily noticeable to considered users.

7. Support & Maintenance

All digital solutions need development. The deployment of an app is not the ultimate stage. Even Post-deployment, we work with our clients to offer maintenance and support.

Process We Follow

1. Requirement Gathering

We follow the first and foremost priority of gathering requirements, resources, and information to begin our project.

2. UI/UX Design

We create catchy and charming designs with the latest tools of designing to make it a best user-friendly experience.

3. Prototype

After designing, you will get your prototype, which will be sent ahead for the development process for the product.


4. Development

Development of mobile application/ web/blockchain started using latest tools and technology with transparency.

5. Quality Assurance

Hyperlink values quality and provides 100% bug free application with no compromisation in it.

6. Deployment

After trial and following all processes, your app is ready to launch on the App store or Play Store.

7. Support & Maintenance

Our company offers you all support and the team is always ready to answer every query after deployment.

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We sign NDA for all our projects.

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