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Top Trends of Car Rental App Development in 2023

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28 Sep 2022

Smartphones have made a lot of things easier including ordering things; whether it could be e-commerce products, online food, or even it could be cabs that can offer pick-up and drop facilities.

Along with all the other mobile apps, the usage of on-demand car rental apps is rising more than ever. People all around Canada are using different kinds of car renting mobile apps to travel around. And that is one of the reasons various entrepreneurs and business owners are coming up with various mobile app development ideas that can bring innovation to car rental services.

The thing is if you ever browse through the internet about the top car rental app development trends you will end up with the same list mentioning the same details in different words from a different kind of mobile app development company. So, we will skip that part, but even if you want to browse through some details about that you can have a look at one of our blogs regarding a guide on taxi booking mobile app development.  

As you are not an ordinary person browsing through the internet just for fun, we won't bore you with basic details. We will deliver some important details that can help you get a clear idea about your mobile app development business model.

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Top Business Models For Car Rental App Development 

If you think you have no other option than to copy the business model of Lyft or Uber. I would like to clear up this misunderstanding. There are three different kinds of business models you can choose from for your car rental app development idea.

1) Pick-up and Drop Car Rental App Model

Yes, the basic one. On-demand car rental mobile app that allows users to book a ride into the city and commute from one place to other through a designated car and driver. You can integrate various basic functionalities like live navigation tracking, book or cancel the ride and pay for the ride through various payment methods. There are various use cases available for that such as Sandra, Tru Noir, TaxiApp, Uber and many more. To be honest that is one of the best and even worst things if you choose to go for this car rental app development idea. 

As you have so many use cases to look into to figure out their pros and cons list, you will get some big brands as your competitor. You can stand ahead of them only if you can come up with the solutions that the other car rental mobile app lacks, or integrate innovative technologies and offer mobile app features that can lure your target audience to choose you above all.

2) Self-Driven Car Rental App Model

Well, various people out there prefer to drive around the city on their own for a weekend or for their own little trip to the gate away from their ordinary routine but can go out if they do not have a car to travel around. While some of the users out there own cars but do not drive around much.

So, a self-driven car rental business model can come in value over here. You might have heard about the Zoom Car rental mobile app. Yes, this is exactly what we are talking about. You can allow users to list their cars on the mobile app platform and let the other users hire the car and drive around whenever they want.

You can allow your users to choose the time frame they want to hire the car. You can then match both of their requests and demands and offer them a car they can hire for the time being.

As the users will wish to hire a car for self-driving, you should check all the necessary documents and aspects such as driving license, working of the car, insurance and of the car and driver as well.

You can offer various features allowing users to hire the car for a kilometer base or as per the daily fare. As you will have minimum competition; you can be innovative with your car rental app development strategy and try various features and functionality before finalizing one.

3) Peer-to-peer Car Rental App Model

Have you ever tried Airbnb for your vacation stay? If you have; you might have an idea of how innovative and amazing the idea is. Well, why not try the same with the car rental mobile app?

Rather than manually managing the car riders and car providers on your own. You can allow users to connect with each other through your platform.

You can hire android app developers that can help you build a mobile application that allows users to list their cars available for rent and the other users can hire the car through your app based on their requirements.

You can monetize your mobile app through ride booking confirmation charges. your mobile app will work as a matchmaker for the car owner and drivers.

As you will allow them to connect with each other on their own as an owner you will not be responsible for any kind of damage. But that does not mean you will be as careless as you can be.

You can hire iOS app developers that can offer screening functionality that will allow you to thoroughly check the necessary documents and authorize the profile based on that only.

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Trends to Cover in Car Rental App Development

Well, after you finalize the business model; the thing that will help you win over your target audience is how innovative your mobile app is.

Even if you have the most basic business model, if you integrate different mobile app development trends into your mobile app that can offer an extraordinary user experience, you can stay ahead of your competition and be a top choice for your users.

1) IoT Integration

If you ever lost your car keys or locked yourself out of the car; you will know the trouble you have to face to get the new car keys. You can be innovative over here through IoT integration. You can allow the users to lock and unlock the car and operate the car through the registered mobile app. 

If you choose to go for a self-drive business model or even a peer-to-peer car rental business model; you can allow the users to request and grant car access through the mobile app.

Only an authorized person can grant the car access and only allowed members can lock and unlock the car through the mobile app. It will minimize the chances of needing an actual key to lock and unlock the car. Along with that, the users can even access the car accessories through the mobile app as well.

Users can turn on and off the music system, and manage AC/heater through the mobile app without irritating the driver while they are focusing on the road.

2) Connected Car Technology

With vehicles turning out to be more complex and more associated, vehicles today are associated with more refined, high-transmission capacity organizations, to empower a scope of capacities.

For instance, the automotive car empowers high-velocity vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure interchanges to set off the accompanying outcomes, large numbers of which are conceivable today.

You might be thinking about how connected cars can affect your car rental app development right? No matter which business model you chose, GPS navigation will be one of the top features of your mobile application.

Through GPS navigation you can inform the driver about the traffic conditions, alternate routes considering their journey plans, send the important notification about the weather report or accidental routes and many more.

GPS is one example of a connected car for your car rental application. The evaluation of the technology will bring more innovation that can also help you to ideate your car rental app development process.

3) Ride Sharing

Most of the car rental mobile apps only allow a single user to book a car and that is not a pocket-friendly or eco-friendly feature. you can introduce the ride-sharing features that allow multiple users to book their cab through multiple sharing functionality based on car capacity.

It will allow the drivers to earn a bit more even though a single ride and it will minimize the per head cost for the users as well. Along with that, if 4 different people book 4 different cabs for the same route don't you think; that ride-sharing will be a more environmentally friendly option? It can be a win-win situation for everyone involved including you.

You will get more ride bookings and more users as a single car will drop off at least 4 users for the same route (P.S: More ride booking commission based on user count); offering less traffic on the road and higher chances of getting available cab counts to book for the users.

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4) AI/ML

I don't think so you are thinking about matching the available cars and users manually. That's the foolish thing to think, right? But let's just go a bit back in the past. What if someone told you that you can hire cars through mobile phones in 1970? You might have laughed out considering this as a joke. 

The usage of AI/ML is something like this as well. Even if it was not popular, think back there the integration of the latest technologies like AI/ML is helping the car rental services a lot more than anyone can imagine.

Allowing users to find and book nearby cars, the usage of AI/ML in the car rental app development is bringing in changes and enhancing the working of the framework. No matter which car rental app development business model you choose, integration of AI/ML is a trend you should not miss out on no matter what.

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If you think this is it; no it's not this is our prediction about the trends that can shape car rental apps differently. Nope, these are just our predictions. Only a proficient person such as a top car rental app development company in Canada can help you finalize the trends and features that can help you with your app development process.

You can hire app developers and build a team of proficient to get accurate results based on your app development car rental app development project requirements.

28Sep 2022


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