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Tips for Hiring the Right Dot Net Developers


12 Jan 2023

Dot Net (also written as .Net) is not a programming language. It is a framework of technologies that have become the ultimate toolbox for developers to create all kinds of applications for web, mobile, desktop, cloud, machine learning, gaming, IoT, and more. 

Developed by Microsoft in the 1990s, Dot Net has grown into a global community where developers around the world share their work and functionality with others in the Dot Net community. Keep reading to learn more about it, how it can help your business, and how to hire dedicated developers

What Exactly is Dot Net?

In its simplest terms, Dot Net is an open-source platform for building applications. Developers have the option to code in programming languages such as C#, F#, and Visual Basic as they use a host of editors, tools, and libraries. 

The Dot Net Framework is composedcomprised of two parts: the Common Language Runtime and the Dot Net Class Library. 

  • The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the engine that executes the applications. It deals with services like multi-threading, type safety, garbage collection, exception handling, and more.
  • The Dot Net Framework Class Library provides the application programming interfaces (APIs), data types, and commonly used functions. This library is ever-growing as more functionality is added to it.  

Recently Microsoft launched the Dot Net Core, the latest version of this Dot Net Framework, but it is open-source and free. This update takes the Dot Net functionality and adds compatibility so that applications can run on any operating system, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Benefits of Dot Net Applications

All of the above might sound like a lot of tech jargon, which is understandable, but the main takeaway is that Dot Net applications are worth the effort. They have several benefits over applications developed in other programming languages as:

  • It will be created and launched faster as Dot Net libraries are packed with functionality, so your project doesn't have to be developed from scratch
  • It can be developed further as your requirements grow without having to create a brand-new application
  • It can run on any platform from Windows, iOS, Linex, and Android
  • It will be fast with a quick response time and a low computation power requirement
  • It will be secure, and security protocols will be continuously updated

Given how adaptable and ubiquitous Dot Net is and how robust the applications are, it is worth considering this framework for your next business application.

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What to Look For When You Hire Dot Net Developers

You need a skilled Dot Net developer with the right mix of technical know-how and personal skills to understand your needs and code them into an appropriate application while handling errors or modifications.

  • Technical Skills

While you don't need to know how Dot Net works precisely, there are specific technical skills a developer needs to know to create a workable, bug-free application for you. The first and foremost skill is that the right Dot Net developer should be able to code in at least one Dot Net programming language (C#, F#, Visual Basic). Also, they need to know how to program, which means experience in object-oriented programming, databases, code structures, system design, libraries, and .NET stack. For web development, they should know HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Of course, it is easy enough for a developer to list all these tools, claiming they know how to use them, so check out their previous work in Dot Net, especially ones similar to the application you have in mind. If you are interviewing a candidate in person, you can even have them take an online Dot Net test during the interview to know for sure if they truly understand the framework. 

  • Soft Skills

Even if a potential developer knows the Dot Net framework like the back of their hand, the wrong attitude, lack of communication, or organizational skills will make working with that person challenging and frustrating. 

The right Dot Net developer will listen and understand a client's requirements and make the necessary changes to ensure the final application does what it is supposed to do. In some cases, you can overlook a couple of technical skill gaps (which are learnable) if the developer in question has the right collaborative attitude and drive. 

How to Hire Team of Dot Net Developers

Before hiring, you need to know what kind of application you are looking for and its requirements. There is such a massive pool of Dot Net developers out there that you can be as specific as you want with your needs and still have dozens of available candidates. 

But this can be an extremely time-consuming process, so many businesses find outsourcing their development much easier and more pocket-friendly, especially considering the cost of hiring dot net developers who work in-house. Working with a Dot Net development company offers several benefits, such as: 

  • It takes less effort because you won’t have to go through the hassle of interviewing and selecting candidates. Development companies have already gone through the recruitment process to find the best coders locally and globally. Additionally, many development companies take the time to train their developers to follow the best Dot Net practices, which results in an overall more stable application for you.
  • Less cost as you only pay for the project they will create for you. Not only that, but many development companies offer various payment options based on your requirements and resources. Either way, it will cost much less than hire Dot Net developers to work in-house. 
  • The flexibility to pick the developer who works best with you and even change them if you are not satisfied with the work they are delivering.

With so many benefits, hiring a dot net development company can be just the investment you need to push your business to grow further.

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Wrapping Up

Dot Net is an excellent platform for businesses looking to create software that can run on various systems and devices. Even if you don't understand precisely how it works, know that it can help make a robust application promptly, especially if you hire Dot Net developers. 

The key is finding someone with the technical skills to program and the personal skills to break down the project requirements while communicating efficiently with you. To make it easier on yourself, you can go through a development company that specializes in Dot Net applications. Not only will you save a lot of money, time, and effort, it will guarantee a quality final product.

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12Jan 2023

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