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Top 5 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends

UI/UX Design

18 Aug 2022

Have you ever wondered what makes the mobile app appealing? If you are guessing the mobile app design then yes, you are right. Any user just takes a glance at the mobile app for a split second to decide whether they want to communicate with the mobile app or not. The mobile app design is the first and foremost thing that users concentrate on even before browsing through the content of the mobile app. 

To put it in simple words, the mobile app design is the factor that affects the success of the mobile app. So, any organization should provide enough attention when they hire UI/UX designers so that they can take advantage of the latest trends in UI/UX design in mobile applications. Even if you are dependent on UI/UX designers to include the trends in mobile design, you should have enough understanding of the UI/UX trends.

Top Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends

1) In-app Gestures

In-app gestures are more like an amazing feature of the mobile app rather than a trend. The in-app gestures allow the users to act based on their act of communication. Touch, swipes, rotation and many more are well-known in-app gestures in almost every mobile application. We can use Instagram, Tinder and many others as examples. Just as swiping right and left to accept or reject a request in the Tinder mobile application, a double tap on a screen works as a like gesture in Instagram; you can employ one of the in-app gestures that can significantly work as a trademark of your mobile application.

2) Passwordless Authorization

If anyone asks you to keep the data safe; how will you keep it safe? Just as every other person out there you will also suggest the usage of an ID and password to provide the authentication. and there is nothing wrong in assuming that. But according to the report generated by the SC Magazine revealed that People have an average of 38.4 passwords and you will add one other. Don't you think it is just too much to remember, unless and until all of your users have IQ levels as high as Sheldon cooper?

Must be wondering what you can do in this situation. Well, passwords are not the only way to verify the identity of the users. You can hire UI/UX designers that can help you generate an appealing user profile that can authenticate the user identity through fingerprint recognition or face recognition. Along with enhancing the security of the user data, it also minimizes the efforts users have to put in to remember the passwords and enter the correct one every time. At the end of the day, you are enhancing the user experience by providing easy and authentic access to the mobile app.

3) Visual Representation

You do agree that the visual representation of anything leaves more impact than the written one, right? The visual representation of anything leaves a more meaningful impression than ever. You can take the famous Harry Potter as an example. Even though J.K Rowlling did an extremely amazing job in all of the seven books, we got a chance to know Harry Potter more deeply thanks to Warner Bros studios. As they visually present every character and made our childhood more amazing than ever.

The visual representation of your service or product demo will build a brand image and attract more users. You can use any form of visual representation such as Videos, GIFs, images, animation and so on to generate more leads and convey your message in a more appealing manner.

4) The Usage of AR/VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are making a great impact. After the innovation of the Metaverse, almost every organization out there is looking for ways to take advantage of AR/VR technology as they bring more user engagement than ever. You can hire UI/UX designers with the potential to work with AR/VR technology to provide an enhanced user experience. 

The usage of immersive technologies like AR/VR provides an exclusive user experience that exclusively defines your products or services. You can allow users to have a virtual tour of a gallery or try out the clothes and accessories through their avatar creation even before they buy. Along with that, nowadays users also give a virtual makeover to their home and offices to check how it will look through various mobile applications to check how it will look with a specific color or painting on their wall.

5) Illustrations And Animation

If you don't have a technical background, you might not understand the importance of illustration and animation leaves on the users. I can give you an example. If you are a millennial or gen Z, you might remember running to a comic book store to get your copy of The Dark Knight or Spiderman, right? You were glued to the book because of its way of story representation or, to put it simple Illustrations.

Nothing has changed even now. Even today, people all around the globe are fond of Illustrations even if they have no idea that they value the representation more than the content. As we have advanced through digitization, you can leverage this manner of representation - Illustration to create a meaningful impact for your users. You can convey a message or convert the leads into sales through the usage of Illustration. 

So, if you hire dedicated UI/UX designers for your mobile app design, make sure to check their illustration skills. But make sure they stick to one style or format as messing with them can misguide your target audience.

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These are just some of the trends that are trendy for almost every industry. But that does not mean you should only rely on them. They can be a great start but that's not all. You can get a better idea about what can be the best UI/UX design idea for your organization after you hire dedicated UI/UX designers for your organization.

Some of the top app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem have one of the most creative app designers on their team that helps businesses all around the globe to have the most appealing mobile app designs. You can reach out to them with your project requirements and get accurate solutions.

18Aug 2022


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You can reach out to one of the top app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem and hire dedicated UI/UX designers based on your project requirements.

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Just as the cost estimation, defining the time frame of the mobile app design depends on various factors such as project requirements, the complexity of the development, features and functionalities of the project and many more.

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