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Using The Right CMS For Your Project


The use of these tools saves time and money related to the programming and management of traditional websites.

The use of content managers such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla or any other of the many that we have at our disposal on the net is tremendously popular. Their ease of use, free or low price, as well as the versatility they offer for managing and publishing content, makes them an advantageous option compared to traditional options that require complex programming and no less complicated maintenance.

Indeed, the advantages offered by a content manager (Content Management System or CMS) are many, and its extensive use gives a good account of this. Basically, they provide a friendly environment with intuitive handling, which facilitates both the creation and maintenance of blogs or websites, as well as an easy use of its different functionalities. 

Understand The Concept of CMS

CMS is basically a set of functions used to facilitate the creation of web pages. These systems have the main objective of facilitating both the creation and the edition of the elements of a page from a visual interface, without the content creator needing to understand the programming language. That is, you do not need to be a developer to put your page online, since the CMS automates several functions for you, such as including images, audios, videos and documents in your content.

The system is a very practical and fast-running alternative. Depending on the use and also on the chosen CMS, it ends up not being necessary to touch any line of code.

What makes the CMS quite important is that plugins are made to conduct and complement functions on the pages, such as improving the positioning of your pages in search engines, such as Google. Not to mention that you are able to choose ready-made matrices and themes, being able to customize them with the characteristics of your brand and also get your blog online in a short time. 

CMS, An Advantageous Management System

The practical advantage of these systems to manage a web environment is related to key concepts such as usability, information architecture and the management of knowledge and content in a web 2.0 environment which are useful for the promotion of SMEs. Here are some of the main advantages that a CMS provides, either for personal or business use:

An Important Saving

The use of these tools saves time and money related to the programming and management of traditional websites. Although there are paid CMS, but this is generally not necessary, since we can access powerful free tools for content management, which offer effective tools to develop and manage websites. 

Usability And Accessibility

Although CMS are usually easy to use to the point that they can be handled by non-technical users, when choosing one of the many that exist (WordPress, Blogger, MAgento, Drupal, Joomla, LiveJournal, etc. .) it is important that it is easy to use and learn. Similarly, CMS usually meet accessibility standards, including the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium. Hyperlink InfoSystem will help you use the necessary CMS for your project.

Numerous Functionalities

Not all CMS will offer us all the functionalities, but generally functionalities are included such as a text editor, search engine, communication between users, news, posts, work through different user profiles, syndication, compatible with different browsers, publication dates, upload and download of documents and multimedia material, personalization, sending pages by e-mail, notifications for updating pages or messages in the forums, usage statistics and, among many others, automatic sending of notifications by e-mail .

Interactive Pages

Free CMS are effective tools for creating and managing websites in web 2.0, which implies frequently updated content to achieve visibility of the company through its publication and dissemination on social networks and other platforms. In addition, it is possible to work on SEO in many different ways to improve search engine positioning and improve visibility.

Important Functions of a Good Content Management System

Site Management

Content management systems help you to create and manage pages, your menu and the linking of the (sub) pages.

Content Management

Inserting, moving, copying and editing content is very easy with a content management system, as the software does almost all of the programming for you.

You can insert picture and video files simply by "drag and drop" and copy or move them just as easily. Since there is no rigid programming, the page is dynamically built up and displayed each time it is called.

User Management

A content management system enables you to register different users who can then log into their account with a personal password. The assignment of authorizations is particularly important.

Design Templates

WordPress, Drupal and co. offer you a wealth of different templates and themes to choose from. Modern designs are compatible with the largest possible number of browsers and end devices so that the page is displayed correctly to a correspondingly large number of visitors.

Internal Message Dispatch

Individual users can send messages to each other within the system and send e-mails from the software. This serves the process optimization of the content production and the coordination in the team.

Imports and Exports

The simple import and export of content facilitates the exchange of data with third-party systems: The content can be transferred to a different work environment without great effort and in-depth programming knowledge.

Page Preview

You can look at the result of your work in advance before it later appears on the Internet. The so-called "Inline Editing", with which you work almost directly on the finished page, is particularly popular.

SEO Features

The software spices up your content so that it is right at the forefront of online search engines. Tags, meta titles and keywords are taken into account.

Automatic Publications

Time-controlled publications are a particularly useful feature for editors. In this way, you can conveniently create content in advance and have it published automatically via your software at a set time.

Social Media Compatibility 

Marketing and especially content marketing can no longer do without the social networks. You can quickly and conveniently access your accounts centrally and initiate publications from the CMS by integrating your account into them.

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