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Netflix is ​​the fashionable platform that allows you to stream both series and movies. The operation is simple, you can enjoy Netflix content on up to five devices by paying a monthly fee. This means wherever and whenever you want.
A Netflix subscription has many benefits for users. It allows you to watch all the videos unlimited and take full advantage of the news whether in films, series and cartoons. Finally, all Netflix subscriptions are non-binding.

The Advantages of a Netflix Subscription

We spend more and more time on a streaming site rather than watching television. Netflix is a platform that offers a collection of videos for all ages. There are sites that are free and others that require subscriptions. A Netflix subscription could then offer many advantages

Several Subscription Plans

Netflix is ​​the streaming giant. It is present in 40 countries around the world and offers a whole range of collection of films, series and cartoons. A Netflix subscription allows you to take advantage of several offers and services but unlike other legal streaming sites, its services are not reserved only for a handful of users but for everyone. It offers several subscription formulas adapted to all budgets. These monthly subscriptions provide access to all services. However, keep in mind that the quality of services and viewing depends on the type of subscription. But the choice of subscription will also depend on the internet connection that you have at home. However, the standard subscription is the cheapest with HD content. This is a basic formula. The premium subscription allows you to share your account on four different screens. The Essential subscription allows you to download films and series on a single smartphone. The choice is therefore wide enough for everyone but it will depend on the budget that we will allocate to this distraction. In addition to a fairly affordable price, subscription offers are also gaining interest for those who wish to benefit from more security and reassurance.

Subscriptions Without Commitment

The problem with most subscription offers is that they commit you for a year or more. But not necessarily for Netflix. As a reminder, this streaming site is a legal site that allows viewing of all its films and only by subscription. Thus, unlike other platforms, users can enjoy a Netflix subscription without obligation. Thus, there is no subscription period or continuity if the user wishes to no longer watch the films, series or cartoons. However, a subscription can be done monthly.

After the subscription period, you can then have the choice between continuing with Netflix or changing your subscription or simply changing the plan to enjoy more experience. Either way, we all know how engagement works. Most can last for 1 year and you will then be forced to pay the monthly payments until the end of this period, even if you have no choice. Even though this platform is known as a quality and legal streaming site, it offers flexible terms for all users. So, they can unsubscribe at any time of the year without costing them a fortune.

A Large Partnership With Internet Service Providers

Netflix works in collaboration with many ISPs, which seems advantageous because we can then access many sites besides this platform. Some internet distribution giants then offer unlimited access to content on Netflix such as Free, SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom as well as Canal Plus. Finally, a Netflix subscription is also easy to use. All you have to do is register and choose the subscription plan that meets your needs and budget. Once the account is validated, you must wait until the free month or the 7 days of trials have passed to activate your subscription. In short, it is an experience to absolutely discover.

What Makes Netflix Such a Great Service?

Netflix compiles and updates a list of the 10 most popular movies and series in the user's country every day.

Netflix is ​​easy to use. All you have to do is log into your account to find your settings, regardless of the device used. The search function by genre and name is also very useful for choosing a movie or series. Netflix also offers a selection of content to watch after you've finished playing. These suggestions are developed by an algorithm and are accompanied by a percentage of correspondence with the tastes of the user.

Most of the time, with Netflix original productions, all episodes of a season are downloaded at once, which encourages binge watching. For series bulimics, there is a particularly useful function: at the start of each episode, Netflix asks the viewer if they want to skip the credits and the summary of the previous episodes.

Netflix has a wide selection of children's content and allows parental controls to be activated.

Netflix can be accessed offline. Particularly useful when going on a trip. However, not all content is available for download.

In the trial version as for the paid subscriptions, there is no advertising.

Unlike its competitors, Netflix works on virtually all devices: smart TV, smartphone of any kind, tablet or game console, Netflix has an application for each of these uses.

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Subtleties of Subscription

Before talking about the subscription, it's worth mentioning that a free trial month with Netflix will not cost anything - and you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are three plans on the service: basic, standard, premium. The difference in cost is due to the quality of the content: standard - HD quality, premium - Ultra HD, and you can access it from four devices simultaneously. The basic tariff does not differ in maximum quality, but this does not diminish its advantages for the minimum price.

Producing its own content (Netflix started filming series) is perhaps the main feature of the channel. Netflix offers 11 categories:

TV shows (series);
action, adventure;
children's, family content;
comedy pictures;
Documentary film;
independent, auteur cinema;

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