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Amazing Benefits of Amazon Web Service

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The volume of multimedia data with which we work from a personal environment to a small, medium or large company grows daily and practically exponentially, in part due to all the resources that we have at our disposal. All this information needs infrastructures with sufficient capacity and power to be efficiently managed.

Around the 60s, the concept of cloud computing arises, with the idea of ​​offering computing resources as a public service. But it will not be until several years later that this concept becomes feasible, due to the great handicap that it assumed the bandwidth of Internet connections.

Amazon was one of the pioneers, along with Google and Microsoft, in offering this type of service in the cloud. Specifically, Amazon offers several cloud computing services, ranging from storage capacity for its Premium users to complete infrastructures for companies.

There is Amazon Drive which is similar to Google Drive, which Google offers to all its users simply by having an account registered. It provides a secure online storage and automatic backups of multimedia content (photos, videos, documents, etc.), allowing easy access to this information from any device. Amazon Drive allows users with an Amazon account up to 5GB of free storage, also offering unlimited photo storage plans for Premium users or other fairly inexpensive options for anyone who wants to access this service.

Advantages That Amazon Cloud Computing Services Offer Its Users

Actually, there are several, but perhaps the most striking is that it allows us to forget about the storage capacity. If we have our account configured correctly, any photo we take with our smartphone, tablet or even camera will be hosted automatically in our space as soon as the device is connected to the Internet, without having to be aware of it. This guarantees a backup copy of all our documents, so that if we lose or break the device, we will keep the information.

But where are our documents really? How does amazon guarantee the security and privacy of my files?

Well, our information will be hosted on the servers that Amazon has distributed throughout the world and protected within the databases that the company manages. When we access our information, it is done through security protocols and it is necessary to authenticate it in the platform, to ensure secure access to data.

Analogous to amazon drive, Amazon offers a complete and complex architecture to support cloud computing for companies, it is Amazon Web Services.

AWS offers a series of services through the concept of cloud computing. It was officially launched in 2006 and is used by popular applications such as Dropbox, Foursquare, and HootSuite.

What Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offer To a Business

Amazon Web Services provides great computing power, database storage and content delivery, allowing you to create sophisticated, flexible, scalable and reliable applications. In addition, the initial investment in infrastructure by the company is practically nil, since it does not need to worry about physical security, invest in hardware such as servers, backup power supplies or routers, which implies not having to invest in the management of this hardware.

AWS Enables Application Scalability

It allows you to have the necessary infrastructures just in time. Before now, if your application acquired a certain popularity and the systems or infrastructures that you had were not expanded, it could lead to failure. Also, in the opposite case, if you invested in more infrastructure than necessary, you have failed as a company. With the AWS cloud computing service this is solved, since the needs that are demanded can be expanded as our business grows. In addition, the AWS business model resides precisely on this principle, since unlike other solutions of this type, you only pay for what you use, that is, you pay based on the resources you use and you do not have to pay a fixed fee for fixed services.

Service Infrastructures That AWS Offers

There are several elastic service infrastructures where you can host, store or manage business systems.
Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2):It allows the configuration and execution of servers on demand using an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI)

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): it allows you to save and retrieve data in the cloud

Amazon SimpleDB: It provides the functionality of a database on S3 based on key-value pairs

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS): Messaging service for queuing tasks and messages.

Amazon CloudFront: Copies of your most popular objects are cached on a network of nodes around the world.

These are some examples of the services that AWS offers as business solutions.

The AWS cloud computing platform offers the flexibility to launch applications regardless of industry and particular use case. Amazon Web Services van be used for:

Web Applications: Create scalable, high-performance websites with a wide range of services geared towards modern web applications.

Big data and HPC: Processing data quickly and instantly accessing a large number of computing resources designed to manage large volumes of data.

Business applications: Businesses can move their business to the cloud with secure, high-performance solutions for common and custom business applications.

Backup and storage: Store information securely with storage options that offer built-in encryption and are designed to provide 99.99% durability, with SLA.

Disaster recovery: Protection of data and applications in multiple data centers and in the cloud with the possibility of recovering them in a scalable, durable and immediate way after a disaster.

Multimedia content: Multimedia services that allow the secure storage, processing and delivery of multimedia resources around the world.

Gaming: From Mobile to Web and Console to PC AWS offers a variety of low-cost, instantly available back-end gaming services for developers writing code for any platform or language.

Healthcare and Life Sciences: AWS is used by organizations involved in healthcare and life sciences for both basic biomedical research and clinical information systems that meet HIPAA standards.

The possibilities offered by Amazon Web Services as a Cloud Computing platform are almost unlimited. To take your business to the next level, you need to develop an app to efficiently manage your web services. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in this regard by developing an excellent app that is similar to Amazon Web Service. The cost of such an app is around $8000.

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