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As the Internet has become more powerful, higher bandwidth is changing many aspects of the entertainment industry. Businesses have developed out of a demand to use home Internet connections to replace conventional movie rental stores. Technology continues to improve and various methods are available for watching movies online. CinemaNow offers rental services through a download service. Movies can then be viewed on a computer or transferred to another device. But the service is not without its complaints, and consumer feedback indicates much room for improvement in the CinemaNow experience.


CinemaNow is just one of the companies that offers movie rental services over a standard Internet connection. The benefits provided by Internet movie delivery are very attractive to consumers as the typical drawbacks associated with brick-and-mortar rental stores are mostly avoided in the online environment. Trips to the store are no longer necessary, and the movie selection is often much better. There is less risk of a desired title not being available, and online vacations generally enjoy extended expiration dates. However, these benefits are a compromise to other issues that are unique to the online movie rental experience.

When you want to develop a mobile app like CinemaNow, Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in that regard. We have experts who can help you with an excellent streaming app. The cost of an app similar to CinemaNow is between $5000 to $9000.

Alternatives To Cinema Now

Amazon Prime Video
Sony Crackle
Yahoo View

What Is a Streaming Video Service?

Streaming video services are online media offering movies, TV series or even music on demand. These services provide an alternative to satellite and cable at affordable prices. Videos are uploaded from a cloud server and offerings vary by region, price and subscription.

There are paid video streaming services, the best-known being Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube video, Hulu, and Vimeo. But there are also other video streaming services like CinemaNow.

Watching Streaming Movies Has Many Benefits

There are advantages to opting for streaming to watch movies rather than going to the movies. The five most notable are:

⦁    the ability to customize the view and make it more convenient,

⦁    flexibility,

⦁    affordability of cost,

⦁    the possibility of replaying a scene,

⦁    the possibility of having fun at will,

You might as well decide to stop watching at any time and log back into your account later to pick up where you left off. When you make a paid subscription, you even have the ability to watch your favorite programs without being disturbed by pop-up ads. Plus, most online streaming services recommend which TV shows and movies you might enjoy the most based on your choice history.

We Have More Flexibility

Satellite or cable companies may impose strict monthly or annual contracts on you. But online streaming services are really flexible. You can sign and then cancel or review a subscription at any time without worrying about paying penalties or breach fees.

You Can Watch Streaming Movies At An Affordable Cost

With cable and satellite services, you have to pay hundreds of dollars a year to pay for your subscription. On the other hand, online streaming services are available at a lower cost. And some are not even paying. It is up to you to choose the offer that best meets your needs and your budget. Then, you will only have to pay the related monthly or annual fees. In any case, it will be cheaper for you to stream your favorite movies and series.

It Is Possible To Replay a Scene When Watching a Streaming Movie

Gone are the days of having to download a video from a link before you could go back and replay a scene. Streaming videos no longer bother with this limit. Not only is the content uploaded so that the viewer can watch it as soon as the download goes off. But he can also turn back immediately when he feels the urge. Similarly, it is possible for him to bypass certain scenes and go to others.

You Can Have Fun At Will And Satiety When Opting For Video Streaming Services

Streaming video services have a rich and varied catalog of films and series. This catalog also offers sporting events of all kinds, documentaries, music and even information on the weather. This is the reason why more and more people are attracted to streaming services. They provide access to a variety of products.

By opting for a streaming video service, you will therefore have a variety of films ranging from horror to science fiction at your disposal. Likewise, different series will be offered to you covering the police field, relating to historical facts or even addressing a romantic story. You will therefore be spoiled for choice. Not to mention that some of the streaming video services don't just offer a large catalog of movies and series. They also offer other products such as those listed above.

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