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Badoo is regarded as a dating website where users get to chat, date and meet people online. Badoo is completely free for everyone, but users get to choose by paying for premium options. In freemium assistance, users manage to chat, upload photos, and post videos. The Nearby people option allows users to see and contact individuals in their area, while the Search options allow them to contact individuals in different countries around the world. 

Features of Badoo

Offers Free Features

Encounters is a free function on Badoo. It is a game where the beneficiary clicks yes or no on other people's images, equivalent to Tinder. If two recipients click each other's image, Badoo will connect them together. Payment offers more visibility to the user’s profile for a particular time.

Deployed for the Internet beneficiary looking to meet friends or viable dates, Badoo has nimbly screened from thousands of monitor screens and mobile devices. Therefore, online chat, dating and social media were pushed out of the distinguished Soho community on the London hub in 2006 and have more than 250 million beneficiaries worldwide in more than 180 countries. 

Partial Social Network

What started as a site to chat and meet new people has changed to something similar to a social network. Badoo currently features an agglomeration of familiar options, including profiles, message inbox, instant run, chat, and an album of images and videos to showcase yourself.

Badoo profile is completely free and will take you less than two minutes to setup, whether you are using your web site or application devices dedicated to iPhone and Android. The mobile web page still keeps you updated if in case you do not want to download the mobile app.

The service also has authentication using Facebook profile, which is something more feasible if you want to quickly have your account set up with your info without wasting time. Simply enter your Facebook email password and Badoo will approve and establish your profile, containing the import of your profile pictorial representations.


Whether you use Badoo for iPhone, Android, or the website to chat, the options are usually identical at each service insistence, here, you will learn all the exciting ways you can connect with new people and how to use each option on your monitor or mobile device.


The profile works as your personal introduction to other users. For the best first appearance, add pictures and videos, and refine each unit with information about you to help others with similar interest to find you. Once you are logged in, simply click on your username at the top of the web page or mobile app to view your profile. 


Whether you are online or offline, you can receive instant messages from other users in your Messages inbox. Log into your inbox to browse messages sent while you were not online, chat in real time, and review apps of the day and picture of the day sent by Badoo.

Close People

Search Badoo for new partners and viable terms with people close to you. You can also search an uneven geographic seat by clicking the layout icon in the main right corner. On the desktop, you can filter individuals close to you by age, gender, and whether you would like to make new friends to chat or date. This way, you find people close to you on the mobile web and you can search on Android and iPhone.


Equivalent to the Hot or Not coding applications, it allows you to see viable new potential partners. Double-click the heart icon if you have any interest, or the close icon if you don't want to accept it. Find a fast, fun, and doable date by browsing the profiles of other Badoo users and connecting with those who interest you.

Badoo Ranking

There are many possibilities for those who decide to invest real money in this social network. Badoo is based on a ranking system: each user is assigned a certain score, which increases with activity on the site and establishes the user's position in the Badoo ranking. Scoring is important because it affects visibility. Profiles with a higher score are more likely to be seen by other people. This helps increase the chance of meeting new people interested in the profile.

Increase Your Badoo Ranking

You can buy Badoo credits to increase your profile ranking. By purchasing Badoo credits for real money, you can use these credits to unlock additional features. With credits, for example, you can increase the maximum limit of conversations that you can manage simultaneously, access special stickers, create campaigns to promote your photo and increase its visibility and much more. The presence of superpowers does not mean that non-payers cannot enjoy a good experience using the service, but there is no doubt that a little help could not hurt and could turn their experience on Badoo, facilitating the possibility to have interesting matches.

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