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Call Recording: Everything You Need To Know

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The call recording has become an indispensable role for many companies and organizations because of a lot of reasons: it is extremely useful for the formation of new call center agents, to analyze the performance of workers, help to challenges identified and opportunities among many other functions. 

Call Recording: Uses And Benefits

Different businesses and organizations may have various reasons for recording calls: legal, quality, security, etc. Here are some of the uses of this function:

⦁    Quality control of service: recording incoming and outgoing calls is of great help for call center managers. Thanks to this tool, they are able to identify the successes and mistakes made by agents and improve customer service.

⦁    Formulation of verbal contracts: the sales departments find an indispensable ally in the calls recording to close sales electronically through the approval of service conditions. It is important to specify that the interlocutor must be informed that he is being recorded and the rules established by law must be observed.

⦁    Agent training: there is no better way to teach than with clear and real examples. Call recording is essential to offer efficient training and show best practices to new workers.

⦁    Data analysis: gathering information and interpreting it is of the utmost importance to improve the service offered. With the call recording, you can record the duration of the calls, the busiest times, representatives who answered the call and, even, identify which are the most repeated questions thanks to AI,

⦁    Performance evaluation: in order to adequately assess the development and performance of telephone representatives, call recording is of the utmost help since the successes and areas of opportunity can be individually analyzed step by step.

⦁    Generate a record of interactions: the greater the information, the greater the efficiency of the departments of a company, so generating a record of interactions of suppliers, partners, customers, distributors and colleagues is of great help to better understand the operation of the organization. 

What Our Call Recording App Offers At Hyperlink InfoSystem

Now that the importance of call recording is clear, you will wonder how to achieve it and how to get the most out of it. We live in the digital age and as you can well imagine, there are apps for this function that are usually part of the services offered by VoIP providers . However, not all applications to record calls are the same, so you should verify that it offers the following functionalities:

⦁    Automatic or manual recording: if the manual function is chosen, it is necessary to activate the call recording every time it is required, while, in automatic state, all calls are recorded without the need for any prior action. 

⦁    Partial or total recording: this utility allows you to choose whether you want to record the entire call or just a specific part, for example, the acceptance of a contract.

⦁    Selective recording: thanks to this function, you can automate the type of calls you want to keep. They can be all incoming calls, outgoing calls, random or, divided by department or by agent, etc.

⦁    Recording from any location: the software must allow the recording to be carried out regardless of the interlocutor's location, either through the computer or the mobile application.

⦁    Easy to play format: it is very important that calls are recorded in standard formats that can be played from any device without the need for specific software for it. 

⦁    Filters: the call recording software should have the option to filter the stored calls in order to easily find what you are looking for, whether by duration, by agent, by date, by time, incoming, outgoing, etc.

⦁    Storage in the cloud: the files that are generated when recording calls take up a lot of memory space, so it is important to have the possibility of storing them in the cloud and thus save on hardware within the company. This function is usually included in virtual switchboard services in the cloud.  

Call Transcripts: AI At The Service of Telephony

AI software can accurately analyze issues such as the number of questions that the sales representative asks the customer, the amount of time spent between the interlocutors, the length of the pauses that occur between questions and answers, as well as the way sales and prices are negotiated, etc. All this information is indexed and is easily accessible through specific filters. In addition, the most relevant information can be compiled quickly and easily. All this allows a detailed knowledge of the development of calls and is an incomparable tool in the formation of sales teams. 

None of this would be possible without computer telephony integration (CTI), the technology that enables interaction between telephone systems and computers. Thanks to the CTI, in addition to saving resources, you can centralize all the information of the calls on a computer, which allows you to generate information notes, create customer files or share information with other departments. This will save you significant time searching for specific data or accessing selected recordings almost instantly. This creates more efficient call centers with greater resources without the need for an extremely expensive infrastructure.

Legal Considerations in Call Recording

The legal considerations are an essential aspect to take into account when carrying out call recordings. It is important to know that each country has its own legislation regarding this issue, so if your company operates in several territories, you must know their laws to make the recordings correctly, safely and legally.

Certain requirements must be met to make call recordings. These are:

⦁    Compliance with the Official Data Protection Law: when storing personal data of customers, companies are obliged to fully respect the requirements of the Agency for Data Protection.

⦁    Legal notice with explicit consent: the interlocutor must be aware and clearly approve the recording of the call before beginning with the storage of the call.

⦁    Express the reasons for recording: not all reasons are valid for recording a call. Calls can be recorded to improve the quality of service, to approve a verbal contract, etc.

⦁    Maximum security: the company that performs the recording must have systems that guarantee the highest security regarding the storage of data and personal information of its clients, and thus ensure their proper protection.

Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an app that offers the possibility to record a telephone conversation allowing access to relevant information that would otherwise be lost. The cost of such app is around $7000 depending on its functionalities.

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