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Crackle is an over-the-top content streaming platform. The service offered by Crackle is very varied as its catalog is made up of blockbuster films, series, television hits and 100% original and exclusive Sony Pictures productions.
Crackle was initially a free service, but it changed to a monthly subscription model in 2017. For this reason, Crackle requires an active subscription with a pay TV provider in order to offer its services.

How Crackle Works

Crackle TV works with the monthly subscription model which deals with the payment for the service received month after month. What differentiates it from other streaming platforms is that the user has to be subscribed to a pay TV provider. In order to enjoy Crackle movies, you need to create an account and activate it.

Crackle is the next generation video entertainment network and the only network that relies on ads, always with free online movies and other digital content to meet the needs of users.

Crackle do not compete with paid services. However, it realizes that consumers have options when they want to watch movies and TV series online. As an ad-supported digital network, Crackle offers a unique experience that its consumers enjoy.

Crackle offers a dynamic library of movies from the Sony Pictures collection, offering movies and digital video content in genres such as love: action, comedy, crime, horror, suspense, thriller, and science fiction. Crackle has continued to build its service offering thereby improving consumers’ experience.

Advantages of Over-The-Top (OTT) Services

During the last years, television services have had a constant evolution, constantly diversifying the offer and the formats to access content. Audiovisual content has gone from being distributed by a few, to currently forming a gigantic network that increasingly incorporates more actors. In this transformation, OTT services have played an important role in opening content transmission channels.

OTT refers to the use of public networks, without the need for an intermediate provider. Thanks to this modality, the only thing someone needs to set up an OTT service is the Internet and a compatible device. Due to the above, this service is cheaper to install and ends up being more accessible to consumers.


OTT TV is a television service through the public Internet that allows access to content from around the world. The main way to access this programming is "on demand", that is, you select what you want to see and when to do it. This differentiates it from Internet TV channels that are transmitted through networks managed by telecommunications companies, since the latter usually have predefined schedules in which the programmatic schedule is transmitted.

Another feature that allows us to better understand OTT TV is that, it can be used from any device that has Internet access, having access to the same content on cell phones, tablets and computers. This allows continuity no matter where you are.

Adaptive Streaming

The demand increases for the services of OOT has kept the industry searching for ways to improve the quality of delivery. As a result, "adaptive streaming" has become relevant. Video settings are adapted to offer the user the best possible quality at any given time, depending on the bandwidth and the device. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to reduce the resolution to improve fluency in case the recipient has a slow connection.

Screenings For OTT TV

According to Convergence Research estimates, OTT technology will earn 90% of the US population's TV and movie rental income in 2020. Observations from the same research center indicate that cable TV has maintained a steady 4% loss of your subscribers per year.

OTT seems to be here to stay and its advantages over Internet and cable TV channels are obvious. At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we can help you with the development of an OTT video streaming app similar to Crackle. The cost of an app like Crackle will cost around $7000 depending on the features to be included.

OTT Services

One of the triggers for its emergence is the growth in the number of smartphones and smart devices that make use of the services that the Internet can offer, such as:

IPTV or Internet television: services that are generally obtained for free online.

VoIP or Voice-Over-IP: it is the most successful OTT technology in recent years. Among its many benefits is that it allows users to save money on local and international calls.

Social Networks: they have made it possible to share information in an agile way, without having to depend on some traditional information medium. 

OTT TV: this is different from IPTV. Over-The-Top Streaming is a way of transmitting video and audio signals to different devices. Unlike IPTV, signals in OTT are transmitted in private point-to-point connections, with Internet protocols in public networks.

Therefore, operators can achieve signal transmission quality levels to be able to transmit live programming, without having to limit themselves to a defined geographical area or territory, which gives them the possibility of attracting subscribers even in remote areas to their area. traditional operation.

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