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The Features And Functions of Dropbox

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It is necessary to know the best options when you want to enter the world of storage: Dropbox, Mega, Drive and others.  Dropbox is undoubtedly one of the most famous services dedicated to digital storage. It stands out above all others for its incredible ease of use and having one of the most intuitive interfaces on the market. If you want to save any kind of file and you don't have space on your computer, the best option is to store it in the cloud and the best service to do this is Dropbox.

Its interface is its main point of focus, which aims to present us with many tools in list formats, which allow us to do many things in the simplest way possible. The way to use Dropbox is so simple that we can even "drag" a file to its tab to start saving it on their servers.

Dropbox also stands out in the number of tools that we will have at our disposal. These tools give us the ability to control and manage our files in various ways. Here we can mention an impressive history of changes, which allows us to return to a save point in our data, a teamwork system, which allows us to have access to 2 profiles and modify all the information in both accounts.

On the other hand, security is something to note as Dropbox has the reputation of being one of the most secure storage sites on the market today. It works using a “closed source code”, preventing users from using the page's code to access the profiles of others.

On the contrary, those security measures that can be selected by us are a bit simple, since we can only add an optional extra encryption, which is found in the security section.

Depending on the features to be integrated, Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in the development of a mobile app that functions similarly to Drobox. The cost of such app ranges from $4000 to $10000.

Why You Should Use Dropbox

There is a huge number of companies that have chosen this kind of service. Examples range from Dropbox itself, to some globally known companies such as Google (Google Drive) and Microsoft (OneDrive). However, select Dropbox as one of the best options when you decide to use these services, especially if you are a person who is just starting to work with storage on the web.

In fact, Dropbox was created especially for starters in online storage and has enough information to teach them its simple operation, but without overloading them with options.

Finally, something also very important is space, one of the characteristics for which storage service distributors compete the most. In the case of Dropbox, we will get an amount of free space, which is limited to a maximum of 2 GB of storage. If we do not have money and we need more space, Dropbox allows us to increase that amount to an astonishing 18 GB completely free of charge, only using a referral system that is available on your system.

Given the case that this amount of space is still not enough, we can choose to pay for some of its packages, which allow us to have a much higher amount of storage, even reaching the terabytes (TB).

Dropbox Today

The passage of time has allowed Dropbox to grow and position itself as one of the most important storage services today. Dropbox has more than 600 million users on its platform. In addition to that, it had managed to expand as a super-international company, reaching a total of 175 countries around the world.


In the case of Dropbox, we can note that they use the "SSL" format during data transfer, and the moment you save our files, they become encrypted with an "AE-256" format. The truth is that Dropbox has managed to enter the top of the storage services thanks to many benefits it offers, but this would not have been possible without the impeccable security it has. 

For years, Dropbox ensures that not even the employees of its platform are allowed to access the information of its users, which is why a leak of our data is almost impossible. Despite this, Dropbox has not always maintained its 100% security, the truth is that they have made big mistakes during their journey.

Dropbox Glitches

Even when the same company admits that it does not have any kind of access to the information of its users, the truth is that this is false. The greatest example that they do have access to all of our data is the duplicates themselves, since if they did not have access, they could not create backup copies of our data.

We must bear in mind that all the data that is stored in the cloud is housed in a place full of large hard drives in some region of the world, an office where all the information is located. In the case of Dropbox, we do not have information about these places, in fact, we do not know in which countries our information is stored. To further increase the risk, the top Dropbox officials have not signed any legal agreement on the provision of services, about who they entrust their servers to.


Within the Dropbox service, an account system has been created with different qualities and benefits, so that the results with the platform can be satisfactory regardless of the user's needs.


The first type of account is "Free" which is totally free, it has a limited storage capacity, reaching 2 GB, but it can increase with a referral system up to 18 GB. You will receive 500 MB for free for each person you invite with your link.


It is the first type of paid account, which greatly increases the amount of storage we have access to compared to Free accounts. Those Pro users will not have any difference with the Free members other than the space, so we should not expect a big change from the platform. 


Business or enterprise accounts are the last type of account within Dropbox, in addition to having a storage space of 5 TB, the best part is that it adds a new function, which allows you to have a team administration. This means that there may be multiple accounts that have the same business account and they are all connected to each other.

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