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Dubsmash is an application that bases its success on simplicity. Its description is the first indicator that we are not facing a complicated system. We only have to choose a famous sound from the long list of categories that the application has, record a video of ourselves by doubling this sound that we have chosen, and sharing the resulting video with our friends via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. We can also save it in our gallery for laughs or to share it in other ways. Regarding sounds, we can find all kinds of phrases and music that has even become a meme on the internet. There is no shortage of options to have a laugh with our friends.

Using Dubsmash is free, and we can get hold of the application with a simple visit to Google Play. It already has millions of downloads on App Store and Play Store. The only doubt is the same that arises every time a social network is born: will it manage to gain a stable user base, or will it end up falling into oblivion like many that have already been forgotten. Only time will tell us, but we can dub a few videos for fun in the meantime. Integrating excellent features by our Developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem will ensure that it remains relevant for a very long time.

Dubsmash, The New App For Selfies

That selfies are in fashion is undeniable and it seems that they are also unstoppable. Hence, all kinds of devices are emerging to facilitate obtaining those selfies or to improve them once they are made. Precisely in those lines is Dubsmash, which is available both on the App Store and on Google Play.

The objective of the app is to take a step further in the so-called photographs of oneself and that is to bet that these become videos. 

Keep Discovering The Features of This App:

  • It gives the possibility that any user can record a short video of himself.
  • Once you have that audiovisual file, whoever has recorded it has the possibility of improving it in different ways with the use of famous songs that can be chosen from a wide list that it has.
  • No less interesting is that in addition to melodies, you can “adorn” and perfect the video selfie with famous phrases and even through animations of various kinds.
  • In the same way, Dubsmash should not be overlooked that then, once the desired file is achieved, it allows it to be stored.
  • Also, taking into account that the essence of the selfie is to show the world what is done on a daily basis or on special occasions, this application also gives the possibility of sharing the recorded video. Specifically, this is something that can be done both through the internal messaging service WhatsApp and through social networks such as Facebook.

Dubsmash: All You Need To Know About The New Hit App

There are games that are a hit. Then there are the applications that are useless at first glance, and which quickly become essential. Dubsmash is in this category. The principle: film yourself while playing backing tracks on a famous quote.

This new application should then please the selfies lovers. Dubsmash is a hit on Google Play and the App Store - where it even tops the rankings. The purpose of this application is to film you playing backing track on a famous quote. The height of happiness, it is free!

On Dubsmash, you can choose multiple languages ​​ (English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish Polish and more). What you choose will result in the quotes that will be offered to you. To help you, Dubsmash highlights trendy sounds and offers several categories. You can take a look at "Vannes", "Amour", "Hangover", "Absurd Quotes" or "Anniversary".

An Easy-to-access Application

It is also possible to add a sound yourself, for fun. Or to classify some of them in your favorites or to do a live search using the small magnifying glass located at the top right of the interface. In short, it is an highly intuitive and quick to learn app.

What makes Dubsmash so successful is also how easily you can share your video. Play a sound, allow the app to access your camera, and take your Selfie! Then, by tapping "next", several possibilities: sharing via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or simply recording the video on your smartphone.

Dubsmash, What is The Concept?

Dubsmash is an application for smartphones that lets you play back cult quotes (movies, series, ads, songs) by recording yourself with the selfie mode of your phone. And above all, we can share these playbacks on social networks, hence the buzz. The Dubsmash app is in line with Vine or Snapchat, applications based on sharing short videos and photos with friends.

Dubsmash, Already a Global Phenomenon

The buzz around Dubsmash first caught on with Dutch mobile users before conquering Belgium and then France. Created in Germany, the app already has several million users. Dubsmash was the 3rd most downloaded free application on the App store.

How To Use Dubsmash in 3 steps:

  • Choose your favorite quote from the catalog of themes offered in the Dubsmash application such as love, hangover.
  • We record ourselves in playback with the selfie camera of our smartphone.
  • We share our creation with loved ones (MMS) or everyone via social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

The Dubsmash app is available for free on the App store and on Google Play. Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you develop excellent mobile app that is very similar to Dubsmash. We will carefully integrate the necessary features to ensure that it becomes a success.

Depending on the functionalities that our clients want, developing a mobile app like Dubsmash costs around $5000 to $10,000. Kindly contact our mobile app development company today.

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