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epocrates app cost

Epocrates is a medical app for mobile devices. It helps in identifying drugs, and has a directory for drug information. It is possible to contract a subscription to Epocrates Essentials to have access to alternative medication, laboratory guides and extra content

It has more than 1 million active doctors who trust the platform to apply a better treatment to their patients. Its use ranges from finding providers for consultation and referrals in your directory; check drug contraindications between up to 30 drugs at a time; different country health insurance forms and drug coverage; identify pills by code and physical characteristics and perform calculations such as BMI or glomerular filtration rate.

It also has a news section, access to research sources, information on diseases, alternative drugs, laboratory guides and other clinical tools.

Apps For Doctors: Key Tools For Health Transformation

The growing use of apps for doctors and patients in health is causing a real revolution in the sector. Although the best known are perhaps those aimed at the patient, the development of applications for doctors and hospitals has transformed and improved many aspects of clinical practice. From viewing a patient's lab results to viewing their vital signs, these tools help diagnose, monitor, and treat disease.

One of the main motivations in the use of these mobile applications for doctors is to cover the need to access the information and health data of patients from their Electronic Medical Record. Thus, health mobile app such as Epocrates have the objective of improving care and obtaining better health results. The mobility of health data makes it possible to trace the evolution of patients without having to be in the hospital and at the time when it is needed. But this is not the only benefit derived from the use of these apps for health personnel. 

Main Benefits of Apps For Medical Practitioners

Access to the patient's clinical information from anywhere. Integrating relevant information from the clinical history of the patient with these mobile applications makes it easier for health professionals to quickly and easily access health data from anywhere.

Improve decision making. A benefit derived from the previous point: by allowing access to relevant information, health professionals are able to make more informed decisions based on patient information in real time, improving the safety of care.

Improves the quality and continuity of care. Mobile health applications allow clinical professionals to access the patient's Medical Record from anywhere, improving the quality and continuity of patient care.

Greater efficiency and productivity. Many doctors believe that the adoption of mobile health applications can improve the efficiency of clinical practice. The use of mobile applications by health professionals optimizes their work since it allows faster and more efficient access to patient information and improves coordination between health professionals.

Increased patient safety. Mobile applications for health professionals allow continuous monitoring and follow-up of the patient's condition. Through these tools, such as Epocrates, doctors and nursing staff have the possibility of reviewing vital signs, laboratory tests or patient progress notes, allowing decisions to be made without having to be in the hospital, as well as possible to redirect processes.

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