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Find Family And Friends On Your iOS Devices

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The application that helps you know the exact location of all your friends (and who have agreed to connect with you through the application) is a perfect way to find the person you are meeting quickly and easily. We can know to the millimeter where they are. The application itself does not have any novelty beyond the mere aesthetic change to be consistent with the new system.

Apple is always at the forefront of technology, for the development of equipment and apps that undoubtedly satisfy the needs of users. In this case, “Find My Friends” is an application with innumerable advantages from which you can get the most out of it. Its initial version was developed in October 2011 under the iOS 5 operating system to be used on iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and MacOS platforms, ideal for location recognition.

Once you have carried out the task of locating a person or if, on the contrary, it is you who they have located, the information travels to the Apple platform where it is encrypted and remains there for about two hours. Currently, there are many apps that offer us the ease of finding or locating family or friends; however, there is no complete assurance that these are authentic as there are many false profiles.

Hyperlink InfoSystem Can Help You Develop An App Like “Find My Friends”

This incredible app's first function is to share your location through your device using GPS with other people who also have it. Another way to find your friends is by tracking their phone numbers. Now, what you should keep in mind is that it only works for iOS devices, being compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch, since there is currently no Find My Friends app that is for Android.

Find My Friends is undoubtedly a very easy to use application that allows you to decide whether or not to share your location. 

When you want to develop a mobile app like Find My Friends, Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in that regard. We have experts who can help you with an excellent tracking app. The cost of an app similar to CinemaNow is between $5000 to $9000.

Features And Functions That Find My Friends Offers You

It is also compatible with on Windows using the Apple ID that is automatically linked with this application.

You will have synchronization with maps and contact.

You will easily and safely locate your friends and family.

You will receive notifications based on location.

You will have simple privacy controls.

You will have parental controls for minors.

Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

You will share your location temporarily or permanently as you decide.

You can use the phone number or email address to share your location and invite friends to share.

You will also have support for 3D Touch.

If you have changed your address, you will be able to configure the alerts of your Find My Friends that inform your friends and family.

You can also create alerts for the arrival or departure of a person (family member, employee, etc.) to a certain place, that is, it works as a security device.

Simple Steps To Enable And Manage The Find My Friends App On My Device

To Enable Find My Friends:

As a first step, you must make sure that the Location Services are active by entering the Configuration / Privacy option.

Select Location Services 

Verify that many of your contacts were added automatically.

To Add Friends And Family And Manage Your Contacts

Locate the people you want to add within your contacts and send the request to them to follow you. If, on the other hand, you have a contact that was added automatically and you do not want to share your location with that person, you are completely free to remove it from the application.

For Parental Controls

For the safety of your children, this application has the option to restrict the display of their location by unauthorized third parties.

To Enable Notifications

You must enable the option to allow Notifications in the Settings.

You can also use this option to receive other types of notifications.

Other Advantages of Apple's Find My Friends App

Another advantage of this application is that thanks to, you can use it from your Mac or Windows computer and also locate the person you have been searching for so much. In addition, you can also locate your friends or family by pressing their name.

Now, the negative point of this app has to do with the limitation of some functions such as the creation of alerts for example, although we hope to have a better version in the future.

Like all App, it has its pros and cons, but we are sure of one thing, the utilities of this tool will allow you to feel somehow calm to be able to know if your children are in place you expect them to be.

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