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The Geolocation-Based Social Network For Business

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Foursquare is a geolocation-based social network in which you can share your location with your contacts. For this, need is to have a mobile phone with GPS. The application allows you to perform a "Check-in" at the location where you are. To do this, Foursquare will offer you a list of the sites closest to where you are located.

In the event that the location you are in does not appear on the list, Foursquare will let you add it (and will reward you for doing so). In addition to being able to indicate where you are, Foursquare gives you different points, badges and other prizes as you discover locations. This makes the application more interactive. Brands are using Foursquare to offer discounts at their stores (Starbucks case).

Despite being an unknown social platform by many companies or businesses, Foursquare has enormous potential to connect with your potential customers, and increase the number of social followers.

Exciting Features of Foursquare:

To perform a Check-in at the location where you are.

Establish a network of friends with whom to share locations.

Application available for Android, and iPhone.

It also has a web application. Although it is more complicated to use as it does not have your GPS position.

It is integrated with Twitter and Facebook. In this way, you will be able to show your location and awards received on these social networks.

It is rewarded through points, badges and naming you mayor. Being mayor of a location happens when you are the user who has checked in the most times at a location.

New locations can be added. Foursquare rewards for this, as it is enriching its database of locations. Although it encourages the duplication of locations.

Tips To Be Successful On Foursquare

Create a Foursquare Page

A Foursquare page is the center of the company on the web, and where you can manage all the physical locations from one place. This option will only be available for brands that have multiple locations in a specific country or city.
The pages have several characteristics such as having a place to write a short biography about the company, a space to insert the link to a destination, usually the website, and the possibility of linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Use Lists on Your Page

Another useful feature offered by the Foursquare page for your company is the ability to create lists of locations. Creating lists centered around various locations, and grouped by topic, can be extremely valuable to the community on the social network.

An example to use this function can be the creation of lists with the favorite restaurants of the company in the city, or of all its stores in the area.

In this way, users can choose to save the lists that they like the most, instead of following all the activities and other lists on your page. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with an app similar to FourSquare.

Add Foursquare Plugin on Website

Integrating Foursquare on your website is an effective way to connect with your audience, and increase the number of followers on the social platform.

To make this possible, the social network provides us with two types of buttons, such as the 'Follow' and 'Save to Foursquare' buttons, since each offers a different type of engagement with our audience.

When the "Follow" button is added to the website, this will allow visitors to follow your Foursquare page from the website, as long as they are registered users of the social network.

The "Save to Foursquare" button will allow your audience to save the places of your lists in Foursquare for when it is necessary to use it.

In this way, users will receive push notifications when they are near that place as a reminder to visit it.

Promote Events

Events for any type of business, be it B2B or B2C, are a crucial way to get in front of your potential customers and build a more family-friendly community.

Using Foursquare at our event locations is another useful way to drive attendance, as are both online and offline marketing strategies.

Updates to your page and check-ins on behalf of the company help your events reach new audiences and promote interest, such as when opening a new store.

Create Custom Badges

Badges on Foursquare are a way to incentivize users in real time, and as a reward, they will receive a badge created to celebrate the occasion.

In this social platform, brands have the possibility to create their personalized badges, so that users can get them every time they visit the place and get great discounts or offers.

They are an easy way to make the check-in process more social and fun.

Foursquare Stickers

Once you have verified your place on the social network, Foursquare will send you a letter with the distinctive sticker to encourage people entering the store to check in.

This will serve as a call to action to encourage our customers to leave their comments, and become followers of our brand.

Make sure to use this sticker on the entrance door of the establishment or in a visible place, which allows people to remember the presence of your business.

You should bear in mind that many people forget to use an application after it has been downloaded to their mobile devices. The cost of an app like FourSquare is around $7000.

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