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Get Healthier With Google Fit App

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Google Fit is a Google application. This application is used to record the daily activity you do and obtain data such as calories, distance traveled and steps taken. You can set daily goals, for this, you have the option to modify them in the application itself.

It tries to turn daily physical activity into a game, through rings that users will close depending on whether or not they meet the different challenges such as the number of steps or the daily activity time.

Google Fit has collaborated with the WHO (World Health Organization) to offer you two activity goals that can improve your health: Active Minutes and Heart Points.

"Active Minutes" refers to the minutes you are doing a non-sedentary activity, such as taking a walk or taking the stairs instead of using an elevator.

"Heart Points" are obtained by performing a moderate activity (for every minute you get one point) and doing a more intense one such as running (2 points per minute performed).

What Fitness Apps Do

As the name suggests, fitness apps have been developed for fitness training, but are also used in the professional sector. Whether endurance, strength or flexibility - treadmill, ergometer or free training - a good workout app can be set individually and provides the athlete with all the necessary data, often with precisely tailored training and time plans.

Surprisingly, such a training app is sometimes exactly the missing key to success. Because when the training concept suddenly becomes visually and acoustically tangible, the first successes often appear and they usually motivate you to do more. As soon as you notice that targeted, guided training really works - even if it's only with the help of a simple fitness app - the motivation comes naturally. High-quality fitness equipment offers direct connections to workout apps such as the free Google Fit, which can not only be individually adapted for each user, but also replaces the personal trainer and has various training programs ready for almost every training goal.

An endurance training app with virtual reality functions is also ideal. It allows the downloading of routes that can be recorded anywhere in the world and uses sensors to register how far and how fast the athlete is moving forward on the treadmill, ergometer or bicycle trainer and then displays this on the screen as continuous Movement on the track. Endurance training with such an endurance training app is a lot of fun and motivates you to train anew every time. Fitness apps with an affiliated community are also successful. You then compete against other real fitness enthusiasts and measure yourself against like-minded athletes. This casual competition is also a strong motivator, which is why such training apps are also in great demand.

Advantages of Fitness Apps 


•    More fun in training

•    Promotes motivation

•    Personal trainer / guided training

•    Learning videos and information

•    Interactive training

•    Light training monitoring

•    Automatic training reminder

It is very clear that interactive training app like the Google Fit App help you to keep your motivation up and to make the training more attractive. The training control via the saved training progress is extremely practical and is also appreciated by professional athletes. Guided training via the interactive personal trainer makes it easier for beginners as well as advanced learners to achieve their personal goals. Beginners will also find it easier to enter the world of fitness with learning videos and detailed exercise descriptions. While the first fitness apps were still quite simple, newer endurance training apps with detailed virtual routing also allow the connection to larger fitness communities.

How It Works

You just carry the device with you, and Google Fit tracks its movement. It is especially pleasant that no additional settings are needed. Do all of the above, and then Google Fit will get to work.

The progress in achieving the set goal is visualized on the screen of the mobile device. Two rings - blue and green - fill up as you are active. The app also counts steps, kilometers traveled, calories burned.

Google Fit determines the difference between the methods of movement automatically, the system focuses primarily on the speed with which you move, so funny incidents are possible: it can count fast walking as running, and fast running as cycling.

When the goal is achieved, the message "You did it!" Will appear on the screen.

App Design - The Appearance of Your App

The costs for the visual design of your app project can also be very different. The cost of an app like Google Fit is on average of $8000. First, you need to be aware of the role that your app's design plays. The development of an internal organization app can be very inexpensive, for example, as it does not require an individual design and a design template can be used. In general, more money has to be invested in the design of an external app than in that of an internal app. You save the most costs with ready-made app designs. But the idea of saving shouldn't be in the foreground in the design. Creating an appealing design plays a big role in the success of your app. According to experts, customers use a mobile app longer and more intensively, the more appealing the user interface (UI) is for them. Even if you have basic knowledge of graphic design, the design should possibly be left to a professional app graphic designer.

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