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Increase Sales With Classified Ads

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Gumtree is a free classified ads services that suggest your services to potential clients. Gumtree offers a free service of marketing your business to people who are likely to purchase your products. Since the services of Gumtree is free, you are certain that you can only have a win situation.

There are certainly many measures that lead to a greater range, but these are often associated with high costs. You have the opportunity to win new customers completely free of charge within a few minutes with classified ads. The times when classified ads were mostly private are long gone. The gates for commercial providers were never as open as they are today.

No Listing Fees, No Sales Commission

A big advantage of classified ads is that you have no initial costs. Your test run will only cost you your working time. Since your prospects do not buy directly, but make an inquiry, you can convert them wonderfully into potential leads, negotiate and, if necessary, lead them to your shop. The reach of eBay classifieds is enormous, behind it is a huge AdWord marketing that you don't have to worry about. 

What Should We Advertise

It makes no sense to immediately discontinue your inventory of 20,000 items. Therefore, in the first step, you should showcase the first 50 products that you think searchers are interested in. Pretty much anything can be sold on eBay classifieds, from toilet seats to dust collectors, it doesn't matter what you sell. Still, we should try not to exceed the 50 ads in the first test.

Make sure that you state whether you are a business or individual when creating an account. Don't mix ads. An account is completely free. First of all: You should immediately forget the thought that you could simply set up multiple accounts to circumvent the limit of 50 ads. eBay reacts to this quickly and hard. 

For a Classified Ad You Need:

Meaningful title
Post Code
Legal information

Your title should clearly state what the product is in not more than 65 characters. Avoid prices in the title, basic price information should be included if necessary.

Your description should contain everything that is important. Since the first 100 characters are displayed within the search results, you should put the most important in short form here. Do not use wild paraphrases in the description, nobody reads that. Short and sweet, possibly a link to the product in the shop (do not link directly to the shop).

The pictures should be clear. Use a good picture so that users can see what the ad is about at a glance.

With the price, you can determine whether it is a fixed price or a basis for negotiation. There is no fixed price. It remains to be seen what this option is for, as everyone will try to negotiate the price. If necessary, set the price a little higher so that you have the appropriate room for negotiation. The following should be said: Just because your item is 20% more expensive on eBay classifieds, the prospect will not go to amazon, because here he knows that he can negotiate.

In the case of legal information, add your full legal notice, link to the shop and, if applicable, your terms and conditions. It is questionable whether terms and conditions and cancellation are necessary, because in principle there is never a direct purchase, an interested party can only inquire. If an offer is made, this data would have to be included in the mail.

Now that the right category has been selected, the first advertisements can go online.

Advertise Your Business Using Gumtree

It usually takes about an hour for the first inquiries to come. Depending on which postcode area you are in. It may be tempting to run your ads for multiple zip codes, but doing so will result in deletion and warning. In case of doubt, you can also advertise things that you only send in larger metropolitan areas.

The first inquiries should now also come, these are usually different depending on the offer. Try to convert the prospect, negotiate and in any case point them out to other products that you may be offering in your shop. Maybe you can also give the user a discount code to make further purchases attractive.

You can pay with PayPal or other payment platforms on classifieds portals. Also, insured shipping is used. Don't let other methods convince you. If someone writes you that the negotiation should only take place via email outside the platform, leave it, these are scammers.

Hyperlink InfoSystem i can help you with an app similar to Gumtree app. The cost of such an app is around $7000 depending on the features to be included.

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