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The Hotel Tonight App searches for Hotels near your location at “last minute” prices. If you ever had an unforeseen event, your flight was canceled or you got hung up at the last minute, Hotel Tonight is the App that will get you out of trouble.

You can find a considerable number of applications and platforms that will help you get a room in a hotel, either in an emergency or simply because you are looking to plan your vacation and want a quiet room, near a beach or the event where you find.

Within this great catalog, a new offer came called Hotel Tonight, this platform's main mission is to help users find the best offer close to where they are, whether in an emergency or simply to want to enjoy a night in an amazing hotel while fostering and boosting the hospitality industry.

One of the main characteristics that differentiates Hotel Tonight app from other applications is the ease with which you can familiarize yourself with the platform. Since it is user-friendly, it is simple to use. You just have to choose which city you will go to, what day and voila, you will have the best options.

In this sense, you can choose different categories, some more luxurious and others inexpensive that will help you spend the night comfortably, without having to pay more.

Hotel Tonight Categories:

• Simple: Hostel with private bathroom

• Essential: Private room in a basic hotel without restaurant

• Comfort: A hotel with more services (restaurant, bar, etc.)

• With charm: Boutique hotel (design and incredible rooms)

• Chic: Boutique hotel with specialized services

• Luxury: The best room, facilities with all services

The Hook That Won't Let You Go

So that you can continue using the application without stopping and thus you can know all the destinations in which they are, there is a points or benefits program; The more you use the application to get a hotel, it will assign you a level. With this, you will get the return of a percentage of your money that you spent on a room. 

Benefits of Mobile Applications In The Hotel Industry

Mobile apps in the hotel industry are really redefining the guest experience. As customer service has the highest value in the hospitality industry, the need to get involved, interact and attract is vital. Guests seek convenience at their fingertips. 

The personal connection: Hotel management applications are a direct connection between guests and the hotel. All the guest has to do is use their mobile phone and open the hotel application to check in at the hotel. The app provides quick notifications with information related to room registration, welcome message, reservation details, places to visit and more. The smartphone can also give direct access to the room without the need to go through the reception.

⦁    Real-time updates through a communication channel: The hotel management application gives you the opportunity to send direct notifications. You can use the app to create a communication channel that keeps guests updated on your offers, promotions, and more. Guests wishing to update their room reservation or reserve an additional one can find relevant information directly in the app. This acts as a multi-channel communication tool where guests can place their orders, from the food itself to any other service.

⦁    Engage better with customers, develop strong brand loyalty - Brand loyalty is one of the ways to ensure you have a constant stream of visitors. Use the hotel application to allow reservations and to offer instant rewards on your customer's loyalty program. You can request feedback, thus giving you the option to improve the performance of your hotel. Technology in this case is helpful in attracting guests, serving them better, and ensuring they stay loyal to your hotel, focusing on instant booking as well as repeat visits.

⦁    Increase Staff Efficiency - The importance of mobile apps in the hotel industry is definitely relevant in guest satisfaction. But how can you guarantee faster and more effective customer service? Mobile apps are the perfect tool for your staff to carry out requests, monitor administration, review reservations, check billing at the point of sale, and carry out a series of tasks through a central dashboard. A mobile app would easily help you find pending guest requests that need immediate action. In short, you can make your staff increase their productivity, this being reflected in an increase in reservations and as a consequence in an improvement of your business.

⦁    Get detailed analytics - With a mobile app in your hotel, managers can quickly access detailed reports. You can use analytics to understand what customers want, where you need to improve, what your peak season is, and more.

⦁    Removing the language barrier: International travelers often face problems when traveling to regions whose language they do not know. A mobile hotel application that is available in a language predefined by your guest creates a positive impact. This feature can make your guest reserve a room in your business, the next time they are visiting your city.

In regards to the development of a hotel booking app, Hyperlink InfoSystem is the agency that is best suited to provide you with the needed solution. We have over 9 years of experience in mobile app development. Depending on its features, the cost of an app like Hotel Tonight is between $6000 and $12000.

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