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Book a Driver on Your Smartphone With Lyft

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Lyft is car service that connect drivers and passengers through a downloadable app for your smartphone. It is one of the preferred methods of traveling around the city for locals and visitors alike. Travel costs are based on time and distance. And you can always estimate the cost of your trip in the app before hiring the driver.

Features of Our Ridesharing App

Extensive Admin Panel

A fully vetted admin panel for each business category ensures that you control all aspects of what your customers and service providers experience. 

Real-time Tracking Using Maps

Track your customer and taxi in real time using our real time map tracking facility. This will definitely keep you away from unnecessary calls and confusion. 


The admin panel is tailor-made to fit the taxi business and allows you to control your customer experience as much as possible. All that is needed is a single configuration and you are in automatic mode. 

IOT Total Control Device

Hyperlink InfoSystem will integrate the necessary devices with the app during development. A piece of the hardware will sit in your car and communicates with the app to provide real-time tracking. Plus, it gives you more than just location, it even shows you fuel consumption and driving habits. No more worries about driver misuse or passenger safety.  

Economic And High Quality

Take advantage of a fully tagged, affordable, top-notch native iOS / Android cloning app. All this at an incredibly affordable price and without lengthy custom software development processes.

Future Ready

Our team is constantly improving, and you can look forward to an even better transport app as we go along. The automated car is closer than you might think, and our laboratory makes sure you have access to this innovative technology when the legislation and markets are ready for it. 

Smart Wallet

Every online solution these days needs a wallet. Therefore, we can quickly integrate a smart wallet in our app. Your users can store money within Wallet and the money is deducted from each use. You get an amazing dashboard to manage your entire app wallet. You can instantly check all transactions and also add credit for any user at will.

How Do You Sign Up For Lyft?

Registering with Lyft is very simple: Simply download the app, set your email address and password, set up a payment method (Apple Pay and PayPal are supported) and allow your location to be determined.

How Is a Taxi Called by Lyft?

To call a taxi using the Lyft app, all you have to do is select the "Set pickup" option in the application. You can then choose between different travel categories, such as economy, luxury or extra seats. The price is calculated from a basic fee and the cost per mile / minute. Any discounts are immediately deducted from the fare in Lyft. Warning: Lyft rides can be more expensive than usual particularly during peak hours. 

Lyft drivers can accept or decline requests. If a driver has accepted your request, you can track his location on the journey to you in the app. The application also shows information about the vehicle and the license plate so that there is no confusion.

If you wish, you can also organize a ride for a friend at a different location in Lyft - just give the driver a short call or text message. In some cities in the US, trips can even be booked in advance for a specific time.

Advantages That Apps Have Brought To The Field of Taxi

The arrival of mobile applications to order a taxi has brought many changes and advantages for passengers, but also for the taxi drivers' union itself.

Increased Customer Service

thanks to innovation in payment methods, among other services, taxi drivers have increased their possibilities of serving all types of customers without restrictions when paying.

Planning The Working Day

the reservation system is a great advantage for passengers since they can book a taxi for the next day or when they need it and, in this way, ensure transport. But it has also become a way for taxi drivers to plan their working hours in advance and thus be able to organize themselves more easily. 

Save Time And Fuel

until now, it is common to see empty taxis circulating around the city in search of customers, which means the taxi driver himself wasted time and wasted fuel unnecessarily. However, thanks to apps and the geolocation system, taxi drivers optimize their time and routes around the city, picking up those passengers that the app finds on their way. In addition, they maximize their income, since they no longer lose gasoline circulating kilometers and kilometers waiting for a new passenger to appear and as a consequence, this represents a great benefit for the environment of cities because emissions of toxic gases are thus reduced. the atmosphere.

A top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in the development of an excellent mobile app similar to Lyft. The average cost of such app is around $12000 depending on the features to be included.

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