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Online taxi companies have a massive opportunity in the Indian market. This is due to the population of the people of India who are over 1 billion in population. There is a huge competition between companies offering the services. The major players in this regard are Uber and Ola Cabs.

Functions To Clone An App Like Ola

The Ola case is more complicated because there are two applications in one: for drivers and for passengers. For this reason, its functions are divided into two and have two types of visualizations.

Payment Methods

This is the most important part. Some applications only accept payment in cash. However, Ola started only by accepting card payments, and for some, this was an inconvenient move. It is for this reason that it is preferable to have both types of payment so that the same user can choose how they want to pay for the service. 

Trip Evaluation

Each driver has an assessment that, depending on how the trip has turned out, the passenger can give it 5 stars. The idea of these features is to analyze the quality of service that is being provided and, if there was a problem, solve it to optimize future trips that all your customers will receive.

Vehicle Navigation

This feature helps both the passenger and the driver. The person driving will know which route to take (unless the passengers indicate another route of their choice) to reach their destination and whoever took the taxi knows exactly which route is being taken. In addition, there is the option to share the journey with a friend or family member. In this way, the passenger feels safer and knows that someone they trust is watching the vehicle.

Location of Passengers / Drivers

When ordering a taxi, the application must use GPS to locate which of all the vehicles is closer. For both the passenger and the driver, you must indicate how far you are so that the passenger knows how long it will take the vehicle to pick it up and the driver knows the direction in which he is going. It is important that this function is precise so that there are no problems such as the driver taking longer than estimated or so that the vehicle does not reach a point that is not indicated.

Personal Information

Virtually all mobile applications request this type of information as it is an easier way to customize the functions. In the case of Ola, it is necessary for the driver to have the passenger's data to know who he is picking up. And for the passenger, it provides greater confidence to know the data of the vehicle and the person who drives it. Many times, problems have arisen due to this issue since claims are made either for misconduct by the driver or for the loss of an object. It is a necessary feature so that the same company can solve the problem and customers are happy with the service.

Mobile Application Development Time

This is a factor that is present in all job. Applications are not created in the simple blink of an eye. When developing mobile applications, the developer must analyze the features, in addition to taking care of the design for the user's navigability. This is to ensure that the final result is to the client's liking. Hyperlink InfoSystem will keep you informed on how long it would require to help you develop an excellent taxi app. Development of taxi app similar to Ola will cost around $5,000 to $16,000 depending on the features to include.

Develop Ola-like App With Hyperlink InfoSystem

Developing an app like Ola isn’t very cheap. Depending on the features, app OS and the technology to use, the cost of an app like Ola can range between $5000 and $16000. In reality, it all comes down to the number of hours that have been estimated necessary to develop the applications. Taking this factor into account, it is explained that Ola is quite expensive. Its complex features would lengthen the development of its minimum viable product (MVP).

Making the leap from prototype to final version requires more time and therefore more money. 

In any case, the wave of applications that copy the strategy of the most popular 'startups' of the moment has created an important parallel market. With the figures in hand, you just need to turn on the light bulb to project the umpteenth twist of Ola company and be part of this peculiar ecosystem of clones.

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