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Deploy QR Code Technology In Your Business

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A QR (quick response) code is a variation of the barcode, based on three squares, and allows the public to automatically access a specific website through a smartphone or tablet. To read a QR code, you just have to focus on it with your mobile camera and that's it.

This interesting tool is considered a bridge between the offline and online world. QR codes offer infinite possibilities, which is why they have become protagonists in mobile marketing strategies and campaigns for both large companies and SMEs.

A QR code can be the key to success to take off in a business, increase sales, promote a website, build customer loyalty or whatever the objective is. Without a doubt, these codes are a simple tool that can make a big difference in your results.

QR Code And Convenience For The Public

You can take advantage of the QR code to provide information about your offers, discount coupons, downloads and other elements of your marketing campaign. This code has the advantage that it will position itself in the minds of consumers as a leading-edge organization and will attract the interest of all those who love technology.

Good Coverage

The QR code has the facility to be located on almost any solid surface and anywhere, it can be on panels, magazines, newspapers, stickers and others. All of this facilitates public access to the information you want to provide.


The possibility of storing and organizing information about your consumers is one of the main advantages of the QR code, since it allows you to know in which places the code was scanned, at what time and about which product the public was interested. In this way, you can better design your digital marketing strategy and create databases with a series of profiles of your specific audience.

Marketing Campaign With QR Code

For a mobile phone to read a QR code, you need to download an application known as a QR reader. There is a great variety of these applications and the internet and most are free. That is why it is said that marketing campaigns, based on the QR code, are inexpensive. Hyperlink InfoSystem as an excellent mobile app development agency can assist you with the development of a QR reader app.

It is important that when generating a QR code there is already a website where customers can be redirected. The website must be responsive, that is, it can adapt to cell phones, tablets or laptops.

If you do not have enough knowledge, consult an expert on its design and programming. Do not forget to measure the results of your campaign and check if they fit your objectives.

Ask Yourself If The QR Code Help You:

Increase in sales of your product or service.
Generate more traffic to your website.
Gain more followers on social media.
When you finish your campaign, be sure to remove all the materials that contain the QR code. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than scanning a code and finding out that the offer has already ended.

What Are The Advantages of Using QR Codes In a Marketing Campaign?

The use of these codes in marketing campaigns has many advantages that we should not ignore when developing any action:

Innovation: Anyone with a Smartphone can use them because they are free both when generating and reading them.

Synthesis capacity: QR codes have a large amount of information (up to 4,296 characters) in each one, so they facilitate communication in a dynamic way and according to new forms of communication.

Versatility: QR codes can be modified. This means that information can be removed or added at any time.

Great coverage: QR codes can be used on almost any medium: buses, canopies, screens, cards, paper and everything we can think of.

Measurement: The results offered by these codes are immediately one hundred percent measurable, so it is possible to take action if necessary. This allows you to optimize the campaign that is running at any time to obtain the best results.

Basic Tips To Use These Codes Successfully

Although they are very easy to generate and also to use, there are some basic guidelines for their use that are very useful and that help guarantee success:

Internet access: Keep in mind that you need access to WiFi or a good data connection. The campaign will not work in a site without coverage.

Instructions: Not everyone will know how to use them. The codes must be made easier to read by indicating, for example, how to download a free application.

Added value: Offering something interesting and providing something of value to the user is essential. Keep in mind that the reading process involves “an effort” for the potential client, so it is important that we contribute something interesting.

Accessibility: The QR code must have a good position, be accessible and have a good size so that it stands out.

Analysis: Always measure the results to know if your campaign has met objectives or not.

If you need a QR reader app for your establishment, you should contact a top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem. The average cost of a QR reader app is between $4000 to $9000.

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