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When choosing an Internet plan for your home, it is important to know what Internet speed you will need for all your online activities. If you spend time watching high-definition videos, playing online games or sharing your Internet connection between several devices simultaneously, you will surely need a plan with enough speed for all your activities. 

When you post photos to Facebook or Instagram, you are uploading. If you feel like your current plan is too slow, an internet speed test can help you determine what speeds you need to upgrade to and help you decide on a new internet plan. A top mobile app development company like Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with the development of a speedtest app to measure how fast your internet speed is. The cost of such app is around $6000.

What Are Mbps?

Internet connection speed is measured in Megabits per second, most often presented as Mbps. This number corresponds to the amount of data transmitted per second. Home Internet plans average 20-250Mbps of download speeds, and higher-end plans (like fiber) go up to 1,000Mbps, or 1 gigabit per second (Gbps). 

It is important to carry out a Speedtest and make sure you are receiving the amount of Mbps agreed with your provider.

The download speed is an indicator of the time it takes to transfer data from the Internet to your computer. When you visit a web page, you are basically downloading it. This is the speed that usually appears in the advertising of your company. The bigger the number the better. 

Upload speed determines how well data is transferred from your computer to the Internet. When you post photos on Facebook or Instagram, or when you send emails or files in general, you are uploading content. If you feel like your current plan is too slow, a speed test can help you determine your current upload speed and help you determine if you will need a new internet plan.

A Speedtest measures not only the download and upload speed of your internet service but also the latency. Latency measures the immediacy of the connection, that is, the time it takes for our connection to communicate with the IP network. The lower the latency the better.

Factors That Affect Internet Speed

There are numerous variables that determine the speed of the internet.

The main one is the type of connection. There are five types of Internet connection: DSL, cable, satellite, mobile, and fiber where each one has its own particular speed limit. Fiber is the fastest of all, while DSL and satellite are usually the slowest.

Another relevant factor in your Internet speed is bandwidth, which can generally be seen as the capacity for performance available on your connection. If multiple people use a connection simultaneously, bandwidth will crash and speeds will drop.

On the other hand, if you are the only one on the network, you will have no problem reaching the highest speed of your plan - unless, of course, you are on a satellite internet plan and there is a weather problem in the area. Since a satellite signal is emitted directly from the sky, the weather can impact and slow you down. Similarly, if you are using mobile internet, and the network is particularly saturated, your speeds could also decrease.

Different factors can affect internet speed. That's where running a quick speed test can come in handy, as it allows you to get an instant data on your current speeds. Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you in that regard with our excellent mobile app to test your internet speed.

For a More Effective Speedtest

Running a speed test on your internet connection can help you determine if your current plan is ideal for your everyday needs. If you've noticed lag in your internet connection or if your videos seem to always be buffered, it might be time to switch to a faster plan.

Please note that the speed tests are only rough estimates. They involve downloading sample files and don't exactly mimic real-life data transfer and web browsing.

Also, a large number of factors can affect the speed of your Internet connection from one moment to the next. There are a number of things you can do to help get a more accurate speed reading when using our internet speed test.

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