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Spotify is a music streaming service; this means music through the internet without downloading. Among its main features is to provide a repository of music so that we can enjoy them anywhere we are via the internet. 

Spotify, Music Anywhere

Registration within the platform is quick and easy, we just have to go to its main page. There, we will find the registration page, we enter our personal data, email and password, click on accept and that's it, our account will be active.
In Spotify, we can create a free or paid account. However, this is at the discretion of each user and their demands since we can have access to a wide variety of artists and listen to their music legally with the free account.

Listen To Music Online

If you are a Windows, Mac or Linux user, the idea of Spotify is that once registered, you can download its player to listen to the songs from your PC. For this, go to the download area and download the installer for your operating system.
Spotify tries to bring together a large number of artists so that they are within reach of one click. We can access the music in the repository from our web browser. For this, we enter the online player and choose the artist of our preference.

In the left sidebar, there are all the controls that we will need to perform searches, create playlists, radio, etc.

Creating Lists

On this platform, we can create our favorite music lists to make work easier. To create a playlist, we just go to the left sidebar and click on Playlist, a new window will open to add the name of the list, for this, we click on New Playlist, place the name and click on Create Playlist.

Spotify on Mobile

You can play our music from your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. For this, you must download the application from the application store and you can log in with your account. All the music will be available on your device.
One of the advantages of Spotify is the ability to share music on Facebook. You can add your Facebook profile and publish the music you listen to in account settings.

Good Service And Excellent Quality In Music

For a monthly payment, or completely free of charge, you have an immense musical catalog at your fingertips. You can also take it wherever you want and continue listening to it with great sound quality.

It is not by chance that many users have made Spotify their favorite music app. If you are passionate about music, you will like it.

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world right now, with more than 90 million free subscribers and 70 million premium subscribers. The Swedish giant is looking for a way to continue growing, and with these updates, free account users get more benefits than ever before without paying a penny.

Podcast Potential

In recent months, Spotify has turned not only to songs but also to podcasts, a strategy that has increased audience loyalty to the platform and attract more premium users.

Specifically, Spotify explains that they have seen an exponential growth in the hours of podcast transmitted (39% more than the previous quarter) although it was from a small base. And is that podcast adoption has reached almost 14% of total users.

According to the markets, the US is the country that brings together most of the podcast transmissions, but the proportion of listeners is higher and growing faster in several European countries. 

The real key factor in podcast loyalty, however, is that increased engagement with Spotify translates into higher conversion from ad to premium modes. "Some of the increases are extraordinary, almost too good to be true," says the company.

Advantages For The Music Sector

It is undeniable that streaming platforms have solved a great problem that had been causing the music industry to be on its own for years with illegal downloads or the sale of copies made from a home computer. It is perhaps the greatest advantage that we can highlight among all.

But we can also highlight the visibility of emerging artists, the data information we obtain for subsequent analysis and study of marketing strategies, the speed of launching a single or album globally, the reduction in prices in the distribution chain. The possibility of creating synergies and discovering new local or international musicians with whom to work. The possibility of placing a single in playlists with millions of monthly listeners, which was something unthinkable in radio stations previously where only a few signed by major labels accessed.

There are really many advantages if you know how to handle this technology well and take advantage of all the data and exposure that these platforms can give you globally. All this with a good release planning and subsequent analysis of what is happening in your artist profile and the interaction of listeners with your music on the different platforms. Hyperlink InfoSytem can help you with an excellent music streaming app such as Spotify and SoundCloud. The cost of such app ranges from $5000 to $10000. 

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