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The World’s Largest Travel Platform

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Tripadvisor is the largest community of travelers in the world. So, if you have a hospitality business, it is necessary to locate it on this platform. It is a tool that most service users use to find out about the facilities, products and opinions of other customers who have previously visited a specific establishment. It is one of the most important in the world due to the number of monthly visits (more than 50 million), which makes it an effective tool to take advantage of your business.


  • It allows to keep any international traveler informed of the place where they are, either through the web or the platform application.
  • It has a huge database.
  • You can see photographs of both the visitors and the owners of the establishment.
  • It offers the most important data about a specific place, including the opinions of other visitors.
  • It has a search engine for hotels, flights and trips, which allows users to book all their vacations from the same page.
  • You can see the best recommendations of the place you are visiting.
  • It is interesting for users and, therefore, it is also interesting for your business

Register on Tripadvisor

Registering as a property owner on Tripadvisor is very easy and can be done for free. You can request a profile through a representative of your business or create one when a user of the platform writes an opinion about your establishment.

To begin, the first thing to do is check if a traveler has already added your business. If so, request your profile by clicking on the name to confirm your link with the establishment. If not, click on the link "Advertise today" and you can create a profile. You will be asked for a series of information to confirm your relationship with the establishment such as the name, email and name of the business. The more details you give, the more accurate the profile will be, so incorporating a description, a photo and other interesting information will be very beneficial for your store. Keep in mind that this platform asks you for a series of requirements that must be met, so it is necessary to check if your business meets them before creating the profile. From there, you can already benefit from the free tools offered by Tripadvisor.

Free Tools

Once the profile is created, you can now access the "Management Center" where you can enjoy very interesting tools for your business:

Manage Your Profile

It allows you to add photos, update data and perform some other administrative tasks.

Opinion Management

Through the "Opinions" section, you will find all the necessary tools to manage, control and respond to the opinions that users write about your business. In addition, you can use Express Review to send emails to your customers to encourage them to make a comment on your Tripadvisor profile. 

Management Responses

Another possibility that you have on this free platform is to respond to user opinions. You should always respond with great care and respect. It is one of the most important aspects for the hospitality business, as it manages to give a positive image to your business.

Record Your Achievements

If you receive good reviews and get a certificate from Tripadvisor, the platform allows you to leave your achievements on your profile. With the widgets, you can show your awards and opinions on your website.

Integrate Your Page With Facebook

Your followers can see the essentials of your Tripadvisor page and write opinions without having to leave Facebook.

Online Marketing For Hotels

Through Tripadvisor Insights, you can access different information in various formats such as seminars, videos, guides and much more. It is presented as a content portal that helps to learn more about the tourism sector.

Promotional Tools

Tripadvisor offers elements to get the attention of users and increase opinions to obtain more benefits:

         1. Stickers: There are 3 types: recommended, hourly and free wi-fi. All of them bear the Tripadvisor logo.

         2. "Write an opinion" cards: They are cards so that you can give them to your clients and thus remind them that they can write an opinion on their Tripadvisor profile

Payment Tools

Once all the free possibilities that Tripadvisor offers you for your business have been squeezed, you have the option of investing in payment tools. They are very interesting for your business, but we recommend not spending money until your website is well positioned, and your business has a certain popularity:

Instant Booking

Customers can make their reservations directly from your Tripadvisor profile. The price will depend on the reservations made from the page, since it follows the Cost per Click and per commission model once registered.

Profile Plus

It is a tool designed for accommodation. It helps you stand out your business and generate more direct bookings. You can highlight the news of your business or events in your area to attract the attention of users. Your special offers will attract travelers and take them to your property page. Thanks to their contact links, they will be able to search on Tripadvisor or book directly on your website, by phone or by email. You can also access exclusive information about travelers, competitors and the market. The price depends on the number of rooms and the location of your business. 

Promotional Tools

1. Promotional magnets: Another way to remind your customers to make a review of your store is with the magnets and stamps that the platform offers you. 
2. Business card: There are "for brands", "find us", "write an opinion" or "magnetic". They are cards to give to customers, but, unlike the free ones, these are personalized. Its price varies depending on the model.
3. Stamps, stickers, inserts and envelopes: It is another way of reminding the customer to write an opinion in a more original way.
4. Tarps, stationery, clothing and much more: All with the aim of attracting the attention of customers.

As we can see, it is a very effective platform when it comes to giving visibility to your business. To start this adventure, the free tools are very interesting. If your store has a large volume of customers and is very well positioned, you can choose the paid ones.

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