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Ridesharing works on a very simple principle: Using a smartphone app, you call a service to schedule a point-to-point ride with a private vehicle. This only saves you time and money. But when combined with the carpool option by scheduling other passengers in the car on the same trip, each person pays less. More importantly, fewer vehicles are needed to move more people.

It is this reduction in the number of cars required that creates the impetus behind the concept of carpooling and is also what leads to a number of beneficial environmental consequences.

What Is Your Market Niche?

Is it a taxi business or an On-Demand platform designed for another vertical? When you're trying to find a solution to help your existing transport business with an experience like Uber, there are many companies that offer white label solutions.

When you start expanding into ground transportation or home or beauty or delivery services, things start to get complicated and it's hard to find an approach based in script that works.

The bottom line is that there are certain modules - matching, scheduling, tracking, paying, reviews, notifications, and registration that form the backbone of any of these platforms. Thus, we have created backend code blocks or a structured MBaaS-based architecture to take care of most of the use cases that can be launched by an On-Demand Business Model.

Remember that as your niche is an expensive or low one, the Marketing expenses that you will make for your app will depend in the future.

Uber-like Platform Modules

Uber is not only an app but also a platform. It offers an app for its drivers and also have a central administration dashboard. Therefore, the platform in general operates under the integration of different modules such as: Tracking, Payments, Review, Analytics, etc.

Tips For Your Uber-like Project

Undertaking is a complicated task, but undertaking technology issues can be a real challenge. It is very different to open a store on the corner of a block compared to opening an online store to sell women's clothing.

Learn a Bit of Technology

When we talk about an Uber-like app, it helps to keep in mind the general evolutionary framework associated with all beginnings. It can be said that all those apps and business programs similar or not to Uber must go through different stages. On-demand platforms are an integration of different programs (lines of code) that work with each other to deliver a unique result.

Know The Business Life Circle

The next question could be: are we investigating to give you a way to validate a business model that is doing less than 1000 transactions a day or are we talking about a system that has been developing growth in multiple global geographies; this built on a logistics framework well optimized in its process?

The areas of focus during the different stages of the evolution of this important system are different. The first test or obstacle, would consist of keeping a functional product on the market, so that it looks for the way of a greater interaction of the nucleus.

Once the MVP is launched, it is often a race to achieve product-market fit that in itself could span multiple races. Once the product-market fit is achieved.

The next hurdle is achieving unit economics (Consumer Acquisition Cost or Lifetime Value) while constantly improving the data in the cohorts. This phase usually involves a lot of focus on building analytical capabilities.

Features of Uber

If your business model is the same or you want to overcome the current user experience provided by said platform, it may involve the following:

  • The creation of interfaces for both web and mobile.
  • Native applications (which are the recommended standard) which leads to parallel developments, both for iOS and Android.
  • Administration panel that translates to a CRM and dashboard is required to manage some of the system functions.
  • Geolocation: region from which your development team operates or designs the product.
  • Registration: to use the application, passengers can register directly from the mobile application.
  • Notice of Biosafety measures and protocols.
  • Live monitoring: when requesting the taxi service, the passenger can update the location of the vehicle in real time with the app, from the start of the service, its arrival, the beginning and the end of the trip.
  • Add payment: to make the payment, passengers can add cards, cash or another form of payment, for example bitcoin.

The cost of an app similar to Uber ranges from $8000 to $15000. At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we will be happy to meet your project and send you a proposal that you will not be able to resist. We would like to become your technological partner, if what you are looking for is the technical team that your company or venture needs, we are the ideal. 

We specialize in the development of mobile applications and robust digital products, oriented to your business model, therefore the income of your business or venture can double as a result of the implementation of new technologies.

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