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These types of applications are considered robust even above apps such as Uber, WhatsApp, among others. This is because the project is made up of 4 different profiles which have continuous communication throughout the order process:

Customer (who requests the order)
Delivery man
Panel for establishment / trade
Central administrative panel (for the company/app owner)

It is very important that you clearly communicate about the operation you want to implement in your app when requesting a quote. 

Developing App Like Ubereats

Ubereats is a native app developed for iOS and Android operating systems. Additionally, it has web administration panels, both for the business that advertises its products and for the platform's “super-administrator”. Here are some of the features of apps like Ubereats:

Code Validation

This module has different functions: It can be used to avoid the creation of automated accounts by bots. To carry out SMS marketing campaigns and to associate your contact list and invite them to use the app.

Smart Filter

Internal search engine improves the user experience. Search tags are used to facilitate the selection process. It produces great usability since it saves the user a tap when navigating between products. That is, search terms are grouped to show matching results without adding a filter by food type.


A somewhat redundant but necessary option, it allows you to “mark” dishes and shops as favorites. It is considered redundant since the same information can be obtained from the order history within the profile or included in the purchase receipt.

Payment Gateway

Ubereats offers 4 payment methods: wallet, cash, card and PayPal. Remember that the development process of an app is different from that of a website. There are modules with which you can accept payments via PayPal just by adding a widget in the latter. It is different with a mobile application. To add PayPal to your app, it is necessary to meet certain requirements.


This is a comfortable function for the user but which can easily be dispensed with in the early development phase. This function that activates the camera to read the card and use it as the main payment method.


We find a lot of well distributed (good UX implementation) information on this screen. In addition, they include an m-commerce system (shopping cart) to add more than one product within the same order. Finally, and as a nod to their businesses, they add a button to their social networks offering them a new promotional channel.


Once the store delivers the order to the dealer, you are notified of the approximate arrival time as well as the markers on your screen are enabled. The route of the dealer is NOT shown in real time, it is deferred between 10 and 15 seconds. Ubereats shows you the route and the vehicle heading towards you (in real time).

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These are not the only functions that make up the platform since we focus on the application in its client version. Now that we know the functions, modules and strategies used in the development of app such as Ubereats, we can say that an app like Ubereats costs between $10000 and $18000. Contact a top mobile app development agency such as Hyperlink InfoSystem today.

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