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The Viber app connects people. Its messaging and calling service developed on a secure environment that protects conversations. This makes Viber an essential app. It allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones and make use of the special features that make Viber a notable instant messaging application.

If you are looking for an alternative instant messaging application, you are in luck. If you have already tried WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, or Line and you want to give your Snapchat account a break, Viber is the solution for you. It is an application that can be of great help to you at the time to exchange messages and content in real time with your loved ones or co-workers. Even though many use Facebook Messenger and the aforementioned WhatsApp, Viber also has a large group of followers worldwide. A top mobile app development agency can help you develop an app similar to Viber.

With Viber, you can send and receive messages in real time, accompanied by photos, videos, stickers and GIF images in high definition. We live in the age of images and they even serve us to express what we could say in words. 

If you regret what you've sent, you can quickly delete it before the recipient of your messages reads it. Viber app also has two peculiarities: you can record voice messages and videos in high definition and you can switch from an audio call to a video call quickly and easily. Chat extensions also stand out in this application. With this special feature, you can quickly share videos, music and content without leaving the conversation. 

Viber Social Network

But perhaps the most surprising thing about Viber is that you can establish your own social network. This app allows you to create communities where unlimited members participate and share information through a massive conversation. To be part of a community, you simply have to invite your contacts through a link. With this link, new members will be able to join the conversation and view history, but only admins will be able to decide who can post to the chat.

You can add as many administrators as you want, but only you will have the role of super administrator , that is, you will have definitive control of everything that happens in your own social network and you will be able to remove those who do not comply with the rules of your community.

Viber Is The Safest Messaging App 

Security is the mainstay for Viber app. Therefore, they care about offering you the best possible protection for your data, so that privacy is not something you should worry about. Thanks to this encryption of all the data that passes through the application, Viber cannot access, read or share them either. All the information you transmit will have the highest security available. 

Downloading this app is very easy and for this you have several options: use Google Play or Apple Store for your mobile device, or download the desktop version for Windows or Mac. The desktop version can also be synchronized with your mobile phone so that you can enjoy your Viber account on your computer. This multi-platform feature also allows you to transfer calls from your smartphone to your computer.

Essential Features of Viber

Viber is an app specially designed for mobile devices with which you can send text messages and make phone calls to any other user of it, all for free and with international reach. It works with Wi-Fi or 3G technology and more advanced networks. It also allows you to call any phone number, even if you are not a user of the app.

Viber works with the vast majority of devices: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, to name the main ones. As if that weren't enough, Viber is also available for Mac and Windows.

To use Viber, you only need to use your phone number and that of the user receiving the messages or calls. You just have to download the application and then you will receive a message with an access code to confirm that you are the owner of the indicated number. Thus, Viber gives you a user identification and you can immediately start enjoying its benefits for free. 

The operation of Viber is really simple. In addition to not including annoying advertising banners as it happens in many other applications, the quality of its calls is high and its service is very efficient.

It is possible to send multimedia files such as audio notes, photos, videos or also your current location. Among its advantages is the possibility of forming groups of up to 100 participants and its availability in 30 languages.

You can also enjoy its free news service.: Viber Wink is the Viber extension for communication between people and has functionalities that is very similar to the popular Snapchat. Thus, among its main features is being able to take pictures and short videos of up to 10 seconds in length and share them with other people.

It is a perfect solution for travelling. Since you will not pay for those moments when you communicate with your friends, if you have a good data plan or are using Wi-Fi, then you will be able to keep in touch with your family and friends without any problem.

Choosing or contacting Hyperlink InfoSystem to develop an app like Viber is a good option. It is a good alternative to other applications. It has some functions that differentiate it from the rest and we will integrate these features during the development of your app. An app similar to Viber costs around $7000.

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