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Those who ask what Byte (formerly Vine) is immediately ask the price to pay for enjoying its services. The answer is simple: nothing. It can only be used on smartphones. The app can be downloaded from its official website or from traditional application stores.

Once downloaded, you have to open an account and configure the user profile. You can then start browsing through the different categories or start creating your own videos. It is advisable to record a clip within the application itself to share content with other users. To do this, simply press the circle at the bottom of the screen.

Another option is to upload items from a custom gallery for private use. For this, you have to press the icon (+), go to the gallery and choose the video you want to upload. Always keep in mind that if you want to share a clip, it can never exceed 6 seconds. You will have to go through an editor before you can post it on this social network in this situation.

The similarities with TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat in operation are obvious. But the coincidences don't end here. Byte also does not show the number of followers that follow a profile. The information is limited to the user, who can see this data in the "View my Stats" category.

In recent years, the constant appearance of advertising during the playback of videos on YouTube has become normal. Users have had no choice but to accept it, although it is also true that many opted for ad blockers. Byte, despite coming up with fresh ideas regarding monetization, will also allow advertising. Although you will not be able to publish ads at the beginning of the videos or when you go to the next clip.

Another factor that has generated controversy in the sector is that it will not be possible to retarget on this video platform.  During their experience, users will not be shown purchase suggestions for things they have previously searched for.Byte wants the consumer to be comfortable using the platform and that their enjoyment is not interrupted by inopportune elements. The elimination of retargeting is an asset that tips the balance in Byte's favor. In this case, Facebook and YouTube could lose creators or users who make quick use of social networks.

Utilize The Features of Byte To The Maximum

The closure of Vine left many creators in a no-man's-land and without really knowing where to go. Many of them turned to YouTube in search of the income they were not making on Vine. Now, Byte is looking for them to return "home" with a new system.

To really know what Byte is, you have to understand that it wants to get away from the usual advertising and marketing. It has launched a pilot plan to monetize content from select creators. This partner program is similar to the one used by YouTube with the famous youtubers.  The great objective is that 100% of the income obtained by advertising is distributed among the selected creators. 

You will have to be previously invited by the platform to enter into this select club. To do this, you can fill out a form to make Byte see that your presence can be beneficial for both of you. Each group will consist of 120 people and payments will be made every 30 days. The amount will vary depending on the users who have seen each video. The amount will also change based on the audience each member of the program has.

Tips To Make Your Brand Stand Out in Byte

The platform is new, but few companies are still wondering what Byte is. The best way to stand out from the competition is to grow your audience early with fresh and original content. Here are some ideas that can help you in your strategies.

Create a Quick Tutorial

If your company is dedicated to restaurant or crafts, a mini tutorial will help you connect with the community. The key is to display your product in a smart and eye-catching way.

Take Advantage of Special Celebrations

Feel free to include Byte in your social media posting calendar. This is a platform that rewards immediate content, so take advantage of special days to make videos.

Share Unique And Differential Content

Byte is not another platform where you can post what you put on all your social networks. Many companies do it without understanding what Byte is yet. TikTok and Youtube users use this social platform to be surprised with new things. Creativity is the main axis of this tool, so save yourself the recycled content.

Get Involved To Increase Your Community

Be active on this network. That means that you have to like, rebyte and share the videos of other users. You can't search by hashtag yet, so dive through categories to find potential followers. Respond and follow users who comment on your videos and look for new creators to interact with.

Use Your Ingenuity To Attract Attention

Like Vine, Byte is the perfect place to work with funny videos capable of making a smile. The short format is ideal for humorous content. It is also the perfect place to test concepts, ideas and new campaigns. It hardly takes an hour to know if you are on the right track, or need to change your strategy.

Bet on Ideas Compatible With Memes

Nike has pioneered high-impact campaigns on Byte. This ran for a week with its own featured category on the Explore tab in the app. With a simple editing trick, the 6 seconds went from barrier to incentive. The Byte community accepted the challenge of the multinational and also began to create their videos based on that idea.

You already know what Byte is, now is the time to start thinking about how to integrate this tool into your marketing strategy. Despite being a newcomer to the market social network, its potential makes it an ally to consider. The short length of their videos is a challenge if you want to run a campaign based on this format. Our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in the development of an excellent app such as Byte. The cost of an app with similar features ranges from $5000 to $12000.

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