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Yelp is a tool created to make life easier for people by providing them with a platform with which to find the best businesses in their neighborhood or city. In this way, Yelp also supports local and proximity commerce.

With the mobile application, you can find the best businesses in your locality in real time thanks to geolocation technology, while you can obtain valuable information about businesses thanks to comments, tips or photos that other users have previously left.

What Makes Yelp Different From Other Geolocation Platforms?

The feature that differentiates Yelp is the Community, which is also the most precious asset. The Yelp Community is made up of people like you or me who like to discover cool places in their city, meet other Yelp members, and enjoy supporting local business. That is why Yelp is not only in a virtual world, but Yelp are also the people who interact and have good times "on the street." 

What Types of Businesses Is Yelp For?

For any business that offers a product or service to the end consumer, be it a hairdresser, a restaurant, a clothing store or a car repair shop.

People recommend businesses through Yelp (which is like amplified “word of mouth”), so if a business is doing things right, users will make positive contributions and other users will surely be encouraged to try.

In addition, Yelp has a free business account through which you can claim your business pages and get a practical promotional tool (check-in offers), get a close relationship with your customers (reply to reviews), and obtain information and statistics about the movements on your business page.

Find Businesses Near You

Find businesses of all kinds in your city and rate the quality of their services. Yelp is a social network that allows you to search for all kinds of establishments and share your experiences with the community. With Yelp, you will never be disappointed when visiting any type of business. Restaurants and snacks bars, beauty salons, veterinary clinics, rehabilitation centers and many more. You will find all kinds of establishments valued by the user community in this social network.

Create and Complete Your Profile

Create your Yelp profile, invite your friends, and follow other reviewers to discover deals and start sharing your experiences.

Create an Account

To create a Yelp account, click the Sign-up button in the upper right corner of the screen. You have the possibility to speed up the process by clicking on the option Register with my Facebook account and accepting the permissions to link the profiles. If you prefer, you can create an account from scratch by entering your name, surname, email and password in the respective fields of the registration form. 

Invite Your Friends And Follow Other Critics

You can share what you post on Yelp with your friends, as well as follow their activity on the social network. To invite your contacts, go to Find Friends. You have different ways to find them: in your e-mail contacts of different mail services, such as Gmail, Yahoo! or Outlook, on Facebook, or by sending email invitations using the Invite my friends option.  

Yelp Friends

In addition, you can also access the profile of any user to see their rating, activity and statistics. You can add him by clicking Add as a friend, follow whoever you find interesting to be aware of the comments he publishes or compliment him, for example, for his way of writing.

Move on Yelp

Take advantage of Yelp features: search for establishments that interest you, post your reviews and check-in at the businesses you visit through the mobile app.

Search For Businesses of Interest

Do you want to go out to dinner and you don't know where to go? Looking for a good dentist? Or maybe you need a workshop to repair the car? In Yelp, you will find all kinds of businesses with all the necessary information, as well as the comments of community users, to discover businesses and guide you when deciding.

To get started, enter what you would like to locate in the search field, select the location in the second drop-down, and click the Search button. You have countless filters to refine your search to the maximum (distance, characteristics, categories) and you have the possibility to organize the results by relevance, rating or number of comments.

In the results list, you can see an image of the business, the star rating, the price, the category, the address and comments. In addition, you also have the option of using the map on the right to navigate through the area of ​​the city you prefer and see the establishments that fit your search criteria. 

Post Your Reviews

After you've visited a business, you can leave reviews on Yelp to share your experiences with the community and help other users who intend to visit the establishment. To post a comment, go to the business detail tab and click on the Write comment option.

Next, you will have to enter your star rating and then write your comment in the text field. In addition, you have the possibility of evaluating other aspects of the establishment, such as service, attention, location and other characteristics.

Yelp on Your Mobile

The Yelp mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is especially useful, since it allows you to explore the businesses close to you and offers you additional functions to the web version.

In the Environment section you can take a look at the businesses near you, and in Search, you have the option to search by proximity or by keywords for businesses in the categories that interest you.

In addition, you have the possibility to check-in at the business you visit, as well as add them to favorites, and accounts with quick functions to check-in, post a comment or share photos or videos. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you in the development of an excellent app such as Yelp. Such app costs around $5000 to $12000.

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