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Features of YouTube That You Should Know

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The spectacular YouTube platform is an ideal massive website for sharing videos. These videos can also be incorporated and shared on other websites. YouTube was created by former PayPal workers in 2005 and was sold to Google in 2006. Since then, this virtual platform has had a great impact on the advertising media. These and other peculiarities are what has given power to this website. You can also develop a video sharing app similar to YouTube. Our app developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with that. The development of an app similar to YouTube costs around $12000.

Features of YouTube

Second Most Popular Social Network In The World

Most of the videos found on YouTube are made by fans of the network, but certain professional producers also use the platform to communicate their work. Usually, all types and varieties of videos are published on the website without any inconvenience. For example, you will find tutorial videos on beauty, cooking, sports summary, musicals, movies, favorite novels and many more. Videos that are created under copyright law still make their way to YouTube, although this can cause certain problems for companies that generate content for mainstream media, such as television.

It is important to emphasize that you manage to share and vote quickly and accurately on YouTube. Many people have achieved success through this platform. Therefore, any individual can benefit from the videos posted on YouTube. But the ideal is to know how to implement an advertising revenue organization program.

When users chat about the most notorious social sharing websites today, YouTube is frequently left out of the dialogue as there are other social sites trying to overcome this ideal platform. If you want your project to grow quickly, don't be fooled by other social networks, YouTube has many possibilities. However, Facebook manages to be the most popular social networking site, but YouTube has the second position worldwide. This is the platform with the greatest reach after Facebook. It is also the second search engine in Google.

There are a ton of cool features that you get to do with this virtual platform, as using YouTube to watch videos and get your own VR setup is ideal. It also offers you special options such as creating real time links, this creates an increase in virtual viewers.

Convert Any YouTube Video Into a GIF

Nowadays GIFs are becoming very popular. You must take into account some tips to obtain an ideal GIF. To establish a GIF through a YouTube video, you must select the video and observe the part you want to incorporate, then you must look for the URL located at the top of your browser. Next you must add the word GIF before the domain name. This makes the selected video become a GIF, once this step is completed you only have to load it to be able to obtain the menu located in the lower left part of the video, there you will be able to edit the desired section, you can also set the duration of the GIF, cut its frame, add captions and much more.

When you complete these steps, you must click on the option to create GIF located in the upper right, once this step is completed, the platform will automatically ask you for the title that the GIF will carry, you can also add the desired tags. Please note that it only manages to download GIF file in offline log file.

You Can Create a Link That Starts a YouTube Video

Many users feel the need to send a desired video to someone to increase their traffic, but it may seem somewhat complicated. You can easily send that video to the desired users through links. This technique used helps to raise an endless number of followers, thus making your video spread quickly.

Instead of sending your users a general YouTube link and showing what you broadcast, the ideal is to send them a specific real-time link, where the video manages to start at the time that the editor chooses.

To establish a link that shows a video at a time determined by the editor, you just have to open the video and click on the share option located on the far right of the title. This option allows you to pause the video at the specified time. You will see a tag that will be added to the end of each generic YouTube link. To finish the process, you just have to copy the link and paste it where you want. It is important to emphasize that you cannot incorporate a video into another with the same link established above.

You Can Easily View The Subtitles of The Videos

YouTube automatically manages a play subtitles for each video shared on its website. Users can access such subtitles. There are a succession of different scenarios where subtitles can be useful. For example, when you want to write a quote for the video, it is important to pause, write and replay so that your quote is published correctly. Or maybe you need to find a specific series from a video, but the user doesn't want to go through everything again to find it. With a subtitle, you can find the information you want easily and efficiently. You just have to open the video on YouTube and click on the tab below the title and choose the subtitle option from the drop-down menu.

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