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The Development of An Excellent Food Delivery App

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Who among us has not ordered food delivery? Doing it and getting to where we are is one of the most wonderful things that could have happened to us. In this way, we save ourselves the cumbersome process of going to the place of sale, waiting to be served and later, returning home hungry and with a cold meal.

Zomato is an application dedicated to the search for restaurants, which offers tools for the user to choose which dish they want and to be able to see what each place offers in the region where they are, also with photos, prices, comments from other users and ratings of said establishments.

What to Know About a Good Food Delivery App

If your business does not yet have online orders, it is time for you to include it. Much has been said that online ordering is here to stay. It is an unstoppable trend that you have to be a part of. While it is true that each restaurant, bar or cafeteria is unique and has its own needs, it is also true to understand that the market sets the standard and you have to adapt to the needs of customers if you want to ensure the survival of the business.

According to the NRA (National Restaurant Association), three out of five US consumers order takeout at least once a week. On the other hand, a study carried out by CHD Expert concluded that the actions that restaurant consumers will take the most will be:
89% of Internet users research a restaurant online before ordering their food.
Take-out orders with direct delivery to the office and home will increase by 20%.
More digital purchases of products will be made with home delivery.

What this data mean for restaurants is that there is a great opportunity to grow if you have a good web presence, good page navigation, excellent mobile app and efficient delivery service for those who place their orders online. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a top mobile app development agency with several years of experience in the development of top-ranking mobile app on both App Store and Play Store. We are well posed to help you in the development of a good food delivery app. Here are some of the benefits of offering online ordering.

Gives You Access To More Clients

Integrating with apps like UberEats, Glovo, Orders Now, and other services will put your restaurant in front of thousands of potential customers.

Even if your place is not well located, third-party integrations make it easy for locals to offer their menu to hungry customers who are looking for options by proximity to their geographic location.

If you integrate with third parties, you avoid hiring staff. The other advantage of integrating with applications that already offer delivery service is that you avoid hiring delivery personnel at home.

Delivery applications are associated with many delivery men who will show up at your restaurant to take the order where it belongs, while you continue with your work without worrying.

However, not everything is pink, since most applications charge a percentage of the order that can range from 20% to 35% of the cost, reducing your profits. If you decide to have your own online ordering system you can.

Get to Know Your Customers Better

Did you know that 60% of consumers have ordered food online in the last six months? It is not only about money, but also information.

Managing your own online ordering system will allow you to obtain information about the customer who is ordering: where he lives, what he ordered, what time to order and more.

It also ensures you provide the user experience that you have designed for him, since the person will navigate and order directly from your restaurant's website.

You will have the information you need to develop a loyalty program. If you organize the information of those customers who place their orders online well, you will have carte blanche to develop a great loyalty program.

There is a lot of competition these days. Retaining your customers is one of the most effective ways to maintain your cash flow. Having an online ordering system connected to a loyalty program means you can drive diner engagement and offer rewards or promotions to those who read your menu online.

You Can Enter Orders Online At Your Point of Sale

Most online ordering applications work with their own systems. If you promote yourself through different applications, you will have to communicate with each of these services separately.

The advantage of managing online orders directly is that you will work with the system that you already have installed for your business. For example, with Zomato you can enter orders online to the restaurant's management system.

Features of Zomato App

Today, Zomato delivers content on over 1.4 million active restaurants, thanks to a team that travels the streets daily and returns to each location at least every three months for updated information.

Users can comment on their experiences with the food, service and atmosphere of each place and rank the restaurants with a note on five points. They can also carry out geolocated searches for places to eat, according to the score given by other users, themes or occasions.

The platform provides all the information on menus, prices, forms of payment, schedules, existence of Wi-Fi, delivery, terrace, parking, among others.

Another of the characteristics behind the success of Zomato is that, it is not only an information platform, but a true social network that feeds on the comments of users about each location, their opinions, experiences and the interaction between them.

The platform allows you to leave and reply to comments, like them and upload photos. It is possible to check-in at the premises, and tag both places and users, in addition to sharing the actions on other social networks. Users can finally create their own foodie networks to find trusted recommendations.

Restaurants, for their part, have the option of requesting the administration of their pages for free, in order to interact with the comments and photos of users. All this, with the idea that food is a great experience.

You can also develop a similar app for your business and Hyperlink InfoSystem is readily available to assist you throughout the process. The cost of an app similar to Zomato is around $7000.

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