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An App for beauty salons is an indispensable tool. In addition to professionalizing your salon, it allows it to continue to be current in the market. Remember that those companies that are not at the forefront tend to disappear.

Hair salons and spas are sectors based on repeated activities. Services like haircuts, massages, pedicures and manicures are often considered necessary. This sector, with its many competitors, is extremely saturated. Nowadays, many beauty salons and hairdressers have started to offer their clients online booking and booking solutions that help them access availability, book their appointment and consult an expert to get help. By giving your customers access to a mobile application, you don't just show that you're "up to date", you provide them with exactly what they need. A dedicated mobile app for your business can help you get more customers, accelerate business development, and promote customer retention. For small businesses, a mobile app is the easiest way to connect with customers and open up new sales channels. A good app will need to have good features to effectively improve business. Developing an app like Glamsquad Beauty Salon might be what you need to take your business to the next level. Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you and make your dream come true with excellent salon app.

What Salon App Offers You:

Receive Reservations

Users can make reservations very easily after they download on install your app on their mobile devices. All they have to do is click on their preferred service, choose the day and time of their convenience and that's it. It certainly takes only a few seconds.

Send Appointment Reminders

Many salons waste a lot of time and money because of clients who never showed up for their appointments. You can send appointment reminders with your app so that the percentage of absences is reduced. With an effective reminder, they will never forget that they have booked an appointment at your beauty salon again. And if they must cancel for any reason, they will do so in advance so that you can fill that space with someone else.

Manage Collections

The entire system automatically updates the information of your charges on the application. Also, it is possible that you visualize the profits and expenses in real time. Our developers will include the necessary features that will ensure that your app is well tailored to your business’ needs.

Plan Strategies

Users must input their data to book appointments through your App, both at the time of installation and reservation. This information is very useful for your business. You create and implement loyalty strategies with all this data. For example, a promotion of a specific service or a new product.

Implement Methods To Increase Sales

Giving your client the possibility to redeem points will help you increase the opportunity to buy and book your services in the beauty salon. It is very attractive for clients to find this type of strategy and they will want to visit often with this method without a doubt. 

Why Have an App in Your Living Room?

Smartphones have changed the way people behave and interact. Hence, the importance of offering an app for the beauty salon allows your clients to communicate and book appointments much easier.

On the other hand, if you continue to have only the local phone of your clients, you will lose a large percentage of users who prefer to do everything from their mobile.

Although we know that demand has increased as more and more people are looking to look good and take care of their physical appearance, the offer has also been growing and that is where you must find a value that differentiates you from the competition. 

There are multiple tasks that you must do in your working day and there is nothing worse than serving your clients on the run or interrupting the service every time the phone rings because of customers’ call. Those you are answering and those who seek to book an appointment are users who deserve all the attention. Therefore, a mobile application is perfect. Those looking to book with you can do it in simple steps without waiting for you to have time and those who are with you receive all the dedication from you.

Also, the market increasingly requires you to include the technology that facilitates daily management in your business. Above all, the technology must cater for the needs of customers. Many people seek agility, accessibility and have little time to do what they like.

You must always keep this in mind if you want your beauty business to grow. With so many daily tasks, the minutes that are left to book beauty appointments are smaller and thinking that they should go to your salon or wait for someone to answer their messages or answer a phone already completely removes the possibility of taking some type of service. And this will even be worse if your competitors have a mobile app to manage their business operation. Hyperlink infoSystem can assist you with an excellent salon app at a great cost. Apps similar to Glamsquad beauty salon cost around $7,000.

Features That Beauty Salon App Will Include:

Venue Information

This tab must contain the information that refers to your beauty center and that transmits security to your clients such as: hours of operation, address of the place, and email.


Thanks to the link with Google Maps, the geolocation of your business must be visible to your customers. This allows the user to position themselves much better and understand their position with respect to the beauty salon.

List of Services

The last thing that could be missing in the application of your beauty center may be the list of services or products. In this way, the client can choose the one of their preference when booking through the App.

Real-time Reservations

The schedules and availabilities of the App must be synchronized in real time with the agenda of your business. This will help you avoid double appointment at a time.

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