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Benefits of Using a Car Wash

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A car is one of those properties that, like the home, represents the largest investments of your life. The care you provide to both while they belong to you will increase or decrease their value in case you need to put them up for sale one day.

Washing the car is a task that many consider simple but only few do it properly. Many times, taking the car to a car wash will be more profitable in the long run even if it involves a greater expense. 

Reasons To Go To The Car Wash

Washing your vehicle at home can easily require about 150 gallons of water, whereas a brushless or contactless car wash will use approximately 35 gallons of water in the process of washing your car.

The soaps and detergents used to wash the vehicle, along with the grime that comes out of it, can sink into the ground and contaminate the local groundwater supply. There are drains that prevent dirt from your car from damaging the ecological balance of bodies of water in car washes.

Brushless or contactless automatic washes use a high-pressure water jet to remove dirt from the surface before washing, and materials used to clean the vehicle surface are continuously rinsed to prevent sand build-up.
Weekly cleaning your car helps finish last longer because, dirt traps moisture against the finish of the vehicle and promotes rust.

Cleaning a car weekly in a brushless or non-contact auto wash environment can remove corrosive actions that can create dirt, salt, and contamination, which will help keep the car looking good and help maintain resale value, as has already been mentioned on several occasions.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Carwash

The high investment costs when starting a business and the need of people to minimize the time they waste waiting for their vehicle to leave a car wash have forced the creation of a new business model: on-demand car wash mobile app.

Often times, common carwash have a high demand for vehicles to attend to, which implies a greater or lesser waiting time for the user, coupled with the cost to pay for the service, whether in a tunnel wash or an automated car wash. For entrepreneurs, a carwash mobile app is also much more practical since it minimizes rental costs, paperwork and large machinery.

Develop Car Wash Mobile App

As a business model, a mobile carwash is an innovative proposal, thought about customers and with a high-quality service. This is a service that is offered at home or company to facilitate the transfer of the vehicle to a specific place and guarantee the cleanliness that the user wants for his car.

Being a more dedicated service, it is characterized by being more economical for the client based on their needs. They will pay more or less for extras such as: the application of foam baths, a simple or salon wash, application of polishes or some type of special polishing, washing of leather or cloth garments, Teflon in garments; decontamination, crystallization or porcelain coating of the bodywork, and of course, if the washing will be carried out on a car, truck or cargo truck.

At the same time, it has great advantages for the entrepreneur, because you can serve a large number of clients based on the time available, without having to pay rental costs or bills for services and you do not need a large team.
In fact, if you wish, you can have an assistant or a small group of people with whom you agree on a minimum salary, commissions, among other aspects according to the laws of each country.

Develop an On-demand Car Wash Application By Hyperlink InfoSystem

Make your services known on flyers and social networks. Mobile application and digital marketing are vital for others to know your work. But, in addition, you must agree with the client concerning the services you will perform.

Remember that you must attend to their needs and requirements and ensure the protection of their objects. With the application developed by our developers at Hyperlink InfoSystem, you can efficiently manage your car wash operation processes.

Good service and guaranteeing the care and respect of your belongings, will give you the necessary credibility, so that many people recognize your company through word of mouth and your online presence. A good exercise is that after you work, interact with your client and find out if he is satisfied with your work, if he wants any additional service or if he wants to make any kind of suggestion. As an entrepreneur, you should know what your clients want and guarantee their satisfaction.

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