How To Develop User Friendly Taxi App For Android And iOS

Develop An Excellent Taxi App

taxi app ios and android

Uber-like applications are in great demand around the world. Taking advantage of this market requirement and reaching out to high-end developers with experience can take your business to new heights. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a leading taxi app development agency and we can provide customizable solutions such as apps like Uber that are easy to use in no time.

Uber App Features

User Applications

With taxi app developed by Hyperlink InfoSystem, you would get a user app on Android and iOS depending on your package and need. The user can book a driver, pay online or in cash, send feedback to the driver, and view travel history. The development of an excellent taxi app costs around $5000.

Admin Panel

You are the boss of your company, and you should be able to see all the information and statistics that occur within an uber-like application. You will see all the driver details, track the drivers, assign the driver to a specific trip, set the commission to a driver, manage the rate of the trips and see all the reports.

Driver Applications

In apps like uber, you would get a driver app on Android and iOS depending on your package and need. A driver can accept or decline trips, send messages or call the customer, update trip status, add toll charges, wait time charges, wallet, and view earnings and trip history.

Web Page

We will develop a web page for users and drivers to see all the information about your company. They can register online, and can navigate the links of the mobile application from the website.

Creating an Uber Like App

Design Concept:

Choose an application design that suits your service and customize it according to your needs.


Launch the app on Android or iOS platforms and watch your income grow.

What We Offer in Our Taxi App


Android user app
Android Driver App
IOS user application
IOS Driver App

Backend Panel

Admin panel
Dispatcher panel
Fleet Managers Panel (agency)
Account manager panel

For Your Customers

User web panel
Drivers web panel

Develop An Excellent Taxi App That is Highly Suited To Your Business:

Available for Android and iOS
Easily accommodate a number of user and driver activity
Dedicated admin panel to manage all the functions of the application
Provide code to adopt full customization
Free bug support in the support period

Features That We Include in Our Taxi App

User App

  • Social login (Facebook / Google)
  • Verification of the telephone number.
  • User wallet (optional)
  • Selection of origin and destination location uber applications
  • Payment provider (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
  • See drivers near you (optional) if you are a startup as you won't have many drivers.
  • Once the driver accepts the ride, the driver details (vehicle number, driver photo, driver qualifications) are similar to uber-type apps
  • Track the driver how far they are and ETA (expected arrival time) to reach you.
  • Chat and call option for your clients.
  • Rate the driver after the trip.
  • View travel history

Any other application like uber or any other functionality you need can be custom developed.

Driver App

This taxi app is available to drivers to help them serve their customers efficiently. Applications like Uber contain the following features

  • Social login (Facebook / Google)
  • Verification of the telephone number.
  • Work History - Drivers can check service history and see where they request their previous service points.
  • Earnings tab - Drivers can track their daily earnings.
  • Maximum Prices - This feature helps drivers to find locations with high prices.
  • Transaction history: a driver can take into account all the trips he has made.
  • Chat and call option for your clients.
  • Driver Ratings - Driver services are rated by customers.
  • Any other application like uber or any other functionality you need can be custom developed.

Dispatcher Panel

  • This panel is for the purpose of assigning, dispatching and monitoring drivers.
  • Create reservations
  • Manage travel services
  • Dispatchers
  • Travel tracking
  • Comments and Ratings
  • Add ride request manually

Administrator Panel

Administrators and sub-administrators can monitor every transaction that takes place with these uber-like applications.

  • Sub-administrators: An administrator can designate sub-administrators to manage various tasks.
  • Driver verification: To ensure that the drivers are credible, the administrator verifies them through the application.
  • Settlement module: the intelligent system separates the commissions and taxes for each payment and credits the final amount (after commission and taxes) to the drivers' wallets.
  • Document verification: used vehicles also need verification. Documents must be cross-checked.
  • Earnings Report: Shows the earnings of a driver and the commission that an administrator will receive.
  • Add drivers and assign trips to them.
  • View the travel history of all your drivers.
  • Ratings of all drivers.
  • Manage the driver's payment.
  • Assign dispatchers

The Account Administrator Could

Manage all the information related to the users and drivers account.
Manage the payment of drivers.
See all the details of your travel history.

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