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Improve Productivity And Flexibility With Logistics Apps


The widespread use of mobile applications in the logistics industry is a result of the complex tasks that have to be mastered in this area. In addition, logistics is particularly strongly determined by legal provisions and guidelines. So a computer-aided execution of the tasks not only facilitates the work processes, but also ensures the necessary legal security.

Country-specific requirements must be adhered to and conversions must be made. A digitalization of the processes thus enables the work to be designed much more efficiently. Many companies successfully set themselves apart from the competition by hiring a logistic app development company such as Hyperlink InfoSystem. This enables digitization to be achieved across the entire value chain, because customers can be integrated into the information chain relatively easily.

Functions Of Logistics Apps

With the logistics apps, the paperwork widespread in the transport sector is finally a thing of the past. The daily business tasks are no longer documented on slips of paper, but managed via digital checklists. In this way, it is possible to easily collect data directly with the smartphone.

The business apps are suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Digital checklists, for example for departure controls
  • Monitoring of the legal guidelines with regard to break and working times
  • Digital driver's license check
  • Documentation of travel times
  • Picking of goods
  • Ensuring that compliance requirements are met when transporting dangerous goods
  • Control function (goods, containers, means of transport, funds)
  • Documentation of incoming goods
  • automated complaint management
  • Creation of acceptance protocols, shipment tracking
  • Use of digital loading and unloading lists

Accelerate Work Processes With The Help Of Digital Apps

The processes are accelerated with powerful logistics apps. This applies to the entire process of value creation in the logistics sector:

  • Planning
  • Control and coordination
  • Execution
  • Control

By digitally documenting the individual process steps via smartphone, sources of error are minimized and the various work is done much faster. Mobile applications offer maximum flexibility as they are available on any smartphone and are very easy to use. This offers enormous advantages, especially in the logistics industry, where permanent time records, goods controls, location records and internal and external documentation are carried out. The logistics apps also score highly in the area of ??security management.

Logistics apps mean effective relief for drivers, as they simplify daily work with digital checklists. The work orders, including all the necessary information, are transferred directly to the driver's smartphone. This means that he has everything “right in his hand” and does not have to laboriously collect all the documents and make sure that everything stays together.

The logistics apps provide the drivers with intuitive input masks for the various workflows. Once all the entries have been made, the data is automatically transferred to the forwarder's IT system. In this way, no data can be lost and the documentation is seamless. Even if there is no internet connection available, this is not a problem. As soon as the driver is online again, the data is transmitted. The exclusion of media disruptions and the elimination of the later transfer of driver data to the IT system are additional advantages. Another annoying, error-prone and time-consuming activity is eliminated: archiving the data.

Control Logistic Processes With Mobile App

Digitization means that the logistics industry can increasingly automate processes. By using mobile technologies, the networking of processes is becoming ever easier. Smartphone-based applications take on functions in the field of logistics. The mobile applications make it possible for a logistics company to check the load security, ensure shipment tracking, or consider the latest information from the traffic survey when planning the route.

Logistics apps lead to increased productivity and enable the economical use of resources. In addition, the technologies increase the motivation and satisfaction of the staff because they shift control processes to the executive levels. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to state that logistics apps are a decisive driving force behind digitization and contribute to the realization of Logistics 4.0.

Our mobile app development experts at Hyperlink InfoSystem can assist you with excellent mobile application that is carefully designed to manage the logistics aspects of your organization.

Benefits Of Mobility In The Logistics Sector Through Apps

Organizations in the logistics sector are increasingly using devices and mobile applications for logistics management. Mobile devices have become the preferred tool for logistics, supply and transportation professionals. Logistics apps developed by Hyperlink InfoSystem are programmed to offer specialized performance analytics and operations optimization. In the logistics sector, the use of technology is expanding beyond the simple use of sending production or tracking information.

Hyperlink InfoSystem apps allow you to control transactions and processes, collaboration and management of activities with internal and external partners, to the tracking and control of shipments. The use of these tools allows logistics professionals to improve the functionality, productivity and efficiency of their logistics chain regardless of their location or schedule.

  • Warehousing and Distribution: It is possible to improve the productivity and flexibility of warehouses and distribution centers through mobile applications for barcode scanning without the need to acquire expensive specialized tools, preserving the same functionalities and improving the ergonomic quality of the collaborators.
  • Supply Chain: It is possible to use applications for management, transport control, tracking of goods and materials, and many other services.
  • Operations: It is possible for operations managers or process managers to respond to requirements for materials, shipments or even special permits from anywhere in the world. The immediate availability of this information optimizes the visibility of the supply chain, a critical improvement when logistics operations become global and become more complex and riskier.
  • Transportation: Allows you to implement solutions for verification of shipments, calculation of real hours of service, real-time fleet tracking, traffic status and route optimization in real time, among others, which allows the information to be determined more accurately and conveniently about our products for the control and optimization of internal efficiency.

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