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Why You Need a Real Estate Portal

real estate portal solution

Large real estate portals have worked on their brand image so that users enter their websites directly without having to go through the search engine.

New technologies open up business opportunities in all sectors, even in one as traditional as real estate. Years ago, the Internet revolutionized the sector with the appearance of the real estate portal and there are still several opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to create this type of portal. You just need to be prepared to take advantage of the changes in habits in the search for homes and other properties, as well as training and combining existing solutions.

On the Internet, the real estate sector is dominated by large portals that offer real estate of all types, prices and locations within the national territory. However, there are interesting business opportunities for specialized portals in related market niches. So that these opportunities are not missed, you can:

Use a static website that serves as an online showcase for real estate agents and physical developers. Thus, a new channel is opened to attract customers where you display the product offer and complement communication through traditional means. The main drawback of this solution is its lack of interaction with users, since the web only aims to get a call or visit.

Use an interactive website with users so that they can filter the real estate offer based on their personal criteria and requirements. Without a doubt, it is one of the most typical solutions to take advantage of the business opportunities of real estate portals.

Use a transactive website such as the large real estate portals and that, unlike agency portals, do not seek to make money with part of the profit margin from the sale of the property but rather act as large online bulletin boards that make money with the publication of the real estate offer. Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you deploy any of the listed solution.

Today any Internet user starts from a search engine like Google to find information. However, the large real estate portals have worked on their brand image so that users enter their websites directly without having to go through the search engine. In addition, any portal specialized in a local offer can appear in results far above others, due to the fact that it is more focused on niches. 

An agency can set up a real estate portal in addition to its digital communication to best communicate about its properties that are available for sale or rent. This tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate professionals by offering a number of features to boost turnover and satisfy both sellers and buyers. 

Why You Must Consider a Portal

The real estate portal is a tool that has become essential for agencies. It is indispensable because a presence on the web can no longer be forgotten now. The virtual store is the necessary complement to the “storefront” and offers many benefits:

  • It improves the brand image. 
  • The business benefits from the offers of the internet
  • It is a solution for 24/7 availability, well beyond the opening of an office. 
  • It is also a service provided to its customers, whether they are buyers or sellers, lessors or tenants. 
  • Finally, here we find the usual advantages of any portal, such as building customer loyalty, informing them, relaunching them, developing them, etc.
  • It is imperative to take new technologies into account when creating this real estate portal. While the computer is still a widely used tool for browsing the web, the appearance of tablets, smartphones and other phablets requires the site to be designed in a format that will adapt to these multiple media. Today, we are talking about responsive design.
  • A certain sense of description, will offer this portal a real interest since users will have lots of information on each property. Showing them high resolution photos will be even more capable of winning points against the competition.

Optimize SEO

An efficient portal will be highly under-utilized without a good optimization. If natural referencing is to be worked through meta-descriptions, targeted keywords, creation of blog articles, posting of detailed ads, it is also imperative to rely on the power of social media.
By offering a perfectly optimized and responsive real estate portal design, it is be possible to create a buzz effect. Spurred on by the sharing made by Internet users, the site will gain visibility. 
In addition, depending on the financial means available, it is still possible to look into paid referencing. Campaigns can make it possible to rank among the best search results, an additional chance to be seen on the web.

Use a Real Solution to Manage Your Real Estate Activities

Millions of mobile applications are downloaded every day, which represents an opportunity for your real estate business to be discovered by new clients. Your mobile app is a new channel to make your sales and rental services known to new customers.
With your mobile application, your clients will be able to see the catalog of the homes you offer, see their photos, their location and contact you by simply touching the screen of their mobile devices. You can increase the profit figures of your business by announcing the latest properties added. You will be able to create limited offers, publish them in real time and notify the users of your app. 

Features of Our Real Estate Portable Solutions

With several years of experience in developing solutions for different industries, Hyperlink InfoSystem is well posed to assist you with an excellent real estate solution with amazing features such as:

  • Including your catalog of services with rich content, videos, photos. Thereby make yourself known and go viral on the internet.
  • Managing the information of the properties you offer. We include their geolocation, description, images and videos
  • Geolocate your real estate on the map, with GPS directions so that new clients do not get lost
  • Sending push notifications with your business offers.
  • Integrating your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Allowing users to contact you through the form, phone, or email. They can call you with a single click on the screen of their mobile devices.

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