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retail app development

Innovations can drive Retail companies to achieve higher profits, changing the way they do business and standing out from the competition by developing the best proposals for an increasingly critical and better prepared consumer.

Buying habits are changing in an increasingly dynamic way, forcing retailers and brands to anticipate and adapt the way they will bring products to their consumers.

Achieving a satisfactory shopping experience is essential for success in the retail sector. Taking the price, quality and location into account are determining factors for the buyer. However, they are not the only ones. You can generate value for your brands and improve your results through an approach to Innovation that allows you to evolve and adapt to new contexts and market challenges.

Hyperlink InfoSystem can help you integrate different technologies in the Retail sector. Some of which include:

Virtual Shelves

This concept allows the customers to make their purchases while waiting at a train station or bus stop. Products are displayed on virtual lines or shelves and the customer makes the purchase through a mobile app such as those developed by hyperlink InfoSystem. The products will be sent to the address you indicate or you can pick them up at collection points.

Operational Evaluation Of Your Stores

Until a few years ago, evaluating your performance in stores could consume a lot of your time and resources as well as not always being able to provide a complete picture of your real situation.

However, today through information technology, you have solutions available that allow you to improve the management of your strategies at the point of sale and grow your business with clear metrics for decision making.

In-store Test

In-store food tasting is a common practice to get to know the products. However, it is possible to bring this experience to different items such as sports equipment. Some chains allocate special spaces within the store where the user can interact with simulators to test different equipment.

Automatic Check-out

This concept avoids emptying the shopping cart and reloading it when paying. The customer will receive the invoice or account through an application installed on their mobile. One variable of this innovation is the self-service checkouts that some stores already operate where it is the customer who directly scans their products and makes the payment charged to their account.

Additional Services In-Store

Many supermarkets are today bank correspondents. With the new technology, customers can take advantage of the time in which they make their purchases to carry out transactions such as payments for services or disposition of cash when paying for their goods at the register.


Geolocation technology provides a great and important tool to analyze the consumer in-depth and to fully personalize commercial offers.

Differentiated Loyalty Programs

Traditional loyalty programs such as coupons or point cards have evolved and today - with the use of mobile technology - we can see them in the form of applications through which your shopper can have access to the benefits not only of promotions and discounts but refunds of a percentage of their purchases, thus favoring their preference for your brands and thereby increasing your sales.

In addition, through the analysis of data collected by the application, such as frequency of use, type of purchases, in which stores, etc. you can refine promotions and strategies, as well as enrich the database of registered customers.


Resorting to sustainability strategies is an effective resource for brands. Shoppers may be willing to pay more for products from companies committed to caring for the environment.

Major Technologies Already Integrated Into The Retail Sector By Hyperlink InfoSystem

  • Drones
  • Chatbots
  • Voice-Based and Visual Search
  • Face-Based Buying
  • Checkout-Free Stores
  • Augmented and Virtual Realities
  • Smart Mirrors
  • Physical Showrooms for Online Sales

Create A Mobile Application For Your Business

The mobile applications sector keeps growing and various experts believe that it has not yet reached its full development. If mobile applications were initially developed for entertainment in particular, today, companies from all walks of life use them to manage their activities and meet the needs of their potential and existing customers. Mobile application offers many advantages for you and your business. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider contacting Hyperlink InfoSystem to help you develop an excellent mobile app for your business.

A Mobile Application For Better Brand Image

You need to understand the importance of your company's image to attract potential customers and retain your consumers.

You want to convey a resolutely modern image to attract more clients than your competitors. This is one of the benefits that a mobile app offers you. A mobile app is an excellent modern communication tool. Mobile application demonstrates the quality of your services, develops your customer relationship and allows you to be favorably perceived.

A Mobile Application For Better Productivity

While mobile applications may be particularly appreciated by your consumers, they can be equally appreciated by your employees. When trained to use your application, they will use it on a daily basis to save time in their business trips. There is no need to carry files and magazines by the dozen. Everything is now on the mobile application.

New Benefits For Your Potential Customers

Business mobile applications enable exciting features which is a source of attraction to potential customers. For an online sales site, a unique product presentation system will help improve user experience. Your business could develop other functionalities with a mobile application such as geolocation of points of sale, online ordering from the application, online reservation of products or services, etc.

A New Way Of Communicating With Your Consumers

The two factors that influence the success of any company in digital marketing are presence and visibility. A mobile application can further strengthen communication with your customers. You can get the attention of your consumers through push information by informing them about specific news, promotions, the arrival of new products.

Respond To User Needs

The digital revolution is constantly creating new needs for consumers - a need that companies tend to meet. With an increasing number of applications installed on smartphones, mobile users use their favorite sites differently. No need to go to the browser anymore, by unlocking their screens and clicking on their application tab. They can access what they are looking for much faster. There is no need to remember the URL. A user only needs to download the application of his favorite company.

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