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Functionalities of Smartphone App For Commercial

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At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we know that mobile applications increasing in importance and most companies consider using them regardless of their sector.   

Using a smartphone or tablet app for salespeople is one of the most effective options to manage a sales team since it not only reduces costs but also saves time, helps to sell more and facilitates the sale of products or services on-site by providing a better experience to buyers.

The commercial agent is the person who is dedicated to establishing a daily relationship with customers and purchasing groups. In order to carry out its functions, a rigorous process needs to be followed. It is for this reason that companies use technology to streamline and improve this process. 

Specifically, the sales process becomes more agile since it allows reducing administrative tasks, reducing errors, concentrating sales documents, and ultimately, offering a faster and easier service to the end customer. They are usually very complete applications but with a very easy and intuitive operation to guarantee the agility of the work. 

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Features That An App Must Have To Sell

Next, discover the functionalities of a commercial app: 

The first and most important is the usability and versatility of the application. This must be intuitive and easy to use. It must be interactive and provide the best user experience in order to convey the best brand image to the user. 

The second most prominent feature is geolocation. Not only is it necessary to correctly geolocate the seller, but it is also necessary to optimize the commercial routes and thus facilitate a real-time location for order management and to know the status of the order. 

Personalization in an application is very important. Therefore, the application must have an attractive design and structure that facilitates its use. 

Adaptation is also a feature to take into account. The software used for the app must facilitate and adapt to all users, that is, it must have the ability to adapt certain functionalities or create them according to each client. 

Finally, an application must be secure since it contains a lot of information from both the company and the users. To guarantee this security, different functionalities such as automatic updates, protected accesses, tools for resolving incidents or a recovery system, among others, must be taken into account. 

Steps To Consider During Mobile App Development

Before starting with the development of an app, you must keep in mind that the development and launch of an app is a booming business. Also, around a thousand apps are uploaded to the stores per day. For this reason, planning your mobile app development process is so important as it can require a large capital investment.

Business Idea And Application

The best way to choose a good idea that can succeed is through brainstorming. To verify if you have come up with a brilliant idea, you should answer the following questions:
Does it already exist on the market?
What needs does it cover?
Who is your audience?

App Development Process

With a clear business model, it's time to start the cross-platform mobile app development process. It is very important to develop a prototype to know how the app will work. Without this step, it is very difficult for the final result to be satisfactory. Choose the best developer so you can rest easy knowing that you would get a satisfactory result.


Before releasing the App in the stores, it is necessary to carry out tests to verify that the development has been carried out correctly and that no errors appear in any functionality.

Develop a Good Marketing Plan

Time is essential to stimulate user interest in your application and get customers even before it is launched on the market. Depending on the features of the app, the techniques to use for the marketing plan will vary.

Launch The Application

Once the development phase is finished, the first place where your app has to appear to promote downloads is in the stores, both in Apple (App Store) and in Google (Play Store).

The stores have specific guidelines for the publication of new applications. The process to appear in them can last up to a week and require small changes in the app, so you must be prepared.

This is when we need to pay attention to ASO positioning.

The positioning of apps or positioning ASO are techniques that will get your app to appear on the first results of the stores, through keywords and requirements. 

Analyze The Results 

One of the keys to successfully launching your app is to analyze the market and the results of your actions to see if they are effective. It is time to discover who your users are and why they have chosen to download your app and not your competition's.

One of the advantages of the online world is that communities are created around games and applications, or even within the store itself, users can use them as communication channels.

Discover what your potential users want, feel, seek and expect and offer them a higher quality than they expect. 

Types of Mobile App Development

Native Application

Programming a mobile application in the native language of the operating system, such as Swift for iPhone and Java/Kotlin for Android, requires developing and maintaining two mobile applications for your project. This is a reflection and not the least to have because it greatly influences the price of the mobile application.

Hybrid Application

Overtime, the technologies around the hybrid development of mobile applications have evolved from embryonic status to adulthood with performances to make a native developer pale. Some examples of hybrid mobile application development languages are React and Ionic. Some industry giants such as Facebook, Airbnb and other mobile applications are developed with this type of programming language. The hybrid solution remains a solution with a very interesting quality-price ratio.

Web Application

Long used as a stopgap for full native applications, mobile applications that host a WebView are useful for quickly and unconstrained project development on mobile application stores.

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