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7 Best OTT Platforms & What to Focus on While Choosing One?

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20 Dec 2021

Now when we are bidding goodbye to 2021, we can safely say that we have survived well throughout this year with the help of OTT. It has helped us to cope up with our overwork also helped us whenever we needed a break from long study hours. But What is OTT stands for, and how does it works?

OTT stands for Over the top. As you all know, it helps to stream videos over the internet online. OTT platform works as a bridge between the host who wants to live stream the on-demand content and the viewers who want to view the content streaming online. If you want to be one of the hosts to stream your content you are in the right way. But before moving on you should figure out which is most influenced OTT platform and how it can help you out. First thing first, figure out what you want to focus on Video-on-demand or live to stream?

Video on Demand (VOD)

Video on demand is basically a collection of video content that users can watch any time they want on any device they want whether it could be television, computers or mobile phones. It just requires an internet connection to the device they have chosen and that's it.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a video event that is happening in real-time anywhere in the world. It could be anything a sports game broadcast or a video game broadcast even a piece of local news. The only thing it requires is to happen in real-

One of the studies by "grand view research" says the market revenue of video streaming will be $184.2 billion by 2027. It's not something unbelievable as we are witnessing the rise of the OTT platform. If you want to choose the best OTT platform provider for your video content keep the essential features such as security, robust CMS that helps to organize content, more advanced tools that justify the pricing structures and provide Best class Technical support whenever needed before finalizing the one.

Picking the Best OTT platforms suitable for your needs can be more tiring than you have ever imagined. Being your saviour, we have filtered out the best OTT solution provider. Have a look at it.

1. JW player

JW Player was first introduced as a student project with a small piece of open-source code providing services to play audio and video files. This code was a basic video player for youtube before Google acquired Youtube.

JW player is the most OTT platform in India it supports MPEG-DASH playback, CSS skinning, DRM many other features for VOD. JW Player has now even entered in live streaming offering JW live service.

When it comes to JW live the OTT provider offers HLS adaptive live streaming, multi-bitrate transcoding, simulcast to FB Live, and real-time analytics. It provides easy to use functionality with a minimal process at a pocket-friendly price. 

2. Vimeo

Vimeo was originally founded as "Mogulus" Livestream representing one of the largest live streaming companies in the world. In 2017 Vimeo acquired the live stream platform and merged the services with different live streaming plans. As of now, Vimeo streams almost 10 million events per year focusing on integrated systems of hardware, software, and cloud services.

Vimeo is not limited to live stream but it also provides video hosting services with basic functionality of analytics, a video management platform, privacy controls etc. Vimeo has a premium plan for basic live streaming functionality. It also provides a different range of hardware and software for live streaming. It provides seamless integration with the platform implementing a live streaming program from the hardware on up. 

Vimeo also provides live support along with support via email. But one has to purchase a premium or Vimeo OTT custom plan for live support.

3. Brightcove

Being one of the oldest OTT platforms ever exist in the USA, Brightcove offers various services such as live streaming, and VOD (video on demand) hosting and encoding as well. A few years back Brightcove obtained a live streaming platform named Ooyala. Ooyala is well recognised for its cloud video technology. Brightcove is a widely used OTT platform in the UK for its complex analytics and video marketing tools which help to capture leads and understand the target audience.

4. Wowza

Wowza is one of the most trustworthy, adaptable and scalable OTT platforms in Canada for every industry in need of full-service video streaming. Wowza offers rumours services for live video, low latency streaming, live-video apps and services, video on demand, and audio. cloud streaming services, streaming server software, live encoding appliances are some of the key features that set Wowza apart from the competition.

5. IBM cloud video

IBM cloud video was once known as a UStream that provides both VOD and live streaming at the best. IBM cloud is widely famous in the gaming industry for professional broadcasting. IBM cloud video provides three tire solutions with different OTT pricing structures keeping the users in mind. Users can choose any of focusing on their needs. 

6. VPlayed

Vplayed offers OTT solutions for every requirement. Whether you are an enterprise or you need to broadcast a sports event, even if you are in the education field VPlayed can be your go-to choice. Keeping OTT reviews in mind, Vpalyer is one of the platforms for every industry focusing on VOD and live stream video hosting. VPlayed has easy to use functionality which makes it the most preferred choice for broadcasters.

7. Muvi

Muvi provides the best range of professional features and that ranks it above the competition as a widely used OTT platform in Australia. Muvi is famous among professionals for its easy to use functionality and features. But Muvi can be troublesome for newbies with almost zero experience hosting live and on-demand video content.

Which OTT Platform is Best Suitable for your Business Needs?

As 2020 was the year for mobile app development companies focusing on Ios and android development services, 2021 was surely the best year for OTT platforms. But at the same time choosing the best suitable OTT platform is not a simple choice. As being one of the leading providers of OTT platform development services, we suggest you, keep your professional broadcasting needs in the centre rather than the OTT pricing. The list we have provides a simple understanding of the trending OTT platform. You can pick the most suitable one that can provide all the features you need to boost your business and help you achieve your business goals. As 2020 was the year for mobile app development companies focusing on iOS and android development services, 2021 was surely the best year for OTT platforms.

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20Dec 2021

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