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How Gaming Is Changing With The Metaverse


16 Mar 2023

The gaming industry has been a big deal since the games have become increasingly advanced with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. 

Due to this reason, gamers have increased their interaction rate with the platforms, which has led game development companies to come up with new interactive and more eye-catching versions. Companies have been hiring on-demand app developers to meet the increasing demand of consumers.

Game development has become extremely progressive in the past few years. It is also proving to be an important factor to reduce the cost of game development with new versions being launched almost every month for major brands. 

May it be the early 2000s from when chess was introduced on online platforms to the launch of meta and in metaverse development, Artificial Intelligence has always played a very important part to help game development companies earn more profit rates. It is the foundation of some of the most addicting games that you play online.

It has been found in studies conducted by various institutes that usage of AI in all gaming platforms has increased customer satisfaction and in turn, helped to increase the engagement rate of the user that is playing the game online. It has also been estimated that the game development industry will amount to $310M by the end of the year 2026! This has increased the rate to hire game developers to help come up with new solutions to keep the client engaged. It has also given a boost to startups in various easy ways.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used In Game Development

how artificial intelligence is being used in game development�After understanding the transformation of game development in the past few years, let us look at the technology that has brought forth this advancement and how it is being applied in the same field. The list below gives an in-depth view of the same. It is as follows:

1) Enhancement of images

We all know how important it is to have a great user interface for running a successful gaming platform. If the picture quality is bad it is sure to collapse as this is the foundation of the entire system. AI engineers have been using this technology to their benefit through the application of deep learning which is helping turn the 3D graphics into a more realistic and interactive user interface that has been tested by the game development company for the launch of Great Auto Theft 5. The algorithm is also being used to make depictions of the maps and places being displayed on the screen. This increases the likability of the game by increasing the total pixel size and number on the screen of the user. This process is known as Upscaling with the help of AI

2) Generation of levels in games

This process is also known as procedural content generation. No one likes the same phenomenon happening over and over again. But this is being made easy with the help of AI.

Now, users can get a more personalized rate of content generation. This is being applied in game development with the help of complex algorithms that make better environments of places located in maps that are being used in the graphical user interface along with new gaming levels and other equipment that will be used to play the game which can include avatars or skins and guns.

One of the top applications of AI used by game development companies is in the field of game design development. The top-performing games that have been released all have open maps for the user and from the development point of view, it might require a lot of time in terms of coding and design. 

3) Scenes and storyline of the game

Sometimes the game development company might run off ideas after coming up with the baseline for the story. This can lead the entire project to become stagnant. But this is where Artificial Intelligence has come to aid. With the help of AI, companies can now create a more immersive storyline that can get the users hooked to their products. They are not even hesitant to hire game developers who can make this process smooth and quick for the entire team. The AI algorithms are using text analysis to come up with a creative storyline that is based on the last scenario that has been generated for the gamer. The state of art text generation is one such prime example of it.

4) Balancing the complexity of the game

One of the main problems that are faced by game development companies is the way they handle the complexity of the entire code. Improper management can lead to an increase in the bugs of the system as well as failing to connect the code segments in the right way can lead to an increased rate of reaction as the server might take time to understand the needs of the user and provide solutions to it.

Game developers are finding out new ways to come up with new ways to help predict the behavior of the user that is playing the game. With AI the code can be tackled in a way that it does not become bulky for the system it will be installed on. Also, games like FIFA use it to determine the win ratio based on the players included in the team. The task of developing complex functions also has become sonically easy for game development companies.  

5) Handling the Non-playing character

Almost all top-performing games require helping characters. With the help of AI, the user experience is being enhanced as the NPC characters are becoming more intelligent. This makes the user play the game for a longer period of time. AI has made the reactions of this character new and unpredictable with the increase in the levels of the game. One of the most common examples is SEED which is training these side characters with the help of deep learning algorithms within the code. Along with this, the development time can also be reduced during the process of game development.

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Changing trends in game development

changing trends in game developmentGame development companies are rushing to hire on-demand app developers to increase sales by using AI, and the trends in the industry are changing constantly. The growth of this industry is rapid. This is because the younger generation, typically between the age of 13 to 17 are choosing the online form of recreation. It has been observed that games occupy 40% of the total media consumption of these age groups. As compared to the age groups between 18 to 34, these younger gamers prefer to spend their time in virtual worlds that have been developed with the help of augmented reality or by watching a-sporting games. The younger generation has proven to find more comfortable in virtual reality environments. 

The list of changed trends is as follows:

1) Advancement of Technology 

With the introduction of new technology, the user interfaces of the games are becoming more interactive. With higher processing of data per second, and 5G coming to the aid, the game development companies are now able to formulate codes that can increase the length of the map being used in the game. Geshin Impact is one of the most popular games that have benefited from these technological advancements. With VR and AR development of high-fidelity games by gaming, engines have become easier. Along with this, mixed media is being incorporated within games to enhance the user experience. The graphics are also being changed and this change can also benefit other industries like healthcare and architecture to retain maximum benefit. With these new features being introduced in the games, the complexity of the game also increases. These changes have indeed revitalized the entire gaming industry 

2) Metaverse Development style 

Metaverse is an online social hangout environment that was launched by Meta or previously Facebook. Since its launch, the primary aim of the platform was to make AI and VR technology provide a platform where people can connect and hang out with each other despite physical distance.

Along with gaming, it also provided various features like shopping and trading centers which were all sorts of fascinating. It had made the effort to make this complex technology available to as many users as possible without any investment cost like VR glasses. These VR worlds have the potential to get the users hooked on the platform for a longer period of time. They have the ability to overlap the presence of the gamer in the real world. But, they have a way of continuing to exist on the platform even when the gamers log out of the system unless and until they choose to disable their account.

With the help of game development and advanced graphics, these avatars or the presence of the person online have become customizable. These change-making options can either be free or payable. This is one of the top monetization schemes used by app development companies. The younger the gamers, the more comfortable they are with such virtual platforms, and tend to spend more on these platforms. Hence, the device interlinking should be made seamless to avoid any fuss or loss of data due to security issues during the transaction. 

3) New models for monetization

The free models that are introductory to any game have been successful to attract users and make them invest in different ways on the platform. In the past few years, increasing the base player address of the game has continued to earn high profits for game development companies.

The revenue is earned by ad services and they are tolerated by the users as well. With these free interfaces being launched, it is helping to create a funnel to fund other events that could be conducted on these platforms like virtual concerts or meetups. With this, some people are also switching to subscription models to enhance the user experience and get exclusive features that are reserved for premium members.

Blockchain has made the transfer of ownership of characters and credits available on these platforms easy for users. But for a successful app, the game development company should primarily focus on the interactiveness of the platform rather than the revue earning system. The most important selling point of the game will be its storyline and user interface.

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Areas that will determine the success rate of games

To meet the high expectations of gamers and keep up with the trends in the market, game development companies need to focus on certain aspects. These four aspects determine the success ratio of the game and increase user satisfaction. If the company tends to overlook these key areas, chances are the gamers will never invest in the app. Yes, the free versions are a success but you need to develop technology that is preferable in the long run. The list below gives the idea of the same. It is as follows:

1) Scale

Before you launch your game, you need to decide how much you need to invest and the area you want to target. Large-scale games cost around $8 to $32M and are rapidly healing to the scale of billions up to the year 2027. This might seem like a big deal, but you need to remember that these games have global players.

The more users online, the better it gets for hosting large-scale competitions and contests that can increase the investment rate for your app. Most game development companies also reach the target of investment by applying for online partnerships with popular platforms where they can get noticed even more than regular forms of marketing.

You need to have strong brand endorsements and promotional events in order to come up with a greater fan base. Businesses also look to invest to hire on-demand app developers to come up with new features of the game that can make it look more appealing. Not just developers but having the right marketing and managing team is also crucial for success. Your market strategy should understand the target audience and how to approach them in the right way. 

2) Management of the increase in the engagement rate of the gamers 

Having the right Intellectual property is essential for the long-term sustainability of the franchise. These can include locking in certain features that are exclusive to your company, or something that the gamers can strongly associate with your brand only. This can help set a trend in the market and also increases the branding power of your game development company or franchise. This can be done by having sequels to the games or versions that continue the storyline.

The introduction of new characters and maps can also help to boost the customer engagement rate. The most crucial decision that any company needs to take is by answering the question, “How can we make the engagement rate of the customers high?”. This is the key to success. What mistakes most brands make is not knowing their clients well. This can lead to development mistakes that can turn off the clients. The high earring brands always put the needs of the clients as the highlight for all their development needs. The team working on the project should also be well equipped in terms of skillset to take the company forward and increase popularity. 

3) Importance of customer experience

Metaverse development has led to increased user impressiveness of gaming platforms. Now all companies are choosing to invest in AI and VR that can take their products to the next level. This is very important that the users feel that the environment that they are playing in is extremely interactive and futuristic. You can bring forth these changes by increasing the interactiveness between the characters or by adding features to the map that is more inspired by real-life events and places.

The gameplay, eCommerce, and response rate of the game determine if it will stay trending in the market for a longer period of time. The other thing that brands will focus on is how to make sure that the individual experience of the user is better with the graphical increase in the rate of engagement. This can be done by incorporating mixed media sources for the platform. You need to conduct regular surveys on what things your users are finding immersive and what is getting the user hooked to the platform for a longer period of time. You also need to make sure that the ads being displayed in the free version are not getting too annoying.

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In recent years, game development companies are rising in popularity. Companies are hiring game developers rapidly in order to meet the increasing demands of their clients. With the help of new technology like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, the user experience is getting more interactive. The most important thing that brands need to focus on is what is preferred by the target audience. This is something that is highly overlooked by growing brands that cab leads to their downfall. Also, launching the free version is important to attract more clients as not everyone will be buying the paid version right away.

16Mar 2023


Frequently Asked Questions

Literally everywhere! AI helps to understand and comprehend different parts of game development and come up with creative solutions. The top quality gaming effects that the modern gaming platforms have are due to the algorithmic approach of AI integration and visual graphics. This is very helpful and progressive.

NFTs are preferred heavily these days compared to other models. This is because NFTs are not centralized by any dominating factor like a particular bank or a particular government. Everyone that owns a percentage of the NFT are treated equally and hence the power remains distributed.

It is one of the revolutionary products that has helped to reach out to millions and bring them online. Before this, people thought that gaming was only reserved for the fortunate. But now, without any pre-requirements, people are now able to experience virtual reality and use it to their advantage to come up with the best solutions to problems.

Yes, AI is helping to enhance images by providing more pixels to distribute it better. This makes sure that when the image is added on screen, it appears more realistic. This also helps to make sure that the details that are present on the image are not scattered during the uploading.

Yes! AI helps to handle the complexity of the code which makes error detention easy. These errors can be extremely difficult to notice and change when the code is being written or even after the test phase. This is the reason, AI methods are chosen to deal with complex coding problems present in the code.

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