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How much does it cost to maintain apps in 2023?

App Development

28 Dec 2022

App developers consider the whole app development and launching process is certainly not the end of the entire system. Even top app development companies face a lot of bugs and problems after the product has been launched. This can happen due to a lot of reasons like rushing the launching process or not considering all risk factors. 

Other than that, mobile app development companies might also require time-to-time updates with the growing customer and betterment of the User Interface of that app. This is necessary for maintaining the goodwill and the quality that the company needs to offer. Hence, just relaxing after the launch is not enough, maintenance is important! 

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of one of the most important steps in the life cycle of an app, which is the maintenance of the app. And try to answer a lot of frequently asked questions related to it like does one really need to set aside a separate budget to maintain an app? We will also take a look at the cost that is required to maintain the app and how to keep this process simple. So, without further ado, let us get into it!

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Importance of Maintenance

An overperforming app requires a lot of care even after the maintenance step. This is very similar to maintaining a high-performance device. This ensures customer satisfaction while using your product. It also makes sure that the app is up to date with the requirements of the users as an outdated app can cause easy breaches and take high response time.

Take for example a gaming app, if the game is outstanding and the avatars and skins available are amazing but the app hangs up a lot and terminates abruptly due to inbuilt problems…will users consider playing that game? Obviously not! This is the reason mobile app development companies are being approached these days to help sort out and fix the tiniest errors and update the app and take it to the next level possible. 

The list below indicates why the maintenance of an app is essential. It is as follows:

1) Timely Updates and Less Uninstalls

With numerous apps available in the market, users find it irrelevant to have apps on their mobile phones which are not highly functional. This is the reason top app development companies hire app developers to make the features as customizable as possible. For example, having unnecessary and annoying notifications can lead to uninstalling an app. This is the importance of maintenance. The platforms on which these apps are launched also have certain guidelines that one needs to keep up with.

Failing to do so can result in the termination of the app. Hence, a small mistake can cost the app development company a huge amount of time and money. Apart from this, the review system on these apps can affect the goodwill of the company as well as the install rates. If the reviews are bad, people might not consider installing your app. 

2) High Customer Satisfaction

In today’s world, customer satisfaction or the user experience of the app can make or break the deal. The better the front end is the higher reviews one can get on the app stores. These days companies hire dedicated app developers frequently to make the User Interface as attractive and interactive as possible. This can be done using various methods like inculcating chat boxes or virtual assistants that can help to solve the query of the clients with ease. Along with it, it can also help to increase customer satisfaction as this bit can chat with them and solve all their problems easily.

Virtual reality is also trending a lot these days. It can help immensely to help retain information faster and to understand complex topics easily as visual learning is better than reading long instructions which can also cause language barriers. This small step can build a small trusted customer base which one can earn profits from for a longer period of time.

3) Helps Increase Rate of Return

When app development companies launch any app, the primary goal is to earn profits related to it. For this reason, the maintenance of the app is extremely crucial for app developers. Updating the app can help prevent security breaches and keep you safe from hacker attacks which have become frequent these days even with top app development companies like Facebook. Taking this small step can help you save a lot of money in the future. Having a front end that is effectively linked to the back end is important. This assures that the data is transferred to the back end safely and securely. The backend contains sensitive information about the users and handling it can cost the company greatly. It is hence suggested to maintain databases properly. 

4) Lowering the downtimes

Lowering app time means less time lost on profit returns. If a company has to frequently address server issues this can be a huge problem. Imagine if you running an eCommerce website and your website has bugs in the server connections. Due to this, whenever customers try to make a transaction, it fails. This is the cost that app development companies as well as business owners have to pay if there are server downs. Even top app development companies like Amazon have a history of huge losses that they in the traction have suffered due to system downtime.

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There are many people who think that the work of launching and developing an app with the help of a good mobile app development company is enough to succeed in the business. But this theory surely yields profit for a short period of time. All apps require time-to-time service in order to function properly. Apart from this, there are numerous new updates that help to increase customer satisfaction and this is extremely important. The relevance as well as the guidelines of the platform they are being uploaded on need to be maintained in order to have maximum profits from the app.

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28Dec 2022

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