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Investment App Development: Guide For 2024

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11 Jan 2024

In addition to technology, creating an investment app by 2024 will also require examining potential for mobile app development. Furthermore, the worldwide digital investment market, which is predicted by Statista to reach an astounding US$5.27 trillion by 2027, has tremendous potential despite the fierce competition.

In order to obtain a competitive advantage in this booming market, don't undervalue the significance of investing in app development. In this Article, we'll examine how to build an investment platform while analyzing the foundations of the contemporary financial services landscape.

Come along on this adventure where financial innovation and code collide as we expose the techniques for creating an investment app that not only keeps up but also sets new benchmarks in the rapidly evolving field of mobile app development

Welcome to the forefront of innovation, where investing apps of the future are the main attraction.

Key Stats Of Investing Startups

Delving into the landscape of investment startups reveals impressive funding rounds that highlight the growing allure of online investment platforms:

  • In one investment round, Robinhood raised an incredible $2.4 billion. 
  • In a successful series B fundraising round, FTX Trading raised $1 billion.
  • From just $9 billion in 2010 to an astounding $121.5 billion in 2020, the total amount invested in FinTech businesses increased dramatically.

The previous findings highlight the noteworthy attention that corporate investors are displaying towards online investment platforms, presumably due to their exceptional financial prospects.

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Different Types Of Investing Apps

  • Robo-Advisors:

Applications for robo-advisors use algorithms to create and manage diversified portfolios for users based on their risk tolerance and financial goals. Those who prefer a hands-off approach to investing will find these user-friendly applications ideal. They typically require a lesser initial investment and have cheaper fees than traditional financial advisers.  

  • Hybrid Investment Apps:

The advantages of DIY investing and robo-advisors have been effortlessly combined by hybrid investment applications, which have completely changed the investing environment. These adaptable options appeal to both novice and experienced traders because they serve a wide spectrum of investors.

Hybrid apps help new investors better understand the fundamentals of investing by providing them with instructional content and an easy-to-use interface. Professional investors, meanwhile, value these programs for their sophisticated features and tools. These features enable in-depth research, analysis, and customization tailored to specific investment strategies, making hybrid apps an attractive choice for a broad spectrum of investors.

  • Exchange Platforms:

Users now have the ability to investigate and participate in a vast range of financial markets thanks to the introduction of exchange platforms in the financial investing app space. These markets cover commodities, equities, currency and cryptocurrency, and more.

One simple way that consumers can trade and invest in different stocks and profit from exchange rate variations is by using mobile exchange services. These platforms give customers an easy way to participate in various financial markets and diversify their portfolios, which improves their overall experience with investing.

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Create App Like Money Lion: Development Phase Of An Investment App

1. Carry out in-depth market research

Before diving into development, thoroughly research the investment landscape. Determine consumer preferences, market trends, and possible rivals. To ensure that your app meets the demands of your target audience, be aware of their needs and pain areas. 

2. Check Whether the Founders' Concept Is Profitable:

Validate the viability of your investment app concept. Assess its potential profitability by evaluating market demand, identifying revenue streams, and understanding user willingness to pay for the services your app offers. This step ensures that your concept aligns with market realities.

3. Formulate a Technical Description:

Create a thorough technical specification that details the features, capabilities, and technical specifications of your investment application. The development team uses this paper as a guide, with specific project guidelines included. 

4. Develop a UX Wireframe:

Create a user experience (UX) wireframe to show the navigation and structure of the app graphically. By conceptualizing the user journey in this step, you can make sure that the app's UI is simple to use and intuitive. Get input and make changes to the wireframe to make it better. 

5. Build a Reasonable Prototype:

Based on the wireframe, create an interactive prototype of your investment app. This prototype serves as a tangible representation of the app's functionality and flow. Before going on to the next stage of development, test it with potential users to get feedback and make any necessary changes. 

6. Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product):

Develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your investment app development. The MVP should include essential features that demonstrate the core value proposition. This allows you to launch quickly, gather user feedback, and make iterative improvements based on real user interactions.

7. Expand to a Product That Is More User-Oriented:

Expand the app's functionality and improve the ones that are already there after a successful MVP launch and user feedback is gathered. To improve the app's robustness, usability, and conformity to market standards, take into account user feedback and implement improvements. 

8. Launch, upgrade, and Support Your App:

Finally, launch your investment app to the market. Implement a robust maintenance and support strategy to address bugs, introduce updates, and ensure the app's smooth operation. Gather user feedback continuously to inform future updates and enhancements, maintaining a proactive approach to user satisfaction.

Consider to hire mobile app developers or renowned app development companies to carry out these procedures in an effective manner. Their knowledge and perceptions can make a big difference in your investment app's performance, guaranteeing that it not only satisfies industry requirements but also goes above and beyond what users anticipate in the rapidly changing world of financial technology.

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For individuals who are motivated by the achievements of financial platforms like Money Lion, developing an app that connects with users necessitates a calculated strategy. You can create an investment app that stands out in the crowded market by incorporating the newest mobile app development techniques and taking cues from profitable models like Money Lion.

To make your idea a reality, think about hiring a reliable mobile app development company In Toronto, Canada. Working with experts may speed up the development process, guarantee adherence to industry best practices, and yield insightful information.

11Jan 2024

Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza is a CEO and founder of a leading app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem. He leads the efforts to identify and secure new business opportunities for the company, as well as develop and refine standard procedures for researching and tracking client information. With a pragmatic approach to learning and evolving with the latest trends and technologies, Harnil keeps the company ahead of the curve. Under his leadership, Hyperlink InfoSystem has achieved various milestones and follows a strategic roadmap to achieve digital success.

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