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The Ultimate Guide to Develop an Efficient Food Ordering App

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08 Jan 2024

The food delivery business can make you a millionaire. The market for online food ordering is huge. You need to build an accurate delivery service and an efficient food ordering app to grow your business.

The mobile app plays a crucial role in online food ordering. The accuracy of your food delivery service will depend upon the app. If the app works efficiently your business will be on the roller coaster ride.

The biggest challenge is finding one of the top app development companies. You need to know what are the essential features your app should have. It is easy to hire app developer if you already know what values they can add to your app.

Find the best company that helps you build a perfect mobile app. The company should have developers for both Android app development for Android users and iPhone app development for iOS users. 

This article will guide app development companies to develop an efficient food ordering app. Before going into detail about what features your mobile app needs, let's check out how big the food delivery market is. 

The Statistics of Online Food Ordering Apps

In the food delivery market, the number of users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2027. In the figure, you can see that the worldwide revenue from food delivery was at 0.11 trillion USD in 2017, which increased to 0.39 USD in 2023, and it is expected to reach 0.51 USD in 2027.

From this data, you can get a clear-cut idea about how huge the food delivery market is. Now, you just need to overtake your competitors to generate higher revenue. Let’s check out how you can build a food delivery app that boosts your food delivery business.

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10 Essential Features For Food Ordering App Development

You need to hire dedicated developer Remotely, who can design the necessary features for your app. Here are the top 10 important features of a food-ordering app.

1) Push Notification For On-demand Food Ordering

Everyone has multiple apps installed. It is needed that you bring them on your app to order the food.

You need to send them a push notification. The push notification triggers the craving for their favorite food. There is a high chance of them ordering food after reading the notification. Make sure, that your app provides a feature to send push notifications to your customer. 

2) Contact Information 

The contact information of the user and the delivery boy makes the food ordering process easy. They can confirm the delivery address, the order of the user, and the restaurant he ordered food from.

Also, it helps the delivery boy to get guidance from the user on the shortest route to reach the given address. With the proper communication with the user, the delivery boy can prioritize the delivery from the multiple delivery.

3) Exciting Rewards and cashback

Rewards motivate users to order the food.  Everyone likes to save extra money while ordering online. You need to give some offers and cashback that make your user happy and push him to order food from the app.

You can give them offers like free delivery, cashback for ordering from their favorite restaurants, or a free meal occasionally. Remember that offers bring more orders and rewards make them order again.

4) The Real-time Tracking of The Food

Being impatient while waiting for food is a basic human nature. Let them track the food. The developers need to add an efficient tracking feature. The tracking allows users to track the entire process.

Users must have the tracking of the food preparation process and the delivery boy. They need to know when their food is ready for delivery and how long it will take for the delivery boy to deliver it to them. 

5) Simple Payment Method

Provide the simplest payment options to make this process more convenient. There is always an issue of change in cash on delivery. Provide them with multiple payment options to choose from.

If you provide an option for online payment, they can order by sitting on the couch. They don’t need to move to arrange the cash.

6) Search Filter For Easy Ordering

Finding favorite food, favorite restaurants, and affordable food becomes very easy with a search filter. The app with the search filter allows users to find their desired option.

Users can set the filters on the app and see the options they want to see. It saves them time in choosing the food and also provides them with a convenient experience. 

7) Keep the Order History

You need to have the data of the individual user. Keeping the order history of the users helps you know about their test. You can analyze the order history and check the favorite food and restaurant of your users.

This data can help you send the email campaign and push notifications that trigger their craving for their favorite food. Also, it helps in providing special offers on their favorite food or ordering from their favorite restaurant.

8) Personal Favorite Food

With the previous order history, it is easy to identify the individual user’s favorite food. Users often get cravings for their favorite food. Make them order again and again by offering cashback or a discount on their favorite food.

Your app needs to have a feature that allows you to keep a history of the previous order of users. You can also provide users with the same information so they can differentiate the restaurants and food to choose their favorite.

9) Messaging and Customer Support

The food ordering app must have a messaging section. This allows the users to chat with the support team. You need to listen to their complaints about the food or delivery.

It ensures the trust and loyalty of your service. Also, the support team should give them a satisfying response so that they keep their trust in you. 

10) Rate & Reviews

The reviews and rates show the user’s experience. You can check the review for a particular food or a restaurant. You can easily differentiate the restaurants and food the users like more based on the rating.

Also, it provides you with the efficiency rate of the individual delivery boy. You can get the information about the delivery boy’s service, which helps you improve your delivery services.

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The online food-ordering business relies on the food ordering app. To run a successful food delivery business you need to have an efficient app. With these necessary features, you can surely develop an amazing app.

You need to choose a mobile app development company, that understands the market and develops the perfect app that contains amazing features. With an expert app development company, you can develop an efficient food ordering app to boost your business.

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08Jan 2024

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