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How to Build Internet of Things ( IoT ) Based Smart Parking Management System


25 Apr 2022

IoT has been around us for so long still surprises us with how comfortable IoT can make our life. IoT builds an ecosystem that connects the devices with the internet that can help us to exchange alerts and data to make our life easier. It is more like telepathy as the device understands our next move and works accordingly. For example, an IoT embedded smart home will turn on the lights just as we enter the home.

You might think it might be the most difficult task to do because you are unaware of how a smart parking system works. Well, the Internet of Things works based on sensors and microcontrollers that send alerts to the user judging their current activities. An IoT based parking system is no exception as well. It helps the driver find an empty parking spot around them in real-time using cloud data and sends the signals.

Even though you know what an IoT-based smart parking system is, it's not enough to know how a smart parking system Works. For that, you need to know it demands efforts from the IoT developers in Canada to develop a perfect IoT parking system that can help the users to find a perfect parking spot.

Steps to Develop IoT Based Smart Parking Solution

Before moving ahead we should know about the basic requirements that we must fulfill to develop a perfect parking management solution. We will need hardware such as sensors or microcontrollers that we can connect to cars, a cloud infrastructure to manage the data and a user interface that can guide the user about the working parking management system. Now let's move on to how to develop an IoT based Smart Parking Management System.

1) Planning & Research

Any IoT development process needs planning and research as it involves proper management of hardware, sensors and software so negligence in a planning and research step can fail the whole development process.

You can start with market research and competitor analysis. Keep an eye out for innovations in this space about which type of other tech options for smart parking systems already exist, what are the benefits of them, what flaws they have, how much does it cost and every other thing that can help you to make a flawless, feature-rich and cost-friendly parking management system. You can get feedback from the users who are already using the other parking system, and you can even try them out by yourself as well.

Once you finalize the list of features you want to provide and figure out how you can make your IoT application unique. As the next step, you can figure out which type of sensors, cloud service and network you want to use. You should figure out whether you want website development or mobile application development. 

After that, you can reach out to the web development company Canada with your project requirements and all the other details you have regarding the project. You can get the IoT based smart parking management system development cost once you finalize whether you want to hire an app developer or web developer.

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2. IoT-Based Smart Parking System Architecture Development

Once you have your development team you can move on with architecture development. Your development team will handle everything else starting from this step but at least you can have a bit of knowledge about the development process. It can help you figure out if everything is going fine with your project or not.

The architecture of a parking system depends on two factors: a distance sensor and a microcontroller. The distance sensor catches the distance information and communicates it intermittently to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then takes that data and gives it to a cloud administration utilizing a messaging protocol. 

The distance sensor estimates the distance to the closest obstruction, and assuming it is under a set worth, it will interpret it as there is a vehicle left on the spot and place it in the OCCUPIED state. Furthermore, assuming it is more than that distance, it thinks about that spot in the FREE state. For example, suppose that in our MVP, the distance sensor considers a spot free if the closest impediment is more than 50 cm away and anything beneath that is perused as occupied.

This collected data is then sent to the microcontroller, which sends it to the cloud platform. and the data will be then transmitted to the user through a cloud architecture.

3. User Interface Development

The most important piece of the riddle is the UI. Most new companies these days settle on gorgeous and simple mobile app development over web development, yet it may very well be smart to have the two of them. Mobile app development is an intricate cycle in itself. Your team of IoT developers in Toronto will assist you with finding the same kind of harmony between visual allure and usage for your IoT based Management Software Solution.

A web app development should be appealing and easy to use for the users that work well on every operating system. Moreover, even though it should provide great features, make sure not to overwhelm the system with them as it will frustrate your users.

Keep in mind that you are developing a system that should provide a specific kind of data, and that is all there is to it. So providing various kinds of features is not a necessity. Keep your IoT Based Smart Parking Solution as simple as you can.

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4. Test the Platform 

Real-time testing of the platform is the most important part of the development process. You should check the working of each and every object of the platform starting from the working of the sensors to support features and everything in between. It can help you to find the flaws before you launch it to your audience. You can even ask the specific user base to try your app to check it from the users' end. It can help you get a better idea of the working of the platform.

Along with that, you can enhance your platform by adding advanced-level security features to your parking management system. You can use artificial intelligence techniques that can help the cameras to read the number plate of the vehicle and possibly let them into the parking space after checking the reservation data. Taking it to another level, you can utilize the artificial intelligence method that can guide the user to their reserved spot or to an empty spot along with guiding them on the way to exit when they want to leave the place.


Now you know what IoT-based smart parking is and how to develop one. Still, you will need the assistance of the IoT app development company Toronto to get accurate results for your project requirements. You can reach out to Hyperlink InfoSystem experts with your project requirements. and we will make sure to develop a solution that assists your users with an easy to use web interface. Contact us.

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25Apr 2022

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