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11 Best Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools for 2022

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21 Apr 2022

We have been developing mobile applications for businesses, for games, for shopping, and for many more reasons forever now. Till a few years back, we used to develop the different mobile applications for Android app development, iOS app development, web app development, and whatnot. 

As we are aware, different operating systems necessitates different tools, technologies, languages, and so on. It used to double up the mobile app development cost demanding longer development time and various app developers with increased app maintenance costing.

It eliminates all these unnecessary development hurdles app developers in Canada used to face when they started shifting toward cross-platform development. Cross-platform app development allows the app development company Canada to develop one single mobile app that works amazingly on multiple operating systems. Cross-platform mobile applications help the app developers enhance the app development process speed at the same time, minimize the app development cost.

Cross-platform development works using the universal programming tools such as Javascript, Flutter, React Native, and various others. Various cross-platform development tools are making their way into the world of app development. According to the reports, Flutter and React Native are the most preferred ones.

Why Do App Developers Prefer Cross-Platform App Development?

Even though we have multiple mobile applications that make our lives easier just by existing there, the app developers used to face the real challenge of integrating different devices and platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc., perfectly that can provide an exceptional user experience.

That arose the need for cross-platform app development. Cross-platform app development minimizes the efforts of app development company Toronto used to put into developing the perfectly working mobile application. Cross-platform app development helps the app developers to use a single code base for various operating systems. 

It helps to develop progressive web apps, Hybrid apps, windows universal apps, rapid mobile app development, and so on. Apart from these, cross-platform app development tools enhance the native app development features and functionalities. There are various cross-platform app development tools that enhance the app development process. Let's have a look at the top ones.

Top Cross-Platform App Development Tools

You can end up with a pool of cross-platform app development tools whenever you will need one. But choosing the one depends on your project requirements. To help you filter out the best ones we will list the Top cross-platform app development tools that are ruling in the year 2022.

1) Flutter

Flutter app development framework is the latest framework released in the year 2017. Flutter provides more dynamic tools and technologies that enhance the whole app development process and provide end-to-end support for the design, development, debugging, and even app testing phase. The flutter app development works on the hot reload that puts the source code files into a Dart Virtual Machine (DVM) to make the app development process quicker.

Flutter helps app development company Toronto to rebuild the widget tree that includes various mobile app features and functionalities of navigation, scrolling, icons, and so on for iOS app development as well as Android app development. Flutter app development reflects the changes happening in the widget in real-time without demanding the reload.

Things we love about Flutter:

  • Flutter uses a single code base to develop highly interactive fully-fledged iOS and Android Apps.
  • The flutter framework allows app developers to customize the features and functionalities with ease.
  • The App developers in Canada can use OEM widgets to develop brand-driven designs.

2) React Native

Facebook released an open-source, cross-platform app development framework named react Native in the year 2015. React Native is easy to learn as it uses javascript as the base language and allows to offer native-like functionalities. React Native is famous among app developers because of its learn once, write everywhere functionality. It lets the app developers code a single code base providing the functionality to port the application on both iOS and Android platforms.

Even being a cross-platform framework, it provides a native-like look and feel for the platform that provides a highly interactive user experience. Along with that, React Native is easy to work with if you have a bit of Javascript coding knowledge. React Native can be the perfect choice for agile development.

Things We Love About React Native

  • React Native helps to reach the app store quicker.
  • React Native provides full support to the usage of advanced development technologies to provide modular and reflexive mobile app architecture.
  • React Native has a huge community that provides all the needed support and solutions as and when needed.

3) Phone Gap (Apache Cordova)

Another open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework that offers a FOSS environment involves various development tools such as a compiler, debugger, and testing tools. Phone Gap works on basic programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which makes it easier for app developers to work with.

Phone Gap offers various plugins such as push plugin, image capture plugin, media recorder plugin, and so on to develop GPS, Camera, Sound, and various other mobile app features and functionalities. Phone Gap allows third-party integration that can help to speed up the development process.

Things We Love About Phone Gap:

  • Phone Gap is easier to work with, even for freshers, as it offers a sturdy backend.
  • The built-in plugins of the Phone Gap enhance the app development process.

4) Ionic

If you need to develop a hybrid mobile application that can provide a highly impactable user experience, Ionic is your framework. The Ionic app development framework works with HTML5, so it is easy to work with even with little coding knowledge.

Hybrid mobile apps built with Ionic provide quicker development providing end-to-end support as well as third-party plugins access. Ionic can provide a native-like look and feel for iOS and android app development with the support of Phone Gap.

Things we Love About Ionic:

  • App developers in Canada with a little knowledge of CSS, Angular, and JavaScript can adapt well to Ionic.
  • Ionic allows easy integration with third-party tools, technologies, and libraries.
  • The extensive community of developers provides help with the development process.

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5) Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework that helps the developers to build mobile applications for iOS, Android, desktop and even tablets. Xamarin has been owned by Microsoft ever since its acquisition in 2016. Xamarin uses various languages such as C#, F# and Razor template engine.

Xamarin allows app developers to create native UI components through android quick start and iOS quick start. The Xamarin SDK allows app developers to integrate the enterprise features through Microsoft Visual Studios. Xamarin app developers can help to develop HTML tools that can create one-size-fits programs to provide an amazing user experience to the end-users.

Things we Love About Xamarin:

  • Xamarin helps with quick installs even on the lower disk impact.
  • Xamarin is a perfect choice to provide an outstanding user experience through visual experience for iOS as well as for Android.

6) Unity3D

Unity 3D is one of the best-prefered game development platforms. It is mostly used to develop 2D & 3D games, AR & VR based games, Metaverse based games and so on for the various platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, Xbox, Google cardboard, PlayStation, Oculus Rift and so on.

Along with game development Unity 3D is being used in various industries such as construction, engineering, automotive, film industry and so on. Unity 3D is the perfect choice for beginners, as it provides detailed documentation to develop scripts and learn advanced skills. Along with that, it makes the development quicker and provides support to access the accurate resources at the perfect time.

Things we Love About Unity 3D:

  • Unity 3D works using C# and Javascript.
  • Unity 3D provides various graphics that work well for every platform.
  • Unity 3D supports visual scripting to develop various features and prototypes for visual scripting.

7) Native Script

Native Script allows developing mobile apps using JavaScript, Angular and TypeScript. Native Script is preferable to develop micro-apps. You can hire app developers in Canada to develop micro-apps that work for precise functionalities only.

Native Script works on Runtime, Core Module, CLI and plugins that help the app developers to call Android or iOS API through Javascript, summon the abstractions needed for the native API, to develop and run the app using Native Script and build the blocks as and when needed respectively.

Things We Love About Native Script:

  • The developers can use the entire stack of the cross-platform APIs through Native Script.
  • Native Script works well with "zero Days" support even for the brand new native framework.
  • Native Script believes in reach, reusability and rapid development.

8) Appcelerator

Appcelerator works with JavaScript to develop, deploy and test the functionalities of the mobile application for cross-platform app development. Appcelerator uses the same codebase for Android, iOS and even blackberry. Experienced Java developers can do wonders with Appcelerator for brisk development.

Appcelerator demands zero setup efforts offering the schema-less database that supports the Arrow DB to deploy the data models. Appcelerator is famous among the developers as it provides in-built integration with MS Azure, MongoDB, MS SQL, Salesforce and even Box without affecting the speed and accuracy of the development process.

Things We Love About Appcelerator:

  • Appcelerator offers cost-effective solutions.
  • Appcelerator offers in-built cloud services.
  • App developers can access the fundamental source code whenever they want.

9) Felgo

A QT based framework Flego is a cross-platform development SDK that works on C++ structure. Felgo is famous among game developers for developing gaming elements. Felgo is a standalone platform that offers various analytical tools, plugins and in-app features.

Various startups and fresher developers are attracted to Felgo because of the amazing features that it offers. It minimizes the coding efforts to almost 90%, offering various inbuilt functions and features. Along with that, it charges nothing you are earning profit from your business. Being one of the most user-friendly, time saving and secure platforms, Felgo is one of the popular choices for newbie developers.

Things We Love About Felgo:

  • Felgo is a cross-platform app development framework that offers outstanding UIs with quick and stunning native-like apps.
  • Felgo supports quick game development by providing an in-game level editor even for the multiplayer mode using C++ and Javascript.
  • Felgo offers live code reloading functionalities for Windows, Linux and Mac.

10) Rho Mobile

A Ruby-based open-source, cross-platform framework RhoMobile offers Rhodes. RhoMobile works well with Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, RIM and so on.

RhoMobile works well with Rho Hub, which helps to develop the environment for the developer, and an independent server Rho Sync that stores all the application data to keep the user devices updated.

Rho mobile allows developers to develop native-like applications through a single code base that can work well across every other platform. Suppose you want a mobile application that works accurately and efficiently without compromising the speed of the application. In that case, you should hire Rho mobile app developer Canada, as native apps can work amazingly well with any available hardware.

Things We Love About RhoMobile:

  • Rho Mobile supports the most simple and productive language Ruby.
  • App developers can run the mobile application on Java containers as it supports JRuby.
  • Rho Mobile provides a smooth development supporting the DRY approach to avoid the repetition of the code.

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11) Kony Mobile Platform

App developers in Canada can make a universal app supporting the channel-specific APIs and third-party libraries using Foreign Function Interface using Kony Mobile Platform.

The Kony mobile platform provides various functions like detection of a device for mobile-optimized content, SMS, push notifications, offline sync, enhanced security and so on to enhance the development process.

Kony mobile, a cross-platform framework, supports the design and development process for iOS and Android operating systems along with tablets, windows, blackberry and so on, providing full support for the front-end with multiple channel JS API.

Things We Love About Kony Mobile:

  • Kony mobile can import capability for Native API through Visualizer.
  • Kony mobile supports jquery, Bootstrap and angular to support the usage of an open-source framework.
  • Kony mobile supports the local packaging of web content in the app and is native to the web context.


App developers in Canada can work smoothly with any other framework that does not even make up the list of the top 11 best cross-platform mobile application tools. So, if you have any app development ideas in the mind, reach out to the team of experts at Hyperlink InfoSystem. We are more than happy to help you out.

21Apr 2022

Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza is a CEO and founder of a leading app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem. He leads the efforts to identify and secure new business opportunities for the company, as well as develop and refine standard procedures for researching and tracking client information. With a pragmatic approach to learning and evolving with the latest trends and technologies, Harnil keeps the company ahead of the curve. Under his leadership, Hyperlink InfoSystem has achieved various milestones and follows a strategic roadmap to achieve digital success.

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