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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An NFT Application In Canada?

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07 Apr 2022

You might have heard about the term NFT development, right? It has been around so long-ruling the world, changing the way of interactions, and so on. However, NFT is a different term for a different industry. NFT is a way of income for the artist, a symbol of authorization for collectibles, entry tickets for virtual concepts, and proof of ownership for the real estate market as well. 


Even though NFT reflects different meanings for the different industries, it is shaping the world's future in a really precise manner. Investing in an NFT platform or owning an NFT application can help you stay ahead of your competition. If you want to get started with NFT development, there are a few things that can actually affect the NFT app development cost.


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Hire Dedicated Team of Developers 

People might not consider the team of developers as an important factor. However, the team of dedicated developers is going to decide the fate of your NFT application no matter what it could be. The team of developers should have enough years of experience and expertise to work efficiently on your project. The entire development process depends on the team of NFT developers you hire. The development process includes various factors that your team of NFT developers can help you with. Such as:

  • Project Requirement Gathering 

The first and foremost step of any app development project is focusing on project requirements. Your project requirements should be clear before focusing on anything. The project requirement includes various factors such as features of the app, functionalities of the app, target user base, and various others. The more complex the project requirements, the more experienced developers it will demand. So, the team of developers you hire should have a strong portfolio to reflect their working style.

  • NFT Application Prototypes and design

There is logic in understanding that every mobile application demands a different design. Your NFT game development design will not work for the NFT art marketplace. Hire NFT developers who can understand your project requirements and target audience base to design the app accordingly. The NFT application design should be attractive, easy to navigate, yet simple for the users.

  • Development of a smart contract

NFT is a decentralized platform, so the developers should be able to verify the data using blockchain. You can judge the experience and expertise of the NFT developers by analyzing how they deal with smart contract development. This is not a difficult task for top NFT development company Canada as they have been dealing with the blockchain concepts ever since the evaluation of the blockchain. Most of the backend development depends on Smart contract development.

  • Front-end Development

This part of the design of the platform and coding of the development are different parts of one application. At this stage, developers use the most suitable framework to bring your design to life. It can affect the performance, effectiveness, look, and feel of the application. The front end mainly works on how users will interact with your NFT application.

  • Quality Assurance Testing

Be aware of the NFT development company Canada which claims none of their applications needs quality assurance. This is the unavoidable phase of any development process. It helps the application developers to find and resolve errors and bugs. It helps to ensure the 100% working of the NFT application before making it live for the general people. Along with that, it also enhances the reliability and security of the application. It ensures that the mobile application can work the best as per your expectation.

  • After-Sale Support & Maintenance

Once you make your NFT marketplace is ready to hit the market, you can launch it without any hesitation. But this is not where NFT developers can bid goodbye to you. They should provide after sale support and maintenance. What if you encounter some glitches after making your platform live or users share their feedback about the working of the platform. Along with that, your NFT platform will need maintenance based on updates, user growth, user expectation, and a million other things that only app developers in Canada can help you manage.


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NFT Application Features

Whether it is an NFT art marketplace or NFT based gaming solution, all of them demand some of the basic features that should be there to ensure the proper working of the application. The list of the features is not limited to this, but these are the essential ones. The number of features you include in your mobile application will increase your development cost. 

  • Visually pleasant "storefront"

Any NFT application solution demands an attractive design containing all the important details about the solutions. Along with that, it should be easy for the users to navigate through various application elements without much effort. Unfortunately, the complex NFT storefront can urge the users to develop your platform and never return. 

  • Option For Auction

Your platform should have the functionality to trade the NFT based on artifacts. You can define the type of NFT trading, but it can help you to attract more users. The auction demands a special auction mechanism. Ensure to hire the NFT developers who can handle the NFT auction facility flawlessly.

  • Payment Gateway Integration 

You should provide a facility to buy the token from your platform for your users. Even though they do not own any NFT, they should be able to purchase one through your application. For that, you can integrate the cryptocurrency-based payment gateway into your platform. As the integration of cryptocurrency can be a challenging task, do not trust anyone except the Best NFT development company Canada.


You might have understood the fact that the cost to develop an NFT app is not as easy to answer as it seems. To give you a rough estimation, it can cost you anything between 20,000 to 50,000 Canadian dollars. You can reach out to a top NFT development company with your project requirements to get the exact estimation of your NFT application development.

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07Apr 2022

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