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Top 5 Intermittent Fasting Apps That You Must Try in 2022

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06 Jan 2022

According to the stats In 2020, around 28% of adults aged 18 years and older in Canada were obese, while 36% were overweight. It is a more serious problem than it seems. So many people out there claim that they can not really follow the diet no matter how much they try. many of them have given up, on the other hand, some of them shifted to intermittent fasting. So, what exactly is intermittent fasting?

What is Intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting never changes what they want to eat but focuses on their eating cycle and patterns. Intermittent fasting focuses on when to eat rather than what to eat. There is no strict method that one should follow; they can choose their own method depending on their daily schedule.

  • The 16:8 Method: You can plan your day that involves fasting for 16 hours with an eating window of 8 hours.
  • The 5:2 Method: If you can not follow the fasting diet daily, you can schedule it by week. Eat whatever you want to eat 5 days a week and watch your calories(intake only 500-600) on the remaining 2 days.
  • One Meal A Day (OMAD): This one is a bit strict where you should have your meal once and fast for the remaining 23 hours.

If you want to go for one of these methods, there are so many mobile apps in Canada available that can help you track and enhance your Intermittent fast. Here is the list of the most effective intermittent fasting mobile app development of 2022.

1) Zero

Zero is the most amazing fasting app development I have ever come across. You can set your goals and the daily eating schedule that you are following right now. The AI of Zero will suggest an eating schedule that can match your schedule. The mobile app developers have introduced an app feature that can send you a push notification when you should start your fast and when to stop. You can even celebrate your fasting streaks and keep track of your weight.

The basic features of the Zero mobile app are free but the premium plan for $10 per month. The app is free with an in-app upgrade to the Zero Plus plan for $10 per month. If your needs are simple, the free version does literally everything you could need and gives you a half-dozen fasting choices. But if you want to build a custom fasting plan, you'll need to upgrade. 

Plus points of Zero Mobile App:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Free basic features.
  • Motivating Reports and stats

Minus points of Zero Mobile App

  • No Intermittent fast plans for 5:2 or alternate days.
  • The Zero plus is pretty costly.

Available At:

2) Body Fast

If you are looking for a fasting app development that can assure you that you are not alone then Body Fast is for you. You can set your goals and the mobile app will suggest various fasting plans. If you need guidance the first few app windows will provide you with an extensive guide on Intermittent fasting. There is a paid premium plan available as well named Coach. It can cost you around $34.99 to $69.99 but it has so many amazing plans such as weekly challenges, advanced fasting plans and so on. 

Even the free fasting features are fascinating enough. It can send you notifications about when to start the fast, when to stop, how many trophies you have earned through fasting and so on. The Body fast has almost every Intermittent fasting option available. You can choose the one that fits the best to your daily schedule and you are good to go.

Plus points of Body Fast Mobile App:

  • Various fasting plans and schedules are available for free.
  • Motivating trophies and kudos that can encourage you to reach your goals.
  • User-friendly scheduling and tracking.

Minus points of Body Fast Mobile App:

  • The premium plans (coach) are not customized.

Available At:

3) Fasthabit

If you are looking for something simple and classic that can just send you reminders about your fasting schedule then FastHabit is for you. You do not have to elaborate on what type of fast you have, all you have to do is specify your fasting hours. It works the best with minimal information.

The mobile app development company Canada has built an attractive user interface that can give you a countdown on your fasting hours and charts that shows your fasting progress. If you want to go for the premium version you can unlock every feature of the Fasthabit just by paying $3. The premium plan includes amazing features such as star enhancement, weight tracking, upcoming fast reminders etc.

Plus points of Fasthabit

  • The fascinating user interface to track the fasting hours
  • Amazing progress report.
  • Pocket-friendly premium plan.

Minus points of Fasthabit

  • No suggestions for fasting plans or schedules.

Available At:

4) Window

The window has the most unique fasting plans customized for the user. You can get started with setting your goals and fasting schedule and the mobile app will make your fasting plan. It will also send you the notification to start and end your fast. You can even add your weight and set goals for it as well.

It also celebrates when your half fasting period notifies you only half time left. Along with that, the app also provides charts and stats about your fasting goals. It also shows the trophies and streaks you have achieved following the fasting plans. There is no free plan available for Window. You start with a three-day free trial entering your card details but do not forget to cancel the subscription when you wish to discontinue the subscription. The mobile app can cost you $3 every month.

Plus points of Window

  • Amazing and unique fasting plans.
  • Robust scheduling and fast reminders.
  • Weight tracking and water intake reminders.

Minus points of Window

  • No free plans are available

Available At:

5) Fastient

Want an app that does not keep watch on you but lets you do your thing. Fastient is the one for you. A simple UI and will not bother you with constant reminders about your fast. It is more like a mature relationship. All you have to do is start and stop the fast in the app no matter which fasting model you choose. Fastient has just 3 simple tabs where you can track your fasting history, how many pounds you have lost and as a complementary, you can even keep your fasting journal. 

Plus points of Fastient

  • Simple and classic user interface.
  • No premium or paid versions
  • Choose your own intermittent fasting model

Minus points of Fastient

  • No reminders to start and stop your fast

Available at:


Fascinated with the features the fasting app can provide? Don't worry even if you can own one. No matter what features you want you can hire dedicated app developers for your requirements from Hyperlink Infosystem, the Mobile app development company Toronto. Our mobile app developers have years of expertise in Android app development or iOS App Development as well.

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06Jan 2022

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