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Must-have Features of Online Pharmacy Mobile Application

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11 Feb 2022

No one likes to wait in the queues, no matter whether it is to buy concert tickets or get the desired food from the nearby restaurants. We have found alternatives for that. We have various mobile applications starting from ordering our food from nearby restaurants to finding the perfect dream home anywhere in Canada. Nowadays, we have pharmaceutical apps where we can order our medicines whenever we want. You can ditch the long queues and you do not even have to wander around the town just to get the prescribed medicine.

The online pharmacy market is growing more than ever. Technologies and inventions in the healthcare industry are bringing consequential changes. This is just not me blabbering about anything. According to the reports, the spending on medicines was $887 billion in the year 2010, the amount crossed $1.27 trillion in the year 2020 and it can reach up to 1.6 billion by the year 2025. You feel like missing out on something, right? No, you are not. 

There are certain online pharmacy app development features that encourage users to choose pharmacy mobile applications over traditional methods. Such as:

Online Pharmacy Mobile Application Features

Complete Drug Information

The online pharmacy app development solution provides all the information about the drug you search for such as the side effects of the drug, the dose you should intake, the manufacturing company, special notes if needed and many more. It can help the users to decide whether they should use the drug or not.

24*7 Support

You will not find many pharmacies that work 24*7. What if you need something urgent and there is no nearby pharmacy that can help you when you need it? You will have one, on your mobile device. A ready-made online pharmacy app development solution can provide you with online support 24 * 7 through chat or call. You can rely upon them to guide you whenever you need them. Users tend to love a mobile application that can provide interactive and intuitive communication support.

Rating and Review

Ratings and reviews about the prescribed drugs from the experts and users can help the other users if they should proceed with the drug or not. It can also help them to trust the chemist that they will never cheat on them because when it comes to healthcare, we need constant reliable verification.

Upload Prescription: 

Not everyone out there is good with medical terms. What if they don't get the prescribed medicine and end up consuming the wrong one? Apart from that, there are so many medicines out there that require a prescription from licensed doctors. So, allow the users to upload the prescription before ordering any medicine. It can build a bridge of reliability between you and the user.

Medicine Verification

This feature enhances the trust factor. After uploading the prescription, every user should get a confirmation call from the chemist about the updates such as do they want all the prescribed medicine, if the quantity and dose are alright for them and even for any modification for the ordered medicine. It will show the users that you care. It will help you attract more long-term users.

Consult a Doctor

Everyone over here knows how serious and infectious Covid-19 is. And there are so many other diseases that demand constant doctor consultation. You can build a mobile app that can provide doctor consultation from licensed persons to the users for primary care and support. It facilitates the users to get started with primary care and support without even leaving their bed.

Request For a Drug

There could be chances that the users want something specific that won't be available in your e-pharmacy. What users can do? And how will you know what your users' needs are? The perfect solution for both of these situations is a mobile application feature called to request a drug. Users should be able to tell you that they want certain medicine which is not available at your online store right now. Or this one is a trending medicine that your online pharmacy store should have. So that they can get certain medicines from your online store which they can not even find in the physical stores.

Suggest Substitutes:

There could be higher chances that the one medicine that the user wants is not available for certain reasons. What should the user do in the case of an emergency that they can not avoid the required dose? iOS app development company in Canada can build a solution where the mobile app will suggest a substitute drug that can work for the time being or the medicine that has replaced the original drug for a better purpose.

Medicine Refill

Some medical situations require regular doses. You ask  Android app development company in Canada to include a mobile application feature where users can set the refill reminders weekly or monthly base for the medicines. So that they do not have to keep in mind to order the medicine on a regular basis. They can get the medicine even before they run out of the current one.

Push Notification

You can ask your Canada mobile app development company to lleverage the push notification mobile application feature. You can send notifications about the special discounts, the refill reminder or in stock drugs they have requested. But keep in the mind you should maintain a decent notification amount. Users should not feel bothered with your in-app push notifications.

Search Nearby Hospitals

Your mobile application should have an enriched database about the nearby healthcare centres, hospitals and even pharmacies. It should be helpful for the users to get all the required information about it, such as working hours, services they provide in case of emergency directly from your online pharmacy mobile application. Hire dedicated developers Canada, that can help you build the online pharmacy software with a secured database.

Pill Identifier

If you want your mobile app to stand out as the best pharmacy app leverage this feature. This feature will help the users to identify the particular pill just by mentioning certain information or uploading a picture with basic information. It can help the users to get all the required information about the pill for better decision making.

Pill Reminder

We live in a busy world where we can forget about some of the daily tasks which need full attention, such as taking the prescribed medicine. Your Mobile app development Canada should have a feature for pill reminders that users can set according to their needs, and it will remind the users that it is time to take a certain medicine.


Nothing can be more attractive than the fully-featured on-demand online pharmacy app development solution that serves well the user requirement. Our mobile app developer will help guide you on how to create an online pharmacy, as per your requirements. Reach out now to know how we can help you with your app requirements?

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11Feb 2022

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